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A Guilty Pleasure

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to stop by my corner of the world right here. I hope you have a great day 🙂


Am I becoming a broken record with my mornings now? Wake up, shower, get ready and cook breakfast. Keeping with this week’s theme, breakfast was once again, scrambled eggs and toast. If it works, why change it right?!

Work went well today! I’m loving the new job and am fully confident that switching jobs was the right move for me. After about 6 weeks, I actually have a good grasp on my duties and it’s so refreshing. Although ask me how I like my job a week from today and I may have a different answer (more on that later!)

After work, I headed back to the Apple store to pick up my computer. While the timing wasn’t perfect, paying for the trackpad to get fixed is better than a new computer right?? It was a fairly quick in and out stop which was perfect. The employee who brought the computer to me from the back also brought out another girl’s phone and was trying to check us both out at the same time which seemed a little strange/unprofessional to me.

As I may have previously mentioned, Alex’s mom is a real estate agent. One of her listings is having an estate sale this weekend and asked if I would help price items since they didn’t think they would be able to finish. I agreed to help her and headed there to help out. There was so much stuff in this house! It makes me wonder how much stuff I have without realizing it… The only downside to going to help was that I saw some nice serving dishes and mixing bowls but there’s no room in our kitchen 😦 I’ll have to keep estate sales in mind for future kitchen items though since there was good quality stuff for cheap.


Once it was done, I was starving! I headed home and got the quickest dinner possible ready. I sliced up half an avocado and put it over brown rice salad. Plus chips and salsa because it sounded amazing. Alex was out at a networking event so instead of eating in silence, I turned on a Christmas movie. I found “A Christmas Prince” on Netflix. It’s definitely a romantic holiday movie and not going to made into a classic but it’s cute! I watched about half of it and will finish it soon. I love movies like this since they’re meant to make you feel good even if they are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

I worked on typing up this post and then read for a while. I’m really loving “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” and it has me hooked. If you haven’t picked it up, I recommend you do so! Alex got home from the event and we hung out a while before going to bed.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite guilty pleasure show or movie to watch when you’re alone. 

27 thoughts on “A Guilty Pleasure”

  1. Just came across your corner of the web! I’m glad you like your new job – always a positive!!! I agree with you that fixing what can be fixed is better than just buying a new computer too – silly trackpads!!!! On favorite guilty pleasure movie, this time of the year, anything chistmas especially classics – Charlie Brown, Polar Express


    1. Hi Sarah! I’m so glad you found me and I hope you enjoy 🙂
      I’m now going to be extra careful with the trackpad so I don’t have to replace it again. Polar Express is such a good movie! It’s on my list of movies to watch during the holidays.

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  2. Real estate sales are such a great idea to find stuff for your house!
    My favorite guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians…I’m kind of ashamed to admit it!


    1. If I had more room in the kitchen, I would have bought so many serving plates! I currently use a cutting board or paper plate when I bring treats somewhere and feel so not adult lol.
      An old college roommate used to love putting the Kardashians on when she just wanted to chill!


  3. I saw that movie on Netflix last night when my friend was looking, but she wouldn’t go for it:( My guilty pleasures are definitely hallmark movies and romance novels.


  4. YYAAAASSS ! Love the eggs & toast for dayzz. I am the same way… I eat the same thing for breakfast for months and months and months, then eventually switch to something else over another span of multiple months lol. I am SO excited that you are happy with your new job. That makes a huge difference in just everyday life (obviously) haha. Oh gosh, guilty pleasure— literally .. so guilty.. the housewives series- (hiding under a rock).. it’s so bad, but so good. Haha. Gotta love reality tv. Hope you are having the best week, girlfran!


    1. Hi girlie! Yes eggs and toast are so good! I should just buy a chicken at this point since I eat so many eggs. I’m a pretty picky eater so when I find something I like, I eat it to death! I’m 22 and still having peanut butter sandwiches for lunch as if I was a first grader again ha! My mood is just so much better from switching jobs. I was nervous what people would say about getting my second job after just graduating college in May but I could care less now! Okay the housewives is just one reality show I can’t get behind. Maybe I tried watching it to late so I didn’t understand it (aside from constant drama) but do you girlfriend. I hope you have a great day!

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      1. YESSS! My mom actually genuinely considered buying a chicken- why the heck not, right? Hahah. DJ and I both are obsessed with our eggs as well, but I don’t think a chicken would do well in our apartment complex, lol!

        YESSSS, girl! You have to do what is good for YOU! If I have learned anything out of college, it is that life is super non-linear and often does NOT go as expected, but that is OKAY! So happy you are happy!!!

        Hahha- I totally understand. I think it is just a new level of ridiculous I find it mindlessly fascinating. Hope you have a great, Sunday!!! XO


      2. Hahaha it’s so funny you say that since my Dad jokingly said it once and now mentions it randomly since my Mom hates the idea. Our landlord doesn’t even want us to have a dog so I can’t imagine a chicken would go well for us either haha.

        Exactly!! Gotta do what makes you happy and not others. Thank you for saying that, means a lot love!

        Enjoy you day 🙂

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