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Dinner With Grandma & Grandpa

Hi friends! How are you doing today? I’m having a pretty good week but I have to admit I’m pretty ready for the weekend. The weather looks like it could be gross (don’t get me started on the potential for snow…). Considering I wore gloves to keep my hands warm on the drive today, I’m ready for warm sun. Let’s backup to yesterday though before we fast forward to the weekend.


Wednesday started out early. Since Alex was working from home, I hopped in the shower while he took Bailey out. Once I was done we switched. Let me tell you, trying to get dressed without stepping on a curious pup is not easy! I kept having to look around my feet to see where she was. After successfully dressing and no puppy injuries, we headed to get breakfast going. Bailey isn’t too sure on what happens in the kitchen if we’re walking around so she just sat in the living room to watch me cook. The eggs were scrambled in no time and I was ready to eat.


At work, I felt like I was just running around all day. I work on all car parts that come from Europe while my counterpart in Michigan controls packaging for parts from Mexico and American suppliers. There’s been an issue with one of her parts so I have been helping get packaging ready to send out to other warehouses across the US and Canada. You guys…I put in work! I was packing boxes with the necessary materials and twisted my hair on top of my head. By the end, it was coming undone and was on the side of my head. I looked crazy haha.

After work, Alex and I took Bailey to the vet. We didn’t both need to go but we had some questions and since Alex’s family has been going to that particular vet for years it just made sense. Bailey passed with flying colors and did so well with her shots! Now we’re up to date on vaccines and have rabies taken care of. Alex and I dropped her off at the apartment then headed to pick up my grandparents from the hotel they were staying at.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma called me to see if Alex and I would be free for dinner with them. They were driving home from Florida (they live in Indiana but spend January – March in Florida) and were thinking of stopping in New Jersey. I didn’t hesitate and said we’d love to get dinner. Yesterday was the night! We picked them up and drove to downtown Princeton. They had never seen the Princeton University so we drove them around (it was SO windy that walking would not have been fun) and Alex told them fun facts about the school.


Once the quick tour was over, we were lucky enough to find a parking spot right outside Winberie’s where we were going for dinner. Alex and I went a month or so ago on a date night and I was excited to go back. We all ended up making our dinner decisions really quick which was nice so we could chat instead of staring at the menus. For dinner, I ordered the smokehouse brisket platter that included beef brisket, mac & cheese, Texas toast and chipotle barbecue sauce. It did not disappoint! I ate everything and it was all delicious.


While the boys were talking my Grandma told me how she’s supposed to stay away from sugar. Then she opened the dessert menu and decided on creme brulee. Since she got dessert then I got dessert. Alex and I split a creme brulee and it was amazing. The caramelized sugar was the perfect thickness. It was so nice to be able to catch up with them and we all had a lot of fun.

Once the bill was paid, we chatted a bit more before taking a picture. We dropped them back off at the hotel then headed home. Bailey was so excited to see us. Seriously it melts my heart when she realizes we came back. I don’t think she’s realized that we will always come back yet haha. Alex and I hung out on the couch and naturally I fell asleep. When I woke up I headed right to bed and was probably asleep within 2 minutes of laying down.

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17 thoughts on “Dinner With Grandma & Grandpa”

  1. I’m glad you had a nice meal with your grandparents. That’s hilarious about your grandma ordering dessert after saying she needs to stay away from sugar – mine does the same thing!

    Yay for Bailey passing with flying colors. πŸ™‚



  2. it’s always funny to see how hair tossed up in a quick knot/bun ends up when you are moving around a lot. I love that you took a selfie to share this moment. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your grandparents that meal sounded yummy. hope your weekend isn’t full of snow. I’m so over winter, yes I know it’s spring but it certainly doesn’t feel like it


    1. It was crazy! One of the guys came up to me today and said he knew I meant business because I put my hair up lol. It was such a fun and low key night with them. Supposedly the snow isn’t coming but who knows. I totally agree, spring weather is no where to be seen or felt right now.


  3. Sounds like a hectic day! I always find that if I’m constantly moving, the day goes by so much faster..
    Kimber goes nuts when we get home…I call it getting the “wiggles” – her tail is going a mile a minute!


  4. Glad Bailey passed the vet with flying colours:) It’s great you got time with your grandparents! Don’t worry – that’s what I look like every day after dealing with 21 children! LOL


    1. Me too! I was a tad nervous something would be wrong but she’s healthy πŸ™‚
      It was a great treat for mid week! Hahah that’s too funny! One of the warehouse guys told me that he knew I meant business because I put my hair up when I was packing the boxes haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love that Bailey gets so happy when you two come home! I bet that is just the sweetest!

    It sounds like you guys had such a lovely evening with your grandparents! The picture of you four is so sweet and your dinner and dessert sound so delish!


    1. It’s my favorite when I open her crate so she can run around or when I walk in the door and she runs over πŸ™‚

      Both dinner and dessert would so good! Definitely made some good meal choices.


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