Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions IX

Happy Friday! I’m happy that the weekend is finally here. My work schedule was a little off at the beginning of the week which makes me feel like everything is out of whack. Luckily the weekend is almost here so we are cruising right along with that. Before the weekend officially starts, I wanted to share a few things I’ve been obsessing with this week. Have a great day 🙂

Found Tonight

Oh my goodness this song is amazing. Lin Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind Hamilton, and Ben Platt, the original Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen, teamed up for this month’s Hamildrop. For those that don’t know, Hamildrop is something Lin is doing each month by mashing up certain songs from Hamilton and elsewhere. The past ones have been good but putting together The Story of Tonight from Hamilton and You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen is absolutely beautiful. I’ve listened to this song approximately 300 times since it dropped on Monday. I may or may not already know all of the words and switch off which part I sing in the car…

Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Tea


A pro of renting an Airbnb for Allison’s bachelorette party was being able to buy groceries and save some money on eating out. That also meant having leftovers which was quite literally auctioned off on Sunday morning. Someone called out a food option and then people yelled if they wanted it haha. I ended up taking a few things home and one of these was this cinnamon stick tea. In the mornings, I just drink typical Lipton tea but this has been such a welcome change! It’s a black tea with some cinnamon flavor to it. The flavor isn’t overpowering or spicy so it’s been really nice to sip on at work in the morning.

Business Wars


I saw someone post in their Instagram story about this podcast a month or so ago and never pulled the trigger on listening until this past week. The show tells the story of businesses that went head to head. Each little series is 6 episodes plus a 7th that interviews someone who knows about it. The first was about Netflix, Blockbuster and HBO which was extremely interesting. Did you realize you would drive to Blockbuster to rent movies just 10 years ago? It seemed way longer to me! Then it tells the story of Adidas and Nike. What I had no idea over was that Adidas used to have the top spot in the US until Michael Jordan and Nike teamed up. It’s really interesting and I learned a bunch of random fun facts throughout. I highly recommend if you find about how businesses went from nothing to the top dog interesting.



Nuun is something I’ve seen for a while now on both Instagram and other blogs. It’s an electrolyte drink that is much healthier than typical sports drinks. I decided to buy a tube to try it out and then I stumbled upon it at Target (for a dollar cheaper than Nuun’s website too). I grabbed a tube of the Wild Berry which has some caffeine in it as well. Once I tried that I was hooked and went back for another tube in the Strawberry Lemonade flavor. You put a tab into 16 ounces of water and then it fizzes to release the flavor and electrolytes. It’s delicious and I highly recommend if you’re a runner. Especially now as it approaches summer I think we could all benefit from it since we’ll be sweating more day to day.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessing with this week?

25 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions IX”

  1. Ok I want that tea, the podcast sounds so interesting I may actually try out a podcast for the first time (as soon as I figure out how to do that), and I was just looking at the Nuun website yesterday, but maybe I’ll see if Walmart is cheaper first:). Thanks for the post:)


      1. I tried a lot of the Nuun at the gf expo and really liked it. I definitely need something to perk up my water right now to get me to drink more!
        I like cinnamon all year so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it:)


  2. Richard listens to pod casts all the time, I don’t very often, but when I do I always enjoy them. I wonder if he has heard of this one. I remember going to blockbusters and being so excited to find movies to rent, just make sure you rewind it before returning it. When I saw that tube of Nuun it reminded me of airborne tubes. It sounds interesting to try


    1. It’s so funny you mention the part about rewinding. The library I grew up going to had stickers on VCRs that said “Be kind and rewind!” and it reminded me of that haha. Crazy that some children don’t even know what a VCR is. Nuun is really cool and I like the flavor it gives to water.


  3. Oh my goodness yes I remember Blockbuster- I actually could walk there from my house! Oh the memories! I love that brand of tea. I haven’t tried the cinnamon but it looks super tasty.


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