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Are We Adults Now?

Happy Sunday! How is your weekend thus far? Did you finish all of your Christmas shopping? The mall was beyond packed when I drove by yesterday so if you have any shopping to do, go early! Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


Since I’ve been battling a small cold the past few days, I decided to not set an alarm for my long run and that I would let my body wake up when it wanted to. I woke up around 6:45/7 and even though I didn’t feel bad, I figured taking it easy would be a better decision. I slept on and off for way too long before finally getting up. By the time I was all showered and dressed for the day, it was so late that it didn’t seem like a good idea to eat a full breakfast. So toast and cream cheese was perfect.


After eating, I headed out to do some grocery shopping. Does anyone else find it incredibly difficult to grocery shop for only a few days before heading out of town? I’m always so nervous to get too much and throw it out or not enough then have to go again. Regardless, I grabbed what I needed then headed back home for lunch. I made a big quesadilla. There were some sandwich wraps in the fridge that I knew was big but I didn’t realize how big until I had it. Whoops. I dipped it in salsa.


Alex tried to vacuum and the one we had completely stopped working. Granted it was minimum 15 years old and one that my parents had in the basement for a few years so it had a good life. We debated going right out to buy a new one or borrowing Alex’s parents. We figured the adult thing to do would be to get a new one so that’s what we did. Thanks to a sale and coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond, we got a really good deal on the Bisselย PowerTrak vacuum cleaner. First impression is that it’s amazing! Does going out to buy a vacuum instead of going without make us adults?


We cleaned a little bit, then I got comfy on the couch to read more of “Murder on the Orient Express”. So far so good with it! It’s a fairly quick read which is nice. A couple was coming over for dinner so it was nice to sit and relax before doing some food prep before dinner. I sipped on some tea while reading to soothe my throat. Fingers crossed that I’m over the worst of it.


When my friend texted to say they were on their way, I prepped the ingredients for dinner so all I had to do was cook it. Prepping before they arrived was so much better than prepping while trying to talk. It was a really easy dinner to make once they arrived. I was able to cook everything while talking to them and Alex and enjoyed a glass of wine. I made spinach and prosciutto pasta that was a hit with everyone.


Our friends were kind enough to bring dessert. They went toย Weis Marketย and picked out some fun holiday cupcakes. Three of us split the big tree which was actually two cupcakes stacked on top of each other. I’m pretty sure the frosting was whipped cream which I absolutely adore. The rest of the night was spent talking and the boys playing guitar. Our friends left really late right before midnight so we cleaned up then headed to bed.

Question of the day: Have you had any fun holiday desserts?

14 thoughts on “Are We Adults Now?”

  1. Lol I’m going to try not to grocery shop this week as I leave on Sunday. Try to use up all the stuff in the fridge!
    I ask myself all the time if I’m a grownup?? Lol


    1. I totally agree with you on that. The smaller the better to decrease food waste (one of my pet peeves!). That’s exactly what we plan on doing! I said we’re having takeout on Wednesday before we head to the airport because I’m nervous of having leftovers. Plus we can always bring the food with us if we’re running late lol.


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