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Sunday In Pictures Vol. 13

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It’s going to warm up here in New Jersey this week and I’m so excited. One day has a high of 56!! Have a great day 🙂


I started off my day by reading “Long Black Veil” in bed.


Pancakes for breakfast! The perfect fuel for a long run right?


Since Saturday was below zero all day, I ran my long run yesterday instead. 7 miles with the feels like in the low single digits and just a little bit of running through snow.


Lunch was leftover calzones and salad.


For my second workout of the day, Alex and I made a bunch of trips up and down the stairs to bring more firewood up.


Rolling in front of the fire because my legs were dead from lots of stairs and carrying wood. Yes we still have our mantle decorations up and I don’t foresee them coming down anytime soon.


The master bartender in action.


Sunday night cocktail – whiskey sour.


Dinner was pork with wonton noodles from Blue Apron.


Like the adults we are, Alex and I played Call of Duty: Zombies for a bit before heading to bed.

Question of the day: What was a highlight from your weekend?

32 thoughts on “Sunday In Pictures Vol. 13”

  1. The pork chops look delicious! All of my indoor decorations are down but the outdoor ones are still up. The ground is frozen so I figure I’ll wait until a warm day to try to pull all of them out. We have 6 blow ups and a lot of pathway markers so that’s A LOT of stakes…


    1. They were so good! I can’t wait for leftovers at some point this week. You definitely can’t pull all of those stakes up with the freezing temperatures that have been around for so long. Hopefully it’ll warm up soonish for you!


      1. Good to know! I’m returning the headphones I bought yesterday as I tried running with them this morning and they drove me nuts!!


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