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Long Runs And Cocktails

Hello! How was your Saturday? Mine was pretty good to be honest! I have nothing on the agenda for today aside from a Target run. Let’s be real though, the Target run will last me a solid hour at a minimum. I’m not complaining though. Have a great day 🙂


I got up and at em’ in the morning to crank out my long run. The run was a little intimidating to be honest. It was a 10 mile lactate threshold which is definitely the longest speed work I’ve done to date. After a 2 mile warm up, I had 2 x 5 minute at 8:45-8:55 pace (8:40, 8:39 actual pace), 3 x 3 minute at 8:30-8:45 pace (8:27, 8:29, 8:23 actual pace), 4 x 2 minute at 8-8:15 pace (7:55, 7:54, 8:04, 7:59 actual pace) and 6 x 1 minute sprints (7:06, 7:09, 7:40, 7:30, 8:02, 7:33 actual paces). I cooled down to 10 miles and my legs were dead after but I got my circuit training done. When I was inputting my times to the computer, I realized my average pace was a second faster than the pace I ran at my 10 race in October. That’s crazy to me!! I love seeing progress 🙂

Teddy's Grilled Cheese

Alex and I originally planned on grabbing breakfast sandwiches but the place was closed because of the storm earlier in the week 😦 Luckily his mom told us when we stopped by to drop off the shovels they loaned us to dig out our cars. We ended up going to our favorite diner. Even though it wasn’t lunch we both got grilled cheese. Post 10 mile run it was an amazing meal.


We got home and I took an epsom salt bath then showered before heading to the grocery store. It ended up being a quick trip which was perfectly okay with me. I read on the couch for a while before my stomach told me it was time to eat again. I quickly threw together a tortilla pizza and had it with celery and hummus. Alex and I watched an episode of The Office while I ate then I read the rest of the afternoon.


Alex’s parents invited us over for dinner so we headed there for a while. His dad made me a cosmopolitan which was a fun cocktail to sip on after an active day. We had tacos for dinner which were delicious! When we got home, I sipped on a beer while reading more of My Cousin Rachel.

Question of the day: What was Saturday’s workout?

10 thoughts on “Long Runs And Cocktails”

  1. I Miss Target!!
    My Saturday workout was a slow, thirty minute trail run and I guess I’m still not healthy as it seems to have made me sick again:( grrr! I’m living vicariously through your runs!


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