Top 5 Moments From 2017

Happy Wednesday! If you’re dealing with this snowstorm that is hitting the East coast right now, stay safe! Most of the country seems to be having really cold weather so hopefully all of you are staying warm as well. Have a great day πŸ™‚

With the start of 2018 here, I’ve been thinking about my favorite moments and memories from 2017. I thought I would share them here and would love to hear what some of your top moments are from last year in the comments! In no particular order, here are my top 5 memories and moments.

1. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in engineering


When I stated college in the fall of 2013, I had no idea how challenging a degree in engineering would be. I actually ended up switching from a different type of engineering to packaging engineering in the fall of sophomore year and that’s when I really hit my stride. Sure I was always doing well in my classes but I didn’t particularly enjoy some of them until I took my first class on packaging. TheΒ nerd affair love affair began. Since I was enjoying the classes, I truly took the time to study and put in effort in my classes (not that I wasn’t before but I wasn’t as motivated). Slowly my GPA grew to the point where I considered graduating with highest honors to be possible.

Over my junior and senior year, I put in so much time and effort to achieve this goal. I’m not saying this to come off as braggy in any way but it was a true accomplishment. There was a semester where I honestly wasn’t sure if I would get a high enough GPA and my final year was pretty much do or die for me since I was close to the cut off. When I managed to get straight A’s in my final semester I knew I had gotten what I wanted. This is something I’m so proud and is definitely a highlight of last year for me.

2. Running the Perfect 10 Miler race


In the town I grew up in, running is big. Big may even be an understatement. The boys cross country coach of 60 years was world famous and was a coach for the marathon runners during the Olympics back in 1988. So you can safely say my high school and town loved to run. All four years of high school I was a runner on both the cross country and track teams. Now I wasn’t the fastest by any means and was more so on the teams for the social aspect over a love for running but still. Then I went to college and my running stopped because if I’m being honest, I never really enjoyed it then.

In the spring of 2017, I decided I wanted to get back in shape. I followed my now running coach on Instagram and emailed her with my story and how I wanted to start running again. I went from going on short random runs in May to running 4 days a week and running a 10 mile race in October. The Perfect 10 Miler was the culmination of months of hard work and the process made me fall in love with running which I hadn’t loved before. Am I the fastest runner? Nope but I see improvements all the time and I can’t wait to crush some more goals this year!

3. Moving In With Alex


I feel like this could be super cheesy but it’s true! We went through the first 7 months of our relationship going back and forth between my apartment at college and his parents house plus about 6 weeks of long distance. So being able to move in together was awesome since I always get to hang out with my best friend instead of having to drive 30 minutes to see him. Plus moving in with a significant other is a big step in a relationship and I’m happy we’re doing well.

4. Visiting Europe


In college, I was lucky enough to be picked to represent Rutgers and work on a project with a team of French design students. That meant getting a free trip to a small town in France.Β Le Puy-en-Velay if you’re curious! The timing could not have been better since it was the week before Spring Break. My friend Maggie and I decided to extend our time overseas and went to Paris and Switzerland for a few days each before coming home.

Paris was amazing and I want to go back so badly (hint hint babe let’s plan a trip). In high school, I studied French for three years so I loved being able to speak/understand a little bit of it. Switzerland was beautiful and our time there was slightly overshadowed from being tired with 10 days of travel. If possible, I’d love to explore more of Switzerland. The trip was amazing and I can now cross off two more European countries from my wish list.

5. Family Time


Now that my siblings and I are grown, as well as most of my cousins, the time we all get to spend together is slim to none. On my mother’s side of the family, there are 13 grandkids ranging from 25 to 10 so the schedules are all over the place. In September, I traveled to Indiana to celebrate my Grandpa’s 80th birthday. To have the entire family under one roof was a bit insane but so much fun.

I was also able to see my friend’s and even more family when I was home for Christmas. Living 800 miles away makes quality time difficult so I cherish every second that I can get with them. My parents joke that now holidays are just a revolving door at their house because between my older brother who lives in Michigan, Alex and I in New Jersey plus my sister in school at University of South Carolina, someone is always coming or going or friends are stopping by the house. Although I wouldn’t have it any other way since that means more time with those I love.


Well that’s it! Those are my top 5 moments and memories from 2017. It was so hard to just pick 5. Overall 2017 was a fantastic year and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2018.

Question of the day: What is one of your top moments or memories from 2017?

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Moments From 2017”

  1. Congratulations on graduating with honors with a degree in engineering! πŸ™‚ That’s super exciting. It looks like you had an awesome first year or so out of college. Was there anything hard to get used to when you moved in with Alex?


    1. Thank you! I think the hardest thing was just figuring out how each of us did certain tasks. For example, he likes everything tidy all the time but I can deal with a little clutter for a day or two.


      1. I just like that your diploma says Sunna cum laude- I went full time, worked four jobs, and had a 4.16 gpa and my diploma doesn’t say a thing. It’s not done in Canada:( so please enjoy those words on your diploma for me too🀣


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