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Sunday In Pictures Vol. 24

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend. I’m checking in today feeling refreshed and relaxed. It’s crazy to me that it’s the last week of March already. The year is seriously flying by y’all. Have a great day πŸ™‚


A breakfast sandwich to start the morning. I switched it up and got a roll instead of a bagel but kept my classic bacon, egg and cheese with salt, pepper and hot sauce.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the grocery store wasn’t insane on a Sunday morning.


Started a new book from Alex’s mom.Β A Piece of the WorldΒ by Christina Baker Kline was one I hadn’t heard of until his mom mentioned it a few weeks ago.


Lunch was another lettuce wrap sandwich.


Another batch of oatmeal muffins to have with breakfast.


A spoon of peanut butter is a great afternoon snack.


A cocktail to start the evening. I had a business (vodka, cranberry juice, water and ice) nothing too crazy for a Sunday.


A Philly cheesesteak and fries for dinner followed by an episode of Billions.


Finished the book! It was a really good read and I also suggestΒ Orphan TrainΒ by her as well.

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

26 thoughts on “Sunday In Pictures Vol. 24”

  1. YUM that breakfast sandwich looks absolutely delicious. We have a bagel shop around here called Bodo’s and I could eat an everything bagel everyday…hope you have a great start to your week!


  2. It’s my routine to grocery shop after my run on Sunday morning and it always seems to be a nice quiet time:)
    I can’t believe you finished the book in a day! It must have been goodπŸ˜‚


  3. I’m reading that book right now. I didn’t finish it in one day, but I’m about half way through. it is a good read. I went to the grocery store this morning. I try to avoid it on the weekends, but maybe if I went there early enough it wouldn’t be so crazy busy. hope you enjoyed your Monday


    1. You’ll have to tell me your thoughts on it! If you like this, I definitely recommend “Orphan Train” by her. I’m thinking it was early enough that there were no crowds. Hope your Monday is going well!


  4. i like the spoonful of PB snack –> super yummy and a great way to get some extra protein too! joel used to eat spoonfuls of PB back in college, and it always reminds me of that time πŸ™‚


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