Sunday In Pictures

Sunday In Pictures Vol. 15

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?! I had a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself. I hope you are ready to kill this new week. Have a great day πŸ™‚


Pancakes, bacon, tea and a glass of milk to start the day.


Sprinkle wrapping paper is appropriate for Valentine’s Day right?Β Yes I know it’s still January but someone was getting sick of the box sitting by our table…


Getting some inspiration for a recipe I want to make soon. This book was a gift form my parents and has so many good recipes in it!


Lunch was the rest of my burger from our date on Saturday, carrots, chips and salsa.


One of us was enjoying our book and the other was learning about biology.


A much needed foam roll and stretching session.


Really enjoying Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand!


Homemade mac and cheese for dinner. For the first time trying this dish, it was good but I’ll have to work on perfecting a recipe.


Another 312 from Goose Island to sip on while watching football.


A face mask to give the skin a little TLC.


Cuddling by the fire is the best way to end a Sunday.

Question of the day: What’s a highlight from your weekend?

32 thoughts on “Sunday In Pictures Vol. 15”

    1. Target! It was one of the few rolls I found that were good for multiple occasions and any gender. With such littler storage I wanted a multi-purpose roll. I have a love hate relationship with foam rolling.


    1. Target had such cute wrapping paper! I just bought it. It seemed perfect for multiple occasions and like it would work for either gender which is a must when there’s little storage space for wrapping supplies.
      Thanks Emily! Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

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  1. i’ve heard a lot of good things about that clay mask but I have never tried it myself. The mac and cheese looks yummy — my friend made a spicy mac and cheese that had some diced jalapenos in it and it was amazing – i’ll have to get her recipe! πŸ™‚


    1. I personally really enjoy the face mask! My skin kind of pulses/tingles while it’s on (hopefully that makes sense!) and it feels so smooth once I wash it off. I will say though, my skin can be a little red right after washing it but it goes away within 30 minutes.
      Spicy mac and cheese sounds SO good Dawn!!


  2. I think I’m always craving mac and cheese. And always craving pancakes. Seriously. I could, and often do, choose them every morning… none of this “weekend special” thing. And thank you for the reminder that I’ve been wanting to treat myself to a homemade face mask!


  3. that sprinkle wrapping paper is the CUTEST and your mac and cheese is straight up making me drool right now. looks like a perfect weekend!!


    1. Girl go to Target! That’s where I got the wrapping paper and it was $3.99. I think it’s so fun. The mac and cheese was delish and I can’t wait for leftovers tomorrow night πŸ™‚ It was a pretty great weekend!


  4. looks like a good way to wrap up a weekend. I haven’t made mac and cheese in forever… hmmm might have to put that on the menu for next week. I like buffalo chicken mac and cheese, but even plain will do especially on a cold night


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