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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Happy Sunday everyone! If you’re like me, it seems like the past few days has been Sunday with the long holiday weekend. I’m going to soak up every minute of the day before work tomorrow. Have a great day 🙂


Since Alex and I were up so late on Saturday night, we slept in fairly late yesterday. I didn’t wake up until 7:40 woo! By the time we got dressed and out of bed, it was about 10 am. At that point, we decided to enjoy our coffee (Alex) and tea (me) and just wait a little longer to eat so we didn’t throw off our whole eating schedule. A grilled cheese and fries from our favorite diner was the perfect dish after a night of drinking so we enjoyed that for brunch.


Alex is a huge Christmas person. I swear, he would have bought a tree the day after Halloween if I let him. Due to a work trip happening soon for me, his late hours, and us leaving for 5 days to be in Chicago, we figured decorating this weekend was our best option. After Christmas last year, I went to Home Goods and found the cutest sign saying “Let’s wine and dine it’s Christmas time”. Little did I know I would have a bar cart and it was perfect! The first decoration was up before we headed out to buy everything else.


The only downside to moving into your first place and wanting to decorate for Christmas is the cost of decorations and all the supplies 😦 Luckily we have a dollar store close by so we got a few silver and gold ornaments there as well as ornament hooks to save a few dollars. Home Depot had a ton of trees at really good prices if you are in the market for one! We got a 6-7 foot tree for less than $35 dollars plus 75 ornaments for under $10. We also hit up Target for a few other things before heading home to start the process.


Mid-decorating we took a break and headed to Alex’s parents house. Alex’s brother went to Alabama and one of his mother’s clients (she’s a real estate agent) also went to Alabama so they had everyone over to watch the Alabama vs. Auburn game. The client had two small children, 8 and 9 who were there. Since neither Alex or I had any real stakes in the game, we went downstairs to set them up with a game on the Wii. We got roped into playing Life with them so we hung out with the children during the game instead of the adults. Since Auburn won though I think we got the better end of the bargain.


Once the game was over, we said our goodbyes and headed home. We walked into a mess but were quickly able to clean up and finish decorating. It looks so cute you guys! It turned out really well and I can’t wait to get some snow (hopefully) to really add to the ambiance of the season. Aside from needing a centerpiece for our table (any suggestions would be appreciated), we are Christmas ready! I’m glad with how everything turned out since we’ll be able to reuse for years to come.


We intended to stay at home last night and relax. One thing led to another and next thing you know we were in Princeton at the bars. It was much better than Friday night’s outing since it wasn’t as crowded. We were able to see some of Alex’s friends (and his brother and his fiancé) that we were not able to see the night before. When we headed home we were ready to crash. We hung out on the couch for a bit (plus ate and drank water #HangoverPrevention) before heading to bed.

Question of the day: When do you decorate for Christmas?

28 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”

    1. I saw it at Home Goods last year and immediately put it in my cart. It was too cute not to! My parents typically wait until the second or so weekend in December but I’m really digging having it up early now!


  1. i love how your decorations turned out! we still have not put up a single piece of holiday decor — i really need to get it together! haha 🙂 the tree is amazing, you got a great deal on it!


  2. Beautiful tree! I love Homegoods and your sign is adorable. I just might have to make a trip this week to see what they have this year. I don’t have too many decorations, just a tree a few small items that I’ve had for years.


    1. Thank you! I was really happy with how it turned out since we bought everything that day. I was in Home Goods a few weeks ago and they had aisles of holiday decor. If it wasn’t so crowded, I would’ve browsed more. I’m hoping what we have lasts a few years!


  3. That’s awesome you are all decorated up and got some fun times too!😀
    I decorate my classroom on December 1st but I’m usually so Christmased out that I don’t even bother decorating at home:(


    1. Look at Home Goods! That’s where I got the sign but last year. A week or so ago I was there and they had so much Christmas decor. I’m sure you could find something similar now 🙂
      Alex is more of a Christmas person than me but his spirit is quickly rubbing off onto me!


  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I went a little overboard buying decorations and what not the past week or so not realizing how pricey they can be, but the dollar store is definitely really great for saving in that area! I think we started a tradition this year of decorating Thanksgiving weekend, as we’re in our first place that actually has enough space for a tree (AKA not in a NYC apartment) and we did all of the decorations, including a real tree yesterday!


    1. It’s crazy how much stuff costs! My boyfriend and I just told each other that we’ll spend a lot this year and won’t have to buy much else next year. I would say we started a tradition by decorating this weekend but with switching between New Jersey and Chicago for the holidays makes it hard to keep up with traditions. Real trees are the best!!


  5. We just moved in our house this time last year too and decorating was very minimal!
    We got a really good deal on stuff at Michaels. I definitely will be hitting up all the clearance sales this year on Christmas stuff.


    1. Last year I think the only decoration in my college apartment was a wreath from my boyfriends mom and a single ornament. lol extremely minimal compared to now! Michaels had super cute decorations last time I was there! If I get a coupon soon, I might try to get a centerpiece there.


  6. I love that you and Alex hung out with the kids! That is so awesome! Also, love your stockings. Those are super cute! We haven’t decorated yet, but I think we will this weekend! Jimmy is like Alex, he would put a tree up on November 1st at midnight!


    1. It was so much fun, especially because Alabama lost so it was a little tense upstairs haha. The kids were super cute too 🙂 The stockings are from Target if you’re in the market for any! I’m surprised Jimmy hasn’t put up the decorations yet, Alex could barely stand the wait lol.

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