Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XI

Happy Friday! It’s been one of those weeks where it feels like I haven’t had a chance to relax so I’m ready for the weekend. I’m in denial that it could snow tomorrow but otherwise I’m ready for the weekend. Before work ends for the week, I wanted to check in and share a few things that I’ve been obsessed with this week. Have a great day πŸ™‚

Open PTO Article

While browsing my homepage on LinkedIn, I came across this article. It goes into the benefits or open paid time off for employees. Open PTO is allowing employees to take off as much time as they want for vacation and sick days. The articles describes the benefits and that it leads to people being more productive since they aren’t overworked. I think companies will very slowly start to adopt this idea. It definitely makes you think about why the United States has some of the lowest vacation time around and there’s actually no guarantee that employees get any paid time off.

Gel Bead Ice Pack


This week, my knee has been feeling weird. Since my half marathon is in 9 days(!) I want to be as preventative as possible with it. Enter my ice pack. This one specifically was in the bag from a fundraising run my parents did. This thing is awesome! It stays cold for a while and since it’s made of gel beads, I can contort it to fit my knee. Once it’s put back in the freezer it gets cold so quickly. I actually brought it to work and left it in the kitchen freezer to use throughout the work day. Since this one was a freebie, I found this 2 pack on Amazon that looks very similar.

Starburst Jellybeans


The Easter bunny killed it this year by bringing these jelly beans to us. Since I was a little kid, I have only liked Starburst jellybeans. Normal jellybeans are just eh but I’m in love with this kind. I have had a small handful a few nights this week after dinner and I’m enjoying each and every bean.


Bailey On Grass

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone. How could you not love your new puppy?

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

24 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XI”

  1. Love the open PTO. I’m much more productive when I have mental health days or just flexibility to have a LIFE outside of work. I’ve been completely OBSESSED with Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye this week. His pod Getting Curious is amazing. I’ve also been obsessed with Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and Good Girls. Mae Whitman + Retta = life. – Kaitlyn | http://www.poweredbysass.com


    1. I think more companies should offer it. My older brother’s company does and there’s just an understanding that PTO is not taken during the two busiest weeks of the year. It makes so much more sense to randomly take a day off just to get a break! I keep seeing you love on Queer Eye so I’ll have to check it out! Retta is hilarious and I need to watch Good Girls too.


  2. I recently tried starburst jelly beans for the first time last weekend and I am in love with them! It’s been so hard to not buy 100 bags – self control haha.
    Hope nothing is seriously wrong with your knee, can’t wait for your half!!


  3. Bailey is so cute! I will have to check out open PTO, it has always bugged me how little time you get in the US. I have been super into these online Barre workouts this week, I have been doing a free trial of Physique 57 and they are so challenging.


    1. It’s crazy to me how there’s no guaranteed PTO which I learned in the article. Something tells me more companies will start doing PTO as Baby Boomers leave the work force and Millenials and Generation Z starts to enter. I think some companies are starting to realize it. Online barre sounds intense. I’ll have to look into that.


  4. Open PTO sounds like an amazing concept! My husband has, I think, about three weeks of PTO a year, but he works at a school and they force him to use it when the kids are off for holidays. :/ Still, it’s SO much better than his last job! His boss wouldn’t even let him take lunch breaks, and would try to make him feel like he should be grateful when he took an hour for a doctor’s appointment or something necessary every once in a while. Basically acting like he *shouldn’t* have any life other than work, always saying things like, “You’re young, you don’t need to go to the doctor/you don’t need to take care of that,” etc. Even told us we didn’t *need* a two-week honeymoon and that it was just ridiculous to ask for it. (Yes, ridiculous for a once-in-your-life event??) And for other things being like, “can’t your wife do that?” even if it was like taking the car to the mechanic. Can’t drive back without a car, lol. Some bosses are so manipulative with their employees’ hours!


    1. 3 weeks is really good for PTO! Although it does stink they make him use it when the kids are off.

      That’s ridiculous. According to another article I read, depending on state’s labor laws a company doesn’t have to offer lunch breaks. I don’t remember exactly what it said but it was something along those lines I believe. His old boss sounds crazy!! I had a dentist appointment earlier this week and have to go back in two and my boss had no issue with it. As long as your work is getting done and you don’t always have “appointments” on Friday afternoons then let employees take an hour or two.

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      1. His old boss definitely was crazy, lol. That boss just didn’t want to put in any work himself, or hire any other employees, while also refusing to lose even a minute of business even for a lunch break. At least that job is in the past now!!


  5. Open PTO would be awesome but would probably not fare well working in a school district!
    Starburst Jelly beans are the best!!!!


  6. That article about PTO is interesting. I actually get alot of leave time but I don’t use it very often. Its more about the guilt of taking days off work. I think Ive accrued something like 9 weeks of annual leave and 18 weeks of sick time since I’ve been working there for 9 years.


    1. That’s crazy!! It’s awesome you are able to accrue so much. The article even talked about how some people won’t take vacation out of guilt. I’m a fan of you’re given the time so you should use it.


  7. my husband has unlimited PTO, but they are finding that people still don’t use it for the most part. there are some that take advantage of it and others who feel guilty using it. I think a lot is the mentality of the country and the need to show that you are excelling in your job. the need to show you are working the hardest/longest/fastest whatever in order to advance. I think if it became more of a norm, then the feelings behind it would change, but as of now….

    I hope your knee feels better, that is a joint to not mess with too much, I know this from experience. if it isn’t quite right and you try to use it too much you will mess with your hip and ankle, as well as you other leg. I highly recommend getting it check out if it doesn’t heal soon


    1. My brother’s company offers it and there’s just the understanding that you can’t use it during the two busy weeks in the year. Which I think is completely fair! Overall, I think the mentality of employees is that you shouldn’t take time off and I disagree with that. Burn out is real. I’m grateful my company has early out hours because mentally I need it some weeks. Unlimited PTO is something that should be implemented in more companies and I think as upper management is replaced with Millenials and in more years, Generation Z, it will become more normal. Or at least the amount of PTO given will increase.

      Thanks for the well wishes! It’s feel better but I played it safe and took another rest day this morning. Granted I want to run but I know one more day off is better than pain.


  8. The PTO article sounds fascinating! I need to check it out! I always think about maternity/paternity leave in the US vs. other countries and it’s just crazy with how little the US offers, sadly! Some companies are great with that (Apple, Google, Starbucks), but not every business!

    I hope your knee feels better and that it stays healthy for your half!!

    The picture of Bailey had ME obsessed with her! Gosh, she is adorable!


    1. It really is insane!! I think it’s slowly growing at companies as more millenials start families and what not but still not wide spread. We needed younger management to change that more in my opinion.

      Me too! It’s been feeling good the past few days and I can’t wait to run.

      Girl I’m OBSESSED with Bailey!! I feel like a mom with how many pictures I take hahah. I told Alex that I’ll need help with a human baby if this is how I am with a fur baby.

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