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The Holidays Are Officially Over

Happy Wednesday friends! How was going back to work yesterday? I hope it wasn’t too tough for you. Have a wonderful day 🙂


I think I was scared of sleeping through my alarms because I bolted awake at 4:47 am. Luckily I had 20 more minutes to sleep until I actually had to get up and ready for work. Ever since I started laying out my clothes before going to bed, my mornings have gone by so much smoother. Since Alex’s car was still in the shop, we had to leave earlier than normal so I could drop him off at the train station and make it to work on time. Luckily our morning was pretty smooth and breakfast was made without a hitch. I’m glad to be back to toast and scrambled eggs in the morning. Something about it is so delicious and filling.


Going back to work after almost two weeks off was not as painful as I expected. The plus to the company being closed for majority of my time off was that my inbox wasn’t too full. I caught up on everything and got organized with stuff I want to accomplish during 2018. During lunch, I started Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. It’s the story of Bee who is looking for her mother, Bernadette, after she vanishes. It sounds kind of dark but with how Semple writes the story in letters and emails, it’s a fun story to follow.


After work, I changed and headed out for my run. I was supposed to do it yesterday but I decided to take the day off to relax plus it was cold lol. Yesterday’s run was a mile warm up, 6 x 400m with 400m recovery jogs, 6 x 30 seconds hard with 30 seconds recovery and then a mile cool down. It felt good to get out and moving. Dare I say the sun stayed up later than it was a week or so ago. It didn’t seem as dark as early.


When I got home, I grabbed my keys and got right in the car to pick Alex up from the train station before we went to get his car. Once I confirmed he was able to get his keys (we pulled up exactly when the shop was closing) I headed home to start dinner. I cut up a potato so it could roast and then hopped in the shower. Dinner was delicious with a cheeseburger, edamame, and roasted potato.

Once dinner was cleaned up and leftovers were put away, I read a little more on the couch. The first day back to work took a lot out of me and Alex since we both kept commenting on how tired we were. We hopped into bed and turned on an episode of “The Office” before falling asleep.

P.S Did you see Joanna Gaines is pregnant?! I love that family lol. I already told Alex I want her cookbook for my birthday (which is in July) so if anyone wants to remind him when it comes closer I’d appreciate it 😉

Question of the day: Did you go back to work yesterday?

25 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Officially Over”

    1. Girl I will probably talk myself out of it this weekend. Friday and Saturday are supposed to have feels like temperatures that are below 0!! Definitely will be following Fat Amy and run horizontally then 😉


  1. I live in New Jersey too, and seriously, it is so freezing! Taking my dog for his 20-minute morning and evening walks has been pretty miserable. Poor guy was even shivering last night! Props on getting out to run!


    1. Small world! Where in NJ are you? I just heard on the radio some areas could get 6+ inches of snow overnight. Your poor dog must be freezing right now. Fingers crossed it warms up for us both soon!


      1. I’m in East Brunswick! I work for the state so I’m definitely hoping for a big enough snowfall that work gets cancelled. But yes, some warmth soon would be good 🙂


  2. I didn’t know Joanna Gaines was pregnant! That’s so exciting! I never watched a ton of that show, but I still loved it (and wish I could have watched more before Netflix took it off) and I love their relationship!


    1. Girl you’re in Arizona lol. You’ve got so much more sun than me hahah. But I totally agree. I’ve been loving the slightly longer days that I think are happening. It’s definitely possible it’s all in my head though.

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