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Nor’easter Means No Run

Hello friends! I’m looking forward to today. Mostly because the crazy nor’easter we got yesterday is gone. Now I won’t have to worry about blowing over when the wind gusts happen. They were crazy yesterday! On my drive home from work, my car was getting blown around the gusts were so strong. Luckily that’s over for the day and my 8 mile run. Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


On Friday mornings, I always find myself with a little pep in my step. It’s the last day of work for the weekend and then I don’t need to wake up early. For breakfast, I grabbed a muffin and ate it with some scrambled eggs. It’s alarming how quickly Alex and I go through eggs you guys. At least they’re healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

At work, I kept looking out the window to see how the nor’easter was progressing. It started snowing and the flakes were blowing all over in the wind. Thankfully I brought my lunch and got to read my book during lunch. The weirdest thing happened towards the end of the day. The storm was so strong it made the power in the million square foot warehouse flicker! The internet ended up going out for almost 10 minutes which is crazy.

When I had checked the weather earlier in the day, it said the storm would most likely be over by the time I got out of work. Well that didn’t end up being the case. I debated about running but staying close to the apartment. Then my car started to move over because of the strong wind gusts and at the two traffic lights near home police officers had to direct traffic since they were out. That was enough to convince me running was a bad idea. I got a quick 15 minute arms and core workout in though so I did something.


After changing out of my workout clothes, I got comfy on the couch to keep readingย I See Youย by Clare Mackintosh. I started it a few days earlier and really enjoyed it. The last page gave me chills!! Such a good read if you like paranoia type thrillers.


For dinner, Alex and I enjoyed chicken rice and chicken in bowls on the couch. Why the couch you ask? So we could enjoy the fire and watch a documentary. Earlier in the week, we watched the first episode in the document series calledย The Roosevelts: An Intimate History. Last night we turned on episode two and it was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Question of the day: What was your dinner last night?

24 thoughts on “Nor’easter Means No Run”

  1. The weather got in the way of my running this week too! We had 40mph winds yesterday all the way down here from that! Going to buy a new treadmill today – lol! That probably means it will be sunny and perfect for running outside for a month- haha!


  2. that storm was crazy. we had some wind out here, but we are far enough off the coastline that we didn’t get as severe as so many of the coastal cities and towns. I guess that is one benefit of being in a landlocked state. glad you survived.


  3. Chicken livers with rice and beans and sliced avocado.

    I went for a run yesterday morning and ugh! When I ran east, I was running with the wind and it was great . . but on the flip side? Awful!


  4. Yikes, that wind sounds scary, good call staying in. I am with you on the eggs. We easy go through 1-2 dozen a week. I will have to look for that book, I love those type of thrillers.


  5. The wind was nuts for the last 2 days here in Boston! I live near the edge of the city where there a lot of march lands, and they were totally full- if it had rained for an hour more than it did, we would have gotten such bad flooding.


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