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Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Happy Wednesday y’all! How is your week going? I’ll be honest with you, mine has been long. I’ve been staying late at work all everyday this week. It’s hard to see the minutes tick by when you know that you could be home. It’s rough. So if you’re in that boat this week, know you aren’t alone and that I’m right there with you!

I left work yesterday at 6:30 pm. Yes a whole 2.5 hours later than I normally work. You’re probably rolling your eyes since most people work late but I take pride in the fact that I get all of my work done within a normal workday and that my boss doesn’t make me feel as though I need to stay past the normal 8 hours.

Guess what I was supposed to do yesterday…run. Did I? Nope! It was way too dark to do that by the time I left the office. I had planned on doing some Youtube video workouts but did I? Heck no! And I don’t even feel bad. The thought of coming home, changing into workout clothes and exercising made me want to burst into tears after a slightly hectic work day. So I didn’t.


Instead, I picked up a pizza for Alex and I. Did I mention I was supposed to go to a work dinner that got moved back a day? That meant I had no dinner idea for us and all of the meat we had was frozen. So Alex called in a pizza while I packed up at work and I picked it on the way home. I ate my two sliced with zero regrets.

I had a list of a few chores I wanted to get done last night. I’m happy to report than none of them got done. Once again, the thought of doing them made me want to cry (keeping it real y’all) so I didn’t. I put on my pjs, poured my second glass of wine and got comfy on the couch.


Could I have been hard on myself and forced a workout to happen? Yep. Could I have forced myself to eat super late and throw together a super quick potentially healthy meal? Definitely. I didn’t though. Doing one or both of those would have been awful and made a long day even worse. Will missing two runs in my week set me back on my training? No it won’t. Will pizza for dinner, two glasses of wine plus a cupcake for dessert make me gain 10 pounds. Nope!

I enjoyed my super unplanned and relaxing night with Alex on the couch in front of a fire while watching Netflix. There’s a chance I could have felt bad about doing that but why? Why push myself to do something I genuinely don’t have the energy for nor sounds appealing at all? It wasn’t laziness last night either. It was pure “I’m tired and don’t have the energy” after looking at a ridiculous number of 80 pound car hoods and packaging options. Oh and that included not eating lunch until 2 pm which didn’t help with how tired I felt.

Packing and repacking an 80 pound hood multiple time will be my workout for the day. I refueled with pizza, wine and a cupcake and I have ZERO regrets. Yesterday was definitely a “I need a mental health break and it doesn’t matter what I should be doing” type of night. Take those days. Don’t kill yourself to clean the kitchen or run 4 miles if the thought brings tears to your eyes. Don’t be hard on yourself if you need a break. We’re all human here and it’s better to take one day off than do something you genuinely don’t want to do.

Question of the day: Tell me anything you want! Or don’t! Up to you πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “Don’t Be Hard On Yourself”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough week at work – I definitely agree with you about not pushing anything in terms of exercise/cooking. When I have those days, it looks like cereal or oatmeal for dinner. Keep your head up! I hope the rest of your week gets better πŸ™‚


  2. I completely understand what you went through Maureen. It happens to me everyday after I leave work between 05:00 to 06:00 pm. I drive one hour back home and after 7:00 pm my legs don’t want to run.

    I only want to cook a quick warm dinner and relax with my husband. That is why if a run/workout doesn’t happen in the morning for me, then it won’t be happening at any other time of the day.

    I also leave all of my house chores for the weekend — except cleaning the kitchen after dinner, but that only takes 15 min.

    Life happens sometimes and our routine doesn’t come out as expected. But I’m glad you’re taking it they way you did!!

    Btw, that pizza looks absolutely delicious.


    1. I totally get how after driving an hour you wouldn’t want to run Nathaly! Honestly, I’m super jealous that you’re able to workout in the morning. I start work at 7 am so I would need to be up at about 4 in order to get a run in and its still dark then. So not the safest idea.

      I usually just do one chore after work that takes 10 minutes or less plus make lunches for the next day.

      Life definitely throws some curve balls at us so it’s all about taking it in stride and rolling with the punches.

      The pizza was good! Half margherita and half margherita with roasted red pepper and pepperoni. Try it out!

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  3. Days like this are no fun. Its good that you gave yourself a break. Life is too short to forego the occasional pizza, wine, and cupcake. I hope the rest of the week will be smooth sailing!


    1. I agree Kaitlyn. I really like your blog Maureen, but I sometimes feel you hold back your personality a bit to make things appear a certain way…peachy keen? Part of your appeal is you write about the day to day tribulations that your readers can relate to! Accordingly, feel free to augment with how you actually feel about stuff. Talking about “being nice to yourself” and “self care” is annoying. Rather, it is useful to show readers how you actually take care of yourself in relatable ways! Who can afford a massage or $$$$ beauty products? Ten and a half hours at a day job is horrific! All I would want to do after that is drink wine and eat take out. Which brings me to the most important question, what wine were you drinking?

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      1. Thank you for saying that! Personally, I try not to let the little things in my day to day bother me. I also wouldn’t want to read about someone who complains about their kitchen being a mess or having to vacuum. So that’s why I don’t always right about it. Trust me, my life is far from perfect and always peachy keen. I just don’t feel the need to always say how Alex and I were arguing over where to get takeout from for dinner or trying a crappy bottle of wine.

        I’m all about affordable and real ways to take care of yourself! I definitely want to type up a post on my favorite ways to do self care. I think that would be a fun read and it’ll show that you don’t have to spend crazy $$$ to have a mental health break.

        Last night I was drinking the Robert Mondavi private selection Chardonnay! I’m 98% sure that’s the name of it but I can’t 100% on it. Mondavi has some really expensive bottles of wine (close to $60) but this was $7.99 I believe and delicious! It’s something I always have on hand.

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  4. Agree with what everyone said above. Our days are gonna be ebs and flows and this day happened to be one one of those where you decided to make getting your work done the priority, put more time and energy towards that by staying late in the office, then putting some of the other responsibilities on the back burner (for now) and that’s OKAY!! Living a balanced, less stressed, and honestly happier life takes rejiggering and flexibility when it comes to these kinds of days – I think you killed it!!


    1. Yes exactly!! As much as I would have loved to manage to get a healthy meal on the table, a workout of any kind in and clean just a tiny spot in the apartment it just wasn’t going to happen. And that’s completely okay! Thanks for weighing in Sarah! I’m just trying to keep it real here because life is not perfect and we all have those days.

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  5. This is allllllll too real to me!!! Girl, I FEEL YOU!! I am so sorry you had that type of week ❀ Hopefully it means next week can only be much better. Sometimes pizza, wine, and good dessert is the ONLY cure, and there is no shame. 100% self care! Thanks for this reminder though…it's important to hear that ITS OKAY in this day and age of strict fitness regimens and nutrition. Thankful for this post! Thank you for sharing this and keeping it real


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Mackenzie!! You are the sweetest ❀ Some weeks just aren't the best and I don't want to pretend it's always sunshine and rainbows for me. I'm all about a healthy life don't get me wrong! But to me that includes balance! I'm not about to eat a salad for every meal. I need the wine, pizza and dessert days for my mental health and not my physical health. To me it's just as important.

      I hope you are having a good week!!

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