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Where I Find Book Recommendations

Hello friends! On a past post, someone commented about how they were curious on where I find the books I read. If that was you then thank you for the idea! I can’t remember who it is as I type this up.

If you’ve read any of my posts, then it will come as no surprise that I am a big bookworm. Big as in I read 23 books in the first 2 months of the year. I always have a book on me so I can read whenever there’s any downtime. I would conservatively say that I read minimum 1 hour every day. Now some days that doesn’t happen but it’s something I shoot for. Once you factor in that I’m a fast reader, then you realize how I go through books so quickly. This means I’m always on the hunt for book suggestions. Without further ado, here are all of the places I find book recommendations.

People In My Life

My grandma is also a big reader. She’s won her library’s summer reading program the past three summers, which she is very proud of so go grandma! We are constantly texting back and forth with good books we have read. I know that whenever I am at her house, I can grab a book to bring back with me (or read while I’m there) since she has so many. If I don’t leave with an actual book then at a minimum I’ll add about 20 on my to read list. There’s been plenty of times that I’ll go back to my parents house and find a book sitting on my bed with a note with my name in her handwriting on it. To date, none of her recommendations have been wrong. Grandma knows her stuff!

I don’t just get book suggestions from Grandma though. If someone tells me about a book they have read, I’ll note the name and then check it out at home before I add it to my list. I will listen to anyone who has a book suggestion! I’ve gotten some from Alex’s grandma, my mom and her sisters, and Alex’s mom. No shame, one time I asked someone sitting on a flight next to me what book they were reading because the cover looked interesting.


If you read at all and don’t have a Goodreads account then you should open up a new tab and make an account. Then you can add me as a friend and finish reading this post 😉 I adore Goodreads. It allows me to have virtual bookshelves that let me track books I want to read, am currently reading or have read. On the home page, you can see what your friends are currently reading, want to read or have read. Plus it shows top books in certain categories as well as book it thinks you will enjoy. I have found plenty of books through Goodreads that I have enjoyed. When I go to the library, I open up the app and look at books on my to read list which is really helpful.


I know what you’re thinking “Pinterest isn’t just DIYs and food recipes?” While I’m in love with those pins, I also love the book posts as well! I have looked up different genres, books being made in to movies, authors similar to other authors, books similar to shows, whatever it may be and have always found something. Whenever I do this, I always add at least 5 books to my list of ones that I want to read.

Other Bloggers

On the majority of blogs I read, the author will occasionally call out a book that they are reading. If it’s one that sounds interesting I tend to add it to my list if I haven’t read it all ready. By seeing books on blogs, they tend to be shared if the person enjoyed them and thinks others would like it. Plus I can see what the person thought of it as well which is helpful.

Walking Around The Library

While I tend to go into the library with a list of books that I want to get, sometimes I’ll just wander around and see what I spot. Sometimes these books turn out to be some of the best books that I’ve read. Both my library here as well as the one I went to growing up have book club sections. I highly recommend checking out for a section like this at your local library!

Novels By Authors I Know I Like

When I’m in need of a good book but have been in a slump of finding good ones or ones that really grab my attention, I turn to authors that I know I like. There are some authors that you know write a great story and are a great fall back option. For me these include Harlan Coben, Jennifer Chiaverini, Sandra Brown and a few others. I know I can grab a book by any of them for a good read.

Question of the day: What’s one way you find book suggestions?

18 thoughts on “Where I Find Book Recommendations”

  1. I so couldn’t live without my Goodreads. I use it at the library to check whether I’ve read a book or not:)
    I never thought of using Pinterest for book ideas though! This might be scary!


  2. It’s so great you can share a passion with your grandmother! I get most of the book recommendation from other bloggers when they review a novel. Before I started blogging I depended on Goodreads and looking at other people’s readlists 😉


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