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Happy Thursday! I’m checking in today very tired (let’s say it’s a very good thing that caffeine exists…) but holding on to the fact that it’s almost Friday. I hope you’re all having a great week. Have a good day 🙂

So my brain is verging on the tiredness of not being able to function due to some long work hours this week. But life happens and big issues come up so you do what you have to do right?? Instead of dwelling on the bad I figured I’d pep myself up by thinking about some of the things I’m looking forward to.

Valentine’s Day

I know some people aren’t big into Valentine’s Day and I get it. February 14th is slowly becoming a pretty commercialized/Hallmark holiday but I still love it! An excuse to dress up and get a yummy dinner out? Count me in. I’m actually not celebrating on the 14th but I just think celebrating people you love (whether romantically or not!) is a fun thing to do. Who doesn’t want a reminder that they’re loved?



I know it’s just February but it was cold yesterday and I’m ready for some sun. Plus my  favorite holiday is in the summer so why wouldn’t I want to celebrate that? It also seems like people are just happier in the summer since we’re all getting enough vitamin D and what not from the sun. The summer brings some of my favorite past times: reading outside, a glass of wine on the porch before dinner, running with the sun up, and farmers markets with delicious fresh produce. Not having to layer to stay warm will be nice too 😉

The Super Bowl


Disclaimer – I’m not a huge football fan. I’ll watch the game but I don’t get really invested in it. Super Bowl Sunday is all about the commercials, half time show and Puppy Bowl for me. Alex and I have a little tradition where we make some appetizers than hang out and watch the game together. Does it count as a tradition if we’ve only done it once but plan on doing it again this year? No clue but I think it does.

Getting My Car

My parents are generous enough to let me keep driving a car that my dad owns. It is so helpful since I don’t need to worry about car payments and insurance while fresh out of college. I work for a car company so I can get a pretty good deal on a car. It’s still a few months away but I’ve been looking at the options I want and will be test driving them soon. Does it count as the first big adult purchase I’ll make if I’m leasing through my job? Either way doesn’t matter to me since it’ll be in my name.  It might sound dumb to say I’m looking forward to it but I honestly can’t wait.

Running A Half Marathon


Waking up at 6:30 on cold winter Saturday mornings is tough. But I know that if I can do that then running a half marathon in April will feel much better. I’ve said this before but I love having something to look forward to while running. I’m excited to tackle a slightly farther distance and try to achieve my time goal as well.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to?


24 thoughts on “Things I’m Looking Forward To”

  1. How exciting about your car!! That’s always such an exciting thing to have in your very own name!

    You’re going to rock that half marathon girl!! You’re so right, waking up now for those training runs is tough but will totally pay off on race day!

    I LOVE Valentine’s Day too! I know there are so many people who totally hate it, but I just think it’s such a cute holiday with so much fun around it that I can’t help but like it! 🙂

    I hope your week finishes off with less fatigue!! I’m right there with ya though! But I love your perspective at keeping focused on the good stuff instead of the bad!


    1. I’m very excited about the car even though it’s a few months away. Just to actually call it mine is what I’m most excited for!

      Thank you! I’m hoping those early cold runs will make a spring run more enjoyable 🙂

      Exactly my thoughts on Valentine’s Day! I like how its a bright spot in what is otherwise a pretty drab month since it’s still cold and there’s not much else happening in February.

      I hope you’re week ends on a less tiring note Chelsea! It’s tough to have these weeks so I’m trying to look on the bright side .


  2. Well, I gotta say I relate to all of the things you talked about. I think is perfectly fine to celebrate Valentines day. I personally love to celebrate it. And this one is going to be particularly special because is the first one that me and my husband spend as a married couple <3.

    About Super Bowl, I'm not a huge football fan either but my husband is. So I'm sure that will involve me watching it with him.

    Also, I just got a car that I'm really happy about!! My old car was just giving me SO MANY issues to the point I needed to call the towing service in the emergency lane of the freeway quite a few times. Not pretty. However, I do wish you the best of lucks on the process of getting your new car:)

    And last but not least, Running my first Half Marathon is my main fitness goals of this year.

    Besides from the things you mentioned, I'm looking forward to the weekend: doing my long run outside and being able to just relax. I'm also looking forward to the end of March. This is when me and my husband will be celebrating our second wedding and many of our families and friends will be traveling here. So excited!


  3. Leasing a car through your company is such an accomplishment! Cars are SUPER expensive! I confess I drive my late Grandmother’s car….and I am quite a bit older than you 🙂
    I never was a fan of valentine’s day…until I finally lived in the same city as my significant at age 22? I am not much of a corn dog, but I happen to like my man so any excuse to celebrate and give and receive presents…

    I hope your week picks up for you ending on the most pleasant note possible 🙂


    1. There’s nothing wrong with that at all!! I bet it’s an awesome car.

      I’m mostly excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day (although it’ll be at a later date) since my boyfriend and I live together now! Last year, his mom was in the same room when he opened his gift since my night class ended late lol.

      Thank you so much for your sweet words 🙂 I truly appreciate them!


  4. i agree on football — i’m not the biggest fan but i enjoy the parties, food, and commercials lol. we are hosting a superbowl party on sunday which i’m excited about. it’s our second year hosting so i guess that is our tradition! 🙂


  5. Love focusing on the positive side of life and I so agree that summer is the best! I’m also looking forward to my half marathon! 🙂


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