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It’s The Little Wins In Life

Hello and happy Saturday! I have no idea what I’ll be doing today but it’s supposed to rain so I have a feeling I’ll be in doors. Oh well, what can you do. Have a great day 🙂


Friday started off with a yummy breakfast. I had scrambled eggs and an oatmeal muffin with breakfast. The muffins are so good at keeping me full until lunch and I love that I get a little fruit with them since I added strawberries and blueberries to it. Plus the recipe makes 12 so I don’t have to make them for another 2 weeks which is a win in my book.


On my lunch break, I got started on my next book. Before the Fall by Noah Hawley is about a private plane crash that leaves two survivors: Scott Burroughs, a painter, and JJ, a four year old boy and the only survivor from a powerful and wealthy family. It tries to find out what exactly happened on the plane that caused a crash since so many influential people died as a result. Some say it’s an accident while others say foul play is involved. It’s a good read and definitely caught my attention from the start!


My company is awesome in that we get to have 4 hours each quarter that we can use to leave early and it doesn’t count against vacation times. I ended up taking 2 hours last night and was able to get a grocery store trip and 4 recovery miles in before I typically leave work, another win for my Friday! Now 2 hours isn’t a ton but mentally it’s amazing and it’s basically free time to do whatever I want with. After my run I snacked on my last kiwi, pretzels and cashew butter.


When I was at Aldi’s earlier this week to grab cashew butter, I stumbled upon frozen meat that was for Philly cheesesteaks. Cheesesteaks are a go to take out option for Alex and I so I immediately grabbed the box when I saw it. Personally I think they underestimate how much meat should be on a sandwich but otherwise it was extremely easy to cook and tasty. The cheesesteak along with roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts was a solid dinner to kick off the weekend.

Once dinner was all cleaned up, I read a little on the couch while Alex played the guitar. Then we turned on the second half of Field of Dreams. It was definitely enjoyable and I liked it! Once that was done, I headed to bed.

Question of the day: What’s the last little win you had?

6 thoughts on “It’s The Little Wins In Life”

  1. Wow that must be so nice to have that four hours a quarter. It’s like sneaking out early without getting in trouble:). I like even when it’s just ten minutes early!


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