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Double Digit Run, A Pedicure, And A Date

Happy Sunday! How is your weekend so far?! I’m a little happy right now since I’m typing this up Saturday morning and definitely still have some endorphins in my system from my run I did. So if part of it is crazy and all over the place then you know why lol. Have a wonderful day 🙂


My Saturday started off while my alarm beeping at 6:30. I slept for an extra 10 minutes then made myself get up otherwise I would be late. I had a 10 mile run on the schedule. To be honest, I was pretty nervous since it was only the second double digit run and the first was my race back in October. Well I shouldn’t have been nervous because it went super well. Since I was out early, I popped in a single headphone so I could still be aware of my surroundings and got lost in my music. I did stop quickly to snap a picture as the sun was coming up because I love the look of it over fields.


After my run, I quickly stretched and had to hop in the shower. Alex was a gem and pulled out some workout clothes for me to throw on. I had a much needed pedicure appointment with Alex’s twin and his brother’s fiance. It was a good thing they don’t care how I look because I was basically running out the door when they pulled up. I got the prettiest mauve color from Essie called angora cardi.


When I got home I actually showered (the first one was just a rinse so I didn’t completely stink 😉 and then got ready. I plopped on the couch to read some more. Eventually it was time for lunch so I made a grilled cheese and had it with chips and salsa. Then Alex and I finished Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales before it was time to get ready to go.


Earlier in the week, I mentioned to Alex how we should bring back our monthly date night since the holidays were over. I planned for us to go to Topgolf so once we were ready we headed north to go. Well it was packed and the wait was 2 hours…so we didn’t go. While we drove back south, we decided that since we were out why not just do an early dinner in Princeton. It was fairly early so Winberie’s in Princeton wasn’t crowded. I started off with a cocktail called Washington’s Spiced Apple. It had some apple vodka, Jack Daniel’s fire, ginger beer, lime and one more ingredient that I can’t remember. So tasty!


We got poutine for an appetizer that was so good! I wish I knew exactly what spice they put on the fries for it since it was so tasty. For my meal, I got the hickory burger with chips. It was really good. I told Alex before we got the food that I wanted to cut the burger in half and bring one part home for leftovers. I stuck to it and now I have lunch for some point this week – score! Alex got the bistro filet that he raved about. Apparently the gorgonzola mashed potatoes were a big hit.


When we got home, I pulled out a favorite beer of mine that I picked up at the store earlier in the day. Goose Island is a Chicago brewery that has some different beers and a root beer as well that’s fairly popular for restaurants. If you like lighter beers, I recommend trying 312 from them! I sipped on it while Alex and I hung out and chatted on the couch. He has this deck of cards called Heart to Heart that his mom gave him years ago. It has a bunch of questions that you take turns answering. It was fun and something different to do with our night.

Question of the day: Have you ever tried to go on a date/out with friends and then have the plans change last minute because of a long wait?

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