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Watch Out For Ice!!

Happy Sunday and New Year’s Eve friends! How was your Saturday? I hope it was a good one! Have a great day 🙂


I slept in a little bit on Saturday so I started my run while it was lightly snowing out. By lightly snowing, I mean just a few flurries. Towards the end, there was a little accumulation of snow on the ground. When I was 0.07 miles away from finishing my 5 miles and in the parking lot, I fell. Hard. Hole in my pants, giant bruise and bleeding cut on my knee, random scrapes, covered in gravel and bump on my head from it. So the run ended and I walked into the apartment in tears. Let’s just say my leg hurt (and still does as I’m typing this at 9:37 pm).

The rest of our day was spent at a funeral and luncheon at Alex’s parents’ house. A family friend of there whom I had met a few times passed away a week ago and the services were yesterday. It was a beautiful service filled with lots of love for the family and the deceased.

A friend of Alex’s came over and we hung out for a bit before he had to leave. Once he left we were starving. It had been close to 8 hours since we had eaten and after some drinks, neither of us felt like cooking so we called for takeout. I got buffalo chicken tenders which came with fries (Alex asked for cheese on them) and honestly it they weren’t that good. We asked to have them tossed in sauce so they’d be really spicy but they didn’t. So I problem solved and dipped them in Frank’s hot sauce instead. Oh well. The rest of the night was spent on the couch watching mindless tv aka “Family Guy” before heading to bed.

Question of the day: This isn’t a question today, but an action. Tell someone you love them because you truly don’t know what will happen.

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