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Small Change Of Plans

Happy Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate it. Have a fantastic day 🙂


Guys I’m going to shock you with my breakfast. Yes I had scrambled eggs but I didn’t have toast! I know it’s a big change but Alex and I tried the oatmeal muffins I made on Sunday and give them two thumbs up! The only thing I would change would be the amount of blueberries. Somehow mine had two and Alex’s was loaded with them.

My boss and a member of our team are in New Jersey this week from Michigan. Their flight was late getting in so they got to my office late. Unfortunately that meant I ended up staying until almost 5:30. Considering 5:30 is when I typically get home from my runs, that was a super late night at the office for me. It was dark so I couldn’t get a run in. I used the Chromecast we have and streamed three Tone It Up videos onto the tv. First I used this dance one as a quick warm up before doing this booty one and ending with this arms video.


I worked up a decent sweat with them. These videos kept my attention and I’m definitely going to explore more of them. After the workout I cut up a cara cara orange for my snack. Until last Friday, I had never heard about this type of orange. Both Emily and Sarah mentioned it in the comments. They were right about them! It tasted a little tangy but it was delicious! I will definitely be buying them again. Plus the color is awesome!


I quickly showered and got dinner heated up. Leftover chili for the win! It was even spicier today which means I made it correctly. My dad is the king of spicy food so I always judge my food based on his. If chili is hotter as leftovers then I did it right in his book. After eating, Alex and I just hung out on the couch and caught up on our days! It was fairly late by the time we stopped talking so I headed to bed.

Question of the day: What are your favorite online workout videos?

23 thoughts on “Small Change Of Plans”

  1. I haven’t had cara cara oranges in a long time but they are so good! I used to get them when we lived in Houston (produce wad much cheaper and wider variety there). Glad you enjoyed it! 😊


  2. Tone it Up is also one of my favorite online workout videos!! I also love Natasha Oceane and Whitney Simmons:)

    Those oranges look amazing. Like I said on your Instagram post, oranges are heaven after runs/races. Even having a cup of orange juice with a post run breakfast can be as refreshing as a cup of water…delicious!!


  3. Sometimes changes can be good… like new breakfast foods and trying new workout videos! I’m always so resistant to change, but am usually happy about it after the fact, LOL. Cara Cara oranges are great!! As for Youtube workouts, I like Five Parks Yoga and Yoga With Adrienne!


    1. Hehe so true Allie! Seriously how has everyone else heard of the delicious fruit that is cara cara orange except me?! I’m so out of the loop on it lol. I’ll definitely check those out even though I’m terrible at yoga 🙂


  4. Oh I’ll have to look for those oranges. I’ve been enjoying oranges since you mentioned them!
    Sorry you had such a late night at work!
    Chilli, like stew should be better the next day. Oh and spaghetti sauce too:)


  5. I need to try more online workouts! They sound like a great option! I’m so old school- I have a stack of DVD’S – lol!


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