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Don’t Follow My Lead

Happy hump day! How is your week so far? I was planning on sharing my first impression of Blue Apron with you today but couldn’t so stayed tuned for tomorrow’s post! Have a great day 🙂


When my alarm went off on Tuesday morning, I felt like a new person. It must have happened in the perfect point of my sleep cycle because I was wide awake and ready to start my day when I heard it. I showered and changed before helping with breakfast. Obviously it was toast and scrambled eggs. Instead of putting on my long winter coat, I was able to wear a short, lighter one and it felt amazing. I’m digging the heat wave we’re in the middle of.


During lunch at work I finished Jennifer Finney Boylan’s “Long Black Veil”.** It follows the story of 6 college friends who go into an abandoned prison back in 1980. Only 5 of them come out. It is told from the present day and partially from the past. All of the characters have different story lines which I like in novels. While I enjoyed the story, I felt like there were too many story lines and some felt unfinished at the end. Overall I thought it was a good read but sometimes the characters just changed and it felt like random things happened to them all. If you want a quick read it’s good but I don’t consider it a thriller like I thought it would be. I was more so confused than thrilled.


After work, I got home and out the door as fast as possible. This time for my run I got to wear less layers. It was amazing! I only wore a long sleeve and capris which was fine unless there was a little wind. I had a progression workout and ended up running over 6.75 miles. It was nice to get some speed in. I knew I would forget the paces I wanted to hit so I wrote them in Sharpie on my hand. That’s normal right? (Side note, I’m typing this after a shower and washing my hands multiple times and there’s still some ink on me. So maybe don’t try this…) (Update 2: I’m rereading my post before it goes live and there’s still ink on me. Who wants to help me create a Sharpie for athletes so we can write workouts on hands but not have it on us forever?!)


The plan for leftovers worked last night. I had a quarter of the calzones we made Saturday night and a big bowl of salad. It was delicious and really hit the spot. To heat it up, I wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven on low for a while. I may have let it heat while I picked Alex up at the train station but I probably didn’t…


Once dinner was cleaned up it was time to start my next book! I forget where I heard about the book “After I Do” by Taylor Jenkins Reid but I saw it available in the online library so I grabbed it for my Nook. It follows Lauren and Ryan who are married and decide to take a year off. They hope that by doing so they will fall back into love with each. I’m curious how it all happens since right now I’m in the period where they are just meeting in college. I read for a while and then headed to bed.

Question of the day: What was dinner for you last night?

**This book was sent to me for free from Blogging for Books. All opinions are my own.

19 thoughts on “Don’t Follow My Lead”

  1. Lol! Dad used to bring a notebook with him to the track. He would write down the time goals and check on them as needed. This really reminded of that.

    Maybe if you use some alcohol or nail polish remover you would be able to get rid of it:)

    Dinner last night for me was chicken and rice. Pretty delicious.


    1. Unfortunately I don’t think a notebook and snow would work out so well lol. That’s a great idea for the summer though! I’ll have to try nail polish remover when I get home. I scrub extra when I wash my hands and it’s slowly going away.

      Chicken and rice is the best and so easy and versatile! I love it.


  2. I wrote my pacing goals on my hand for a race once, hoping it would help me go faster than I thought I could. Sadly, it didn’t really work for me. Not only did I feel ridiculous, I finished slower, much slower, than I wanted. But that was my fault (not enough training!), and the ink on my hand just made me feel even more ridiculous. (So I don’t do that anymore, lol)


    1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that happened. I try to only write them on workouts where there’s a few so that I don’t forget them. I’ve found it’s better to start slow in races too so that I don’t burn out. It felt a little ridiculous to have my hand covered in Sharpie though lol. Oh well!

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  3. I am jealous of all your reading, I have a stack of books I am eager to start, but it has just been a crazy week! I write notes to myself on my hand all the time and it is such a pain to get off sometimes. I usually use a ballpoint pen, it last for a while, but will usually come off in the shower.


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