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April Snow Showers

Hi friends! I hope you had a nice Monday and things weren’t too bad after the holiday. Thank you all for the congratulations and well wishes on Bailey yesterday! I’m trying to stay sane and keep the dog pictures to a minimum since I could overload y’all haha. For those interested, I’ll have a more detailed post up about how it all happened tomorrow. Have a great day πŸ™‚


When I woke up yesterday and saw snow on the weather forecast, I thought it was a late April Fools joke. It wasn’t 😦 If someone can make a call to Mother Nature to let her know that it’s supposed to be raining in April and not snowing that would be awesome. I will say though, the one cute thing was that Bailey got to trot around. She wasn’t too sure about snow but she did learn that she could eat it which was super exciting in her world.

I came home at lunch while we teach Bailey that when mom comes home in the middle of the day it’s time to eat and go to the bathroom. I will say, it was nice to see that the snow had stopped and was almost all melted. Granted it was cold but at least the snow stopped. As shocking as this may be, I’m still working on my book from last week. I haven’t read since Friday during lunch which is crazy.


After work, I headed out for my run. My workout called for an interval set with varying distances. It started with a mile, then 400m followed by half a mile. I repeated that twice with a 3 minute walk in between each interval. It went really well which made me happy since I wasn’t too sure when I saw it on the schedule. The total for the day was slightly over 6 miles and it was a good way to start out the week.


Once I was all showered and Bailey went out, I worked on dinner. We had tacos with salsa verde honey lime chicken from the crock pot. Highly recommend this recipe! I topped my tacos with salsa, black beans, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. It hit the spot since I had been wanting tacos since Saturday!

When dinner was all cleaned up, we sat in front of the fire. Yes it’s April and we had a fire. It was cold you guys! I don’t know if the feels like ever went about 40 for the day. I typed up this post while we hung out and then ended the night while chatting away with Alex. For a quick treat, I grabbed a handful of Starburst jelly beans to enjoy. They hit the spot and then I headed to bed and don’t think I moved an inch once I fell asleep.

Question of the day: Is it actual spring weather by you? If so, I’m jealous!

24 thoughts on “April Snow Showers”

  1. We had cold weather yesterday- not as cold as you but it was in the 50’s! Wasn’t expecting that! Keep the pics coming of Bailey- I love dog pics!!! Also, the taco recipe looks so good and starburst jellybeans are amazing!!


    1. 50s would be amazing now! I would be out in shorts and a tshirt for runs lol. Girl my phone has so many pictures of her and we got her Friday. Who knows how I’ll be when it’s a human baby and not a puppy in our family haha.


  2. we woke up to snow on Monday and today it has rained ALL day! I don’t mind dog pictures, its the same as me posting pictures of my sons (wait are people sick of those?) enjoy getting into a new routine with your little lady


  3. How is Bailey settling in?! House training? Sleeping schedule? It’s so nice that you can come home to eat lunch! That was one of our biggest struggles when we brought Kimber home!


    1. She’s settling in well thank goodness! She didn’t eat for about 18 hours when we first got her home since she wasn’t sure what was happening. Then today at lunch she was bouncing off the walls and trying to eat from her bowl while I was putting it on the ground. She sleeps through the night which is AMAZING! We’re super fortunate that I’m so close so going home to feed Bailey and let her out isn’t an issue.


  4. I have had my fireplace on so much lately! Today its cold and rainy. I was actually thinking that if its gonna be cold I might just prefer snow to rain. But really I’d just like some warm sunshine!


  5. Oh man, snow! When will it end?! It is finally starting to feel like spring here, even getting up to the 60’s this week. I hope you get some nicer weather soon.


  6. In my opinion, you could never post too many dog picture or talk about Bailey too much! Just sayin’ πŸ™‚

    I feel ya on just wanting spring weather to start and stay!! I am beyond sick of the snow and cold! At least Bailey got to trot around in it a bit! I can’t wait to check out the crock pot recipe and now I want Starburst jelly beans!!


    1. I just don’t want it to become Bailey’s blog lol.

      Girl I’m so over snow and we may get more tomorrow. It’s April get it together Mother Nature hahah. I highly recommend the chicken – delicious! Definitely try to find a bag of the jelly beans for yourself.


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