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Running, Reading, Baking

Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend so far? I hope the weather is nice by you today since it’s supposed to rain all day here in Central Jersey. Have a great day πŸ™‚


I woke up Saturday morning ready to go. My run was 9 miles and it was beautiful out!! The roads were pretty empty so it was just me out running which was nice. I got 9 miles in at 9:36 average pace. The last three miles were progressively faster and my legs were feeling it at the end. I ended with some bodyweight exercises before stretching and foam rolling.


Before a shower I headed out for a few errands and got a much needed eyebrow wax. Does anyone else forget how long it’s been since they got their brows done? That’s typically how I know its time to go ha! After getting home and showering, I started a new book. After reading another of Beatriz William’s novels and enjoying it, I grabbedΒ A Hundred Summers. During the day, I managed to read three quarters of it so it’s a great book so far.


For lunch, I made a black bean and cheese quesadilla. I topped it with salsa and it was delicious! Filling it with black beans was a great idea since it kept me full for a while. Naturally, I headed back to the couch to read after eating.


I opened up my baking book that I got for Christmas from my parents to. There was a recipe I had in mind for a few weeks and I adopted a recipe to fit my idea. The afternoon was spent baking and it was amazing! The amount of self control it took to not eat a cupcake before dinner was unreal. The entire kitchen smelled so good.


Earlier in the week, I told Alex I was in the mood for sushi. Which is shocking because I would never suggest that. So sushi we got! I had miso soup, the salad form Alex’s combo and the only sushi I’ll eat, an avocado and cucumber roll. Does that even count as sushi since there’s no seafood in it? Asking for a friend… I shocked everyone (i.e. Alex and me) by trying a piece of Alex’s spicy roll. It was good too and it even had some sort of fish in it.

To end the night, we cuddled on the couch to watch and episode of “The Crown”. We split a cupcake too and it was yummy πŸ™‚ I fell asleep for a bit in the episode but luckily Alex went back the few minutes so I could catch up. When it was over we headed to bed.

Question of the day: Do you like sushi?

26 thoughts on “Running, Reading, Baking”

  1. My oldest always talks about eating sushi, but she too doesn’t eat any with fish in it😊 I don’t mind it, but I’ve never went out of my way to get any, either.


  2. YAYYY! I am so proud of you for trying the spicy roll! I am obsessed with sushi– just had some today actually. I love the spicy tuna rolls & anything with unagi! The more ginger & wasabi the better πŸ˜‰ Also, great job on your run, girlfriend! XO


      1. I bet you would like some of the lightly fried rolls to start— like shrimp tempura! It masks any fish flavor, but still tastes amazing!! Haha I get wayyy too passionate about sushi. I considered if eating my leftovers for breakfast this morning would be weird … oh no … now you’re probably gagging… πŸ˜‰ Let us know if you try any other types !!!


      2. Lol all good! Okay maybe next time I’ll try that. Maybe…Since I’m so picky I have the HARDEST time trying new foods. Pretty sure bae had to reward me for trying new foods at one point. It’s a process to say the least.

        But occasionally I try so it’s the effort that counts right?!

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  3. Oh that food looks good! I love sushi but have to drive half an hour to get to a place that does gluten free rolls, otherwise I have to stick with sashimi.


      1. Ya I like it, but I want something with it. Oh and you’re not alone I have several friends who just each chicken teriyaki, etc when we go for sushi.


      2. I don’t normally get to as they’re so e pensive here and I get too many if I buy at Costco, but I found mini ones at the grocery store last week so I’ve been totally enjoying them!!

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  4. Oh my gosh now I’m totally craving sushi!! I love it and would have it like every week if I could! When I was first starting out, I would only have the sushi without fish too, but it didn’t take me too long to enjoy (and then crave, lol) the regular sushi too. This looks so good! I’m hoping we can get some for Valentine’s Day. πŸ˜€


  5. Oh and also I’m so bad about getting my eyebrows done. Seriously, I only go *maybe* once a year. It’s such a hassle to me and the only woman who did them really well is so expensive too. So…I just do what I can at home and try to not think about how “un-fleek” they look, lol. πŸ˜‰


    1. Ah gotcha! It’s not worth it to see someone who is super expensive. To drag my waxes out I like to tweeze on a regular basis. Nothing crazy but just get the stray hairs out of the way. Also def go get some sushi for Valentine’s Day!

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