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Hills Kill Me

Happy Friday! Can you believe 2017 is days away from ending? How crazy is that?! I’ve been trying to soak up lots of time to relax while off of work this week and don’t want the time off to end. Have a great day πŸ™‚


Somehow Alex and I managed to sleep through all of the alarms and didn’t wake up until 7:10 am. Alex normally takes the 7:02 am train… Luckily he was the only one who had to get ready for work so I packed his briefcase once I was in my running clothes while he showered and ate breakfast. We managed to get out the door shortly after 8 and I dropped him off at the train station since he car was getting serviced. I drove to a hilly area for me run since it was 8 x hills. You guys…the hill was killer! I felt so weak by the end. The hill I found was longer and not as steep which doesn’t look like much in the picture but it was. With warm up, recovery jogs downhill and a cool down, I got in 4.5 miles which was nice.


I got home and ready for the day. Once I was dressed, my stomach started to rumble so I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge and ate it while I drank my tea. Yesterday was cold so I wanted to make soup for dinner. Black bean soup sounded amazing so I researched a bunch of recipes. I ended up going with the recipe from Goya.


When it was time for lunch, I started with the little bit of leftover tortellini from the night before. It wasn’t a full serving so I was hungry shortly after and made a quesadilla with leftover black beans in the fridge. While I ate, I watched more “Gilmore Girls” because I’m really trying to finish the revival on Netflix.


Alex told me what train home he was on so I ran a few errands before heading to get him at the station. After getting home, I plopped down on the couch in front of the fire to read. Since dinner involved some down time in between steps, it was great to get through more of my book. I was dying to see what happened.


I figured just soup wouldn’t be the most filling dinner and to balance it out wanted a carb to enjoy with it. Making a full loaf of bread wouldn’t work so I found this recipe for popovers. It made 10 and not 6 like I thought so keep that in mind if you try it out. Both recipes ending up being so good!! The soup had a lot of spice to it because I may accidentally added a little too much adobo sauce from the chile. Even with the heat, it was delicious. Adding a little sour cream helps to cut on the spice so that’s what Alex and I both ended up doing.

After dinner was cleaned up, I finishedΒ “The Last Mrs. Parrish”. I really enjoyed the ending and it wasn’t what I thought would happen in a good way. Alex and I curled up on the couch to start watching season two ofΒ “The Crown”Β on Netflix. Fun fact – this was the first show Alex and I ever watched together and it’s good. If you like drama shows or the royal family, I recommend this.

Question of the day : Do you enjoy running hills?

24 thoughts on “Hills Kill Me”

    1. I find hills challenging since they work different muscles in your leg that don’t get work when you run on flat services all the time. They are great for you though. If you like black bean soup I recommend the recipe! Thanks Emily! Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


  1. Hills kill me too…. you should see my neighborhood– it looks like a flippin’ roller coaster. I normally drive to the flat park along the river because of it!
    That soup looks so good. Happy New Year!


    1. I would die if I lived in your neighborhood I think! Although I’m sure you’d get used to it eventually. I would drive somewhere flat if I was you too! The soup is delicious and I can’t wait for leftovers for lunch.
      Thanks Julie! Happy New Year to you as well!


      1. I went for an afternoon run and I used your post as inspiration. The first half mile I ran uphill. I rewarded myself by keeping it flat for the rest of the run.


  2. Black bean soup is one of my faves — definitely going to check out that recipe! I love how you make time to read every day — I want to be better about that in 2018!


  3. I struggle with hills so much! It was a major shock when we moved back to Virginia after virtually no hills in Florida.
    And you deserve the sweetest girlfriend award for packing Alex’s suitcase! Not sure if I would do that!


    1. If we ever moved somewhere hilly, my legs would be jello after every run. It’s awesome you can run them regularly where you live!
      It was either that or he wouldn’t get to work until about 11 which seemed inappropriate haha.


  4. Sounds like a good day! I’m impressed you found somewhere without snow to run!
    I hate running hills, but I just keep thinking that it’s good for my running and my butt!🀣


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