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Workout Videos + Mail

Happy Thursday! I’m checking in with some excitement for the weekend that’s almost here. It’s getting closer guys, we can make it. Yesterday was gross and raining here so I’m hoping for some sunshine today. Partially because the sun is just better and partially because I don’t want to run in rain 😉 Have a great day!


Wednesday just started off on a gross note. I looked outside after waking up and didn’t see any snow on the ground. Silly me thought that meant it wasn’t going to snow… After breakfast, I walked to my car to see a weird snow/hail/sleet/slush concoction falling from the sky. Not how you want to start your day am I right? It unfortunately rained on and off all day but what can you do. I still don’t know if I would rather snow or rain all day.

I typically have a rest day mid week but since it was gross I wanted to get some endorphins flowing. Also one of my goals for this year is to add strength training so it was a win-win situation. I ended up doing three different workout videos from Popsugar Fitness. The arms video was so hard!! When I went to turn my shower on to rinse off, my muscle was shaking…and that was the first video I did! I also did this barre leg workout and a super quick ab workout to round everything off. It took max 25 minutes and it got me sweating.


After a quick rinse off, I got to open my package that had just arrived. Does anyone else love getting packages in the mail? It’s like a present that you know is coming that you bought yourself. With half marathon training, I needed more gels for long run fuel. It was cheaper to buy a 24 pack and I know I’ll use them up so it made sense. Then I did some cleaning and organizing while listening to some podcasts.


For dinner I took out this massive tortilla that’s supposed to be for wraps and made a quesadilla. I put leftover refried beans in it with the cheese for some protein then topped it with salsa and half of an avocado. It was so filling! I honestly thought I would need something else to really fill me up but this did the job. I think adding the healthy fats from the avocado and protein from the beans did the trick.

Once everything was cleaned up, I got set on the couch to read my book. When Alex got home from work, we chatted and caught up on our days. I started to get tired around 9:30 and headed to bed. For whatever reason, I’ve been getting tired earlier and earlier recently. I’m going to chalk it up to long days at work last week and just being really busy in my personal life as well.

Question of the day: Would you prefer rain all day or snow all day?


17 thoughts on “Workout Videos + Mail”

  1. We had a cold rain yesterday too- blah! I guess I’ll take it over snow though because our whole town shuts down in snow.
    I make quesadillas a couple time a week for lunch. 🙂


    1. Isn’t cold rain just the worst?! Snow is nothing to me since I grew up in Chicago so I always find it crazy that places shut down with even just a little snow lol.

      I make quesadillas on the weekend for lunch sometimes and they are always so tasty!


  2. Yesterday we had a bit of everything. it had snowed over night then we had that fun wintry mix just when everyone needed to drive to work. then it changed to snow… this meant that there was snow, then rain which turned to ice and then more snow on top… I’d rather it pick one thing or the other! Quesadillas are a fun weekday meal, and so simple!


    1. I hate when days like that happen!! I was actually surprised there was not ice on the ground this morning since it rained into the night and was below freezing when I left this morning.
      Aren’t they delicious?! I’m definitely going to keep them in mind for the future when I have leftovers of a bunch of stuff.


  3. Rainy days are the worst, but I would definitely take rain over snow. Although, if I can stay inside all day and watch the snow fall, I would do that for sure!


  4. Can I say I prefer none of those? lol The thing is that both of them will prevent me from running.
    I’m also getting tired earlier these days. I’m sure it’s because now I wake up earlier. So by 9:30 pm I am falling asleep wether I want it or not.


  5. You know I’m all about those popsugar fitness videos! They make strength training fun for me 🙂
    I would much rather have snow all day! There’s just something so magical about a fresh snow. Have a great day Maureen!


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