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Freezing Rain Is Perfect Running Weather

Happy Tuesday! How was your Monday? I hope it was a good one. Have a great day πŸ™‚


When I woke up and checked the weather, it was almost sad how excited I was to see temperatures in the teens. It’s warming up people!! But seriously, it was nice to not have to consider what to wear when it’s actually below zero. After getting ready for work, I grabbed breakfast. Any guesses on what it was?! If you said scrambled eggs and toast then you’re so right.


Walking outside of work was fun since it was lightly hailing/freezing rain. Yay winter… I bundled up and heading for my recovery run. The good thing about the weather was that I was scared of slipping so I definitely slowed down. Actually I walked at one point because of black ice and there was no way I was risking another fall. Side note I still have a massive cut and my knees are still bruised. So seriously be careful on ice y’all. To keep warm, I had on a long sleeve, quarter zip pullover, an old rain jacket of Alex’s (the bottom cinched so it wouldn’t ride up which was amazing), running tights, calve socks plus gloves and a headband. I could have probably done without the quarter zip but oh well! I was glad to have it on instead of being cold.


The power went out for a bit due to the lovely weather. Actually it went out twice (that we know of) and with the luck I have, the leftovers we planned on having for dinnerwould have been heating up when it went off again. So plan b was take out. Alex had to drop his car off for hopefully the last time so after stretching and complaining about the power, I headed to pick him up. On our way home, we went toΒ CrockadeliΒ and picked up sandwiches. I got the bayou bomber which is buffalo chicken, lettuce and melted cheese. I forgot to ask for hot sauce on it so I just added it myself. Plus some sour cream and onion chips because they sounded good and we rarely eat potato chips so I treated myself to it.


I had every intention of crossing something off my to do list but the weather made it so hard! I decided it wasn’t worth forcing myself into it because I would half ass it and then it would be pointless. Instead, I grabbed my book and cuddled up in front of the fire to read. My eyes were getting heavy so I was in bed and asleep before 10. It was heavenly!

Question of the day: Am I crazy for running in freezing rain/hail/wintery mix or would you be out there with me?

33 thoughts on “Freezing Rain Is Perfect Running Weather”

    1. You are too kind Erinn! I definitely got some weird looks as I was running laps in a parking lots to avoid falling. I just hate not running because of weather and I’ll at least attempt to go out. But I need those endorphins, ask Alex because after a while of not running my mood is less than stellar…


    1. I think it was just from the weird weather that was happening! When it happened during my post run stretch it seemed like there were a lot of outages near us but it never went off again so I think we’re good. Well fingers crossed because I enjoy power lol.


  1. You are crazy, but I’m right there with you. I trained for my marathon in the winter and ran twenty miles in twenty degrees. I don’t recommend it but I get it!


  2. Wow! Careful Maureen. I admire you for running in the winter. I would definitely go straight to the treadmill or not run at all. Unless I’m following a training plan of course.


    1. I can’t run on the treadmill. I wish I could but I find it so difficult. Plus I don’t have access to one right now so I make do. Honestly, if it wasn’t a recovery run I would have probably just skipped a run all together. Luckily slow miles was on the agenda for last night.

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  3. Great job on the run! I’m out in all kinds of weather – lots of heavy rain, snow, ice, etc. I slow down, but figure if I don’t run in this weather, I wouldn’t get any runs in during October to April!


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