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Top Workout Songs: January 2018

Happy hump day! We’re halfway through the week which is kind of crazy to me. It seems like the past few days have flown by. Have a great dya 🙂

Since I started listening to music on runs again, I realized I have a few favorite songs that really get me in the mood. Whether it’s for a speed workout, recovery run or long run, I know these songs will get me going and make me want to dance along while I run. Since I personally like seeing what music other people are listening to on workouts, I thought I would share a few of my favorites! I’ll preface this by saying it’s probably not “typical” workout music but it’s what I’ve been enjoying.

The Other Side by Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman

You guys I have not seen this movie yet but I desperately need to! The soundtrack is amazing if you haven’t listened to it yet then you have to. This song has such a fun beat and the back and forth between Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman is really fun to listen to on runs.

Unforgettable by Thomas Rhett

I’m just going to throw this out there but Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are the cutest celebrity couple. I love them so much. This song is so fun to listen to and I’ve definitely caught myself singing along under my breath while running .

Non-stop from Hamilton

Ah Hamilton…the show I have yet to see but really want to. I used to listen to the entire soundtrack on long runs to get lost in the story. Non-stop is one of my favorite from the soundtrack because it has a few different parts. Due to that, the beat changes a few times so it breaks up the song. I just find it fun to listen to!

Singles You Up by Jordan Davis

I am a huge country fan! It’s actually my music genre of choice if I’m being honest. This came on the radio a while back and I always found myself singing along to it. I listened to it on a run once and now I’m hooked. I love it and it gets me going on runs!

Shake It by Metro Station

This song is from when I was in 7th grade I think. It reminds me of when all my friends and I were at my parents hanging out in my room. I’m pretty sure we played it about 23865 times over the night. Even though it’s over 10 years old now, it still makes me want to dance along.

Question of the day: What’s one song you’ve been loving for workouts recently?

26 thoughts on “Top Workout Songs: January 2018”

  1. When I was training for a 10K, I remember just listening to the entire Hamilton soundtrack over and over again.
    The cabinet battles and Satisfied always pumped me up during my runs.
    Defying Gravity from Wicked also puts an extra pep in my step too!


      1. Totally agree! My boyfriend actually JUST got us tickets to see Hamilton for September, and I am already overflowing with excitement haha. It’s been a long time coming!


      2. If you sign up to get notifications when ticket blocks come out, they aren’t terribly expensive like the resale tickets. Still pricy, but at least semi-reasonable!


  2. I love the white shoes in the first photo. I like listening to music when I run — the playlist depends on my mood but for tempos and intervals I like to have songs around 180+ bpm 😀


    1. Thanks Dawn! They’re Nike Frees that I bought in 2016. I don’t wear them for runs but I love them for walking around.
      I totally feel you on that! If I’m running a tempo run or intervals then I need faster music to pump me up.


  3. I’ve heard so many good things about The Greatest Showman. Everyone says right when they finish the movie they want to go back and re-watch it! Plus the soundtrack sounds awesome!!! I’ll have to try these songs out next run!

    I was running with podcasts all the time but noticed my running was not doing so hot and so I switched it back to running playlists. It made ALL the difference!! I was able to do speed work so much better! I had no idea it would make such a difference for me, but it definitely did!


    1. I need to see the movie so badly! I listen to the soundtrack constantly on my runs! Even the slow songs get me excited lol.

      Podcasts are something I wouldn’t listen to while running. Mostly because I like true crime podcasts so I’d get nervous to listen while running alone. I’m so glad you figured out that music is the best for you when you do speed work Chelsea!


  4. Ugh I had commented earlier but I guess my laptop really wasn’t working:(
    Thanks for the list!! I added them all to my Spotify run album and now I want to run just to hear them!
    I like country best too!! Though I have to admit that Uptown Funk and Sunshine in my pocket always make me want to dance when I’m running:)


    1. That happened to me once or twice too! So weird.
      Let me know what you think of them! Country is so fun to me. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Sunshine in My Pocket but I’ll take a listen and see what I think. Uptown Funk has a great beat for running.

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