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Two Misprints

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re all staying warm. The feels like temperature will be in the negatives all day here in Central New Jersey, yikes! Have a wonderful day 🙂


Do you ever have those mornings where you’re just not ready to get up? That was me yesterday. I’m honestly surprised I managed to turn off my first alarm when it went off because I was barely coherent. The extra five minutes was enough to get me to keep my eyes open long enough to wake up. Once I was showered and ready for work, it was time to eat. After a day without scrambled eggs and toast, I obviously had to go back to the usual breakfast around here. All kidding aside, it’s quite shocking that I haven’t lost my mind eating this for the past two months.


At work, I was writing some stuff down in my planner and when I flipped to Friday, May 11th I landed on the 18th. I just assumed I had gone one page too many but nope! Somehow a page is missing so the planner goes from May 10th to the 18th. I emailed the company to see if they’ll send me a replacement otherwise it’s back to Target to try and find one with everything in it!


If you’re new around here, you may not know this but during my lunch breaks at work I always read. It’s a nice break from work and let’s my eyes rest from the computer screen. Although I say that after debating whether or not to read on my Nook more…Regardless as I finished up “Where’d You Go, Bernadette”, I came across white computer paper that was glued into the book. Apparently there was a publisher misprint so the library just printed out the correct pages. How weird that within only a few hours I came across two misprints in something.


You guys, I loved the book! I thought the way Maria Semple wrote it was very unique. There are no chapters in the book but five parts. The first four are written mostly through different documents (letters, emails, flyers, etc.) and the last is written from Bee’s perspective. Bernadette has gone missing and her daughter Bee is trying to find her. It’s not a thriller by any means but a story of a teenager who is determined to find her mother. If you want a good book to start off your 2018 reading this would be a good one!


I braved the cold after work and headed to the grocery store. You guys some of the shelves were so picked over it was ridiculous! It was as if they said it would snow 7 feet not up to a foot. By the time I brought everything up from the car I decided I was not going outside unless the apartment was on fire. So I put my slippers on and got comfy on the couch to start another book and poured a glass of wine. My next read is “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett.


For dinner, we scraped our original plan of having a meal from a meal delivery service. I think the snow storm messed up the delivery since it was supposed to arrive by dinner time yesterday and it didn’t. Luckily I grabbed a package of meatballs at Trader Joe’s last time I was there so we pulled them out to try. They were really good! I think it’s a staple item that I’ll always have in my freezer for quick and easy or last minute meals. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

We spent the rest of the night cuddled up on the couch in front of the fire. Alex turned on Wedding Crashers. I had never seen that movie all the way through if I’m being honest so it was nice to watch it last night. After a while we headed to bed and I immediately snuggled up under the covers.

Question of the day: Have you ever spotted a misprint in something?

9 thoughts on “Two Misprints”

  1. Two misprints in a day is quite amazing! I hope the planner problem gets fixed!
    I have a question for you- do you have lunch at the same time as other people? I would love to be able to read at lunch but all teachers get lunch at the same time so I think it might not be possible:(


    1. It was the weirdest thing! Fingers crossed I can get the same one because I love it.
      I can take lunch whenever I want. Some people go out but others stay at the office. There’s other people that eat when I do but I just kind of sit at my desk to read. The administrative assistant will also read in the break room, I saw her yesterday when I got water. I think you can do what you want with your time but that’s just my philosophy 🙂

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  2. I love keeping a few things in my freezer for nights like that! I’ve been really into ravioli (right now, butternut squash ravioli!) for last-minute, unplanned dinners lately. And YES! Whenever I spot a misprint, I feel so proud like I cracked some kind of code hahaha


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