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It’s January And Above 60 Degrees!

Happy Saturday! What is on you agenda for today? Anything fun?! I hope whatever you have planned is a delight. Have a great day 🙂


I woke up at my normal time and got ready for work. When I checked the weather around 6 am, it was 56 degrees. How crazy is that?! It made putting on a short sleeve shirt a delight because I didn’t immediately have to throw a sweater on overtop. Somehow, I didn’t have enough time for breakfast so I ended up eating a mint chocolate chunk Quest bar at the office. Although I try not to eat them often, I always have some sort of protein bar in the cabinets for days where I’m running late.


During lunch I finished “After I Do” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I loved this book so much! I honestly almost cried at my desk at the end because I enjoyed it that much. Yes I’m that person who cries over books. Let me live my life 🙂 The rest of the afternoon flew by since a part arrived from Germany that needed to have packaging figured out ASAP. I love when things like that happen since I don’t need to prioritize what should get done first. If a director needs something they prioritize for you.


My normal Friday routine had a slight hiccup in it. Instead of going to the grocery store, I headed to the train station to grab Alex. We had a quick snack before food shopping. When we were driving I noticed the temperature in my car said 63 degrees. 63 degrees in January is crazy! Granted it rained so I couldn’t really spend time outside to enjoy it but I’ll take it. We even turned the heat off for a while and had the porch door open for fresh air. It was heavenly.


For dinner, I heated up the leftover pork from Blue Apron. I ended up having the noodles cold and the pork warm which was really good. It was all delicious and I could have probably eaten the noodles by them self they are so good. After dinner, Alex and I hung out on the couch to watch a comedy special on Netflix from Tom Segura. I find him funny but he does curse a semi decent amount if that bothers you so just a warning! We were just hanging out and my eyes could barely stay open. I took that as a sign it was time to bed.

Question of the day: Was it also super warm by you yesterday?

12 thoughts on “It’s January And Above 60 Degrees!”

  1. I cry in books too, so badly that I actually try to avoid books that will make me cry!
    It’s raining here so it’s siting about 5 degrees each day. I think that’s about 40 for you.


  2. So lucky that the weather has been nice. It’s been grey and drab here in Germany…and not great! I’ve been spending the day running errands and at the gym and now I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing!!


    1. It’s supposed to get cold again but it was nice to not have to bundle up even if just for a few days. You totally deserve to sit on the couch and do nothing! Productive yet relaxing weekend days are my favorite.


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