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Monday Runday

Hello friends! How was your Monday? It is slowly warming up here in New Jersey and I really hope it stays warm but who knows what will happen. Hopefully the weather is nice and warm by you though! Have a great day πŸ™‚


I woke up so tired yesterday! I kept snoozing my alarm and woke up late. Luckily I planned on going into work late anyways since I had a meeting that went over my normal hours anyways so it was all good. Guys I have to tell you that I will no longer be eating oatmeal muffins this week. I thought I had enough for another batch last week and I was short oats. About 2 cups short so oops! Have no fear,Β  I opted for peanut butter and chia seed toast instead. If you’ve never had chia seeds on pb toast then you need to try it. So good!

Alex needs to be in the city all week so I’ve got midday Bailey duty. Not that I’ll complain though! Lunches have looked pretty different since getting Bailey. I’ve gotten mid day puppy cuddles and she got to run around for a while. It’s a win for everyone!


After work I got to run for the first time in a week! Granted no one was forcing me to not run and it was a personal choice since I felt like it was better to take an extra rest day or 6 instead of push myself. My workout consisted of a mile warm up, 5 x 3 min hard with 2 minute recovery jog and a mile cool down. It was the final workout of my half marathon training and it was the perfect boost before the race. 4.74 miles total for the day at 9:25 average pace.

Shredded Chicken Burrito Bowl

For dinner we had spicy crockpot chicken and used it to make burrito bowls. Yes we did have Mexican for lunch Saturday but you can never have enough Mexican food in our opinion. My bowl included brown rice, chicken, black beans, cheese, lettuce, a little sour cream and a big scoop of salsa. Such an easy dinner for a weeknight.

To end our night, we finished the rest of Good Morning, Vietnam. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this movie but it’s funny. One of Robin Williams best in my opinion. When it was over, I read a few more chapters in The Fountainhead. Once my eyes were getting heavy and I found myself rereading sentences to get it, I decided to head off to bed.

Question of the day: What was your workout yesterday?

27 thoughts on “Monday Runday”

  1. That’s right, you can never have too much Mexican food! Your bowl looks delicious.

    My workout yesterday was straight from Youtube. I did a 20 minute power walk video and then a 10 minute barre inspired workout!


  2. YUM–That crockpot meal looks so delicious! I need to add burritio bowls to our weekly meal plan! Those sound super good!

    I’m so excited it’s finally warming up for you guys!! It’s been cold down here in Arkansas the past few days, but I think a warm up is heading our way again soon!

    I got in a 4 mile walk yesterday after work and it was fabulous!!

    Have a great Tuesday Maureen!!


    1. It’s so yummy! I just put a chicken breasts, chicken broth, minced garlic and a bunch of different spices in to make it. So easy and the crockpot does all the work during the day πŸ™‚

      This weekend (well Friday and Saturday) are supposed to be warm and sunny so I can’t wait!! Hopefully it stays that way.

      A 4 mile walk sounds fabulous! I can’t wait until Bailey is big enough to go on long walks (i.e when she gets how a leash works) so we can do that.

      Hope you have a wonderful day Chelsea!


  3. Aww, lunchtime Bailey duty! Love that. And now I am wanting to try peanut butter toast with chia! You’re making me want to get out my crock pot, too! Love those types of dinners πŸ™‚

    The weather is slowly warming up here, and it will be in the 70s by Saturday!! I’m glad your run went well! My workout was prenatal yoga!


    1. Someone has to let her out and feed her haha. So far it works with our schedule so no complaints on that! Definitely try out both crock pot chicken since it’s so dang easy and pb toast with chia seeds. Alex tried the toast yesterday and enjoyed it. He’s not a huge “trendy” health food person (not that I am either) and he liked it.

      That’s awesome! I can’t wait for warm weather Allie. Hope you enjoyed yoga!

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      1. Let me know your thoughts on the workout πŸ™‚
        Yeah I am! Still a little nervous for the weather though. It’s a 70% chance of rain which doesn’t bother me a ton but I just don’t want it to thunder.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh ya we supposedly had a horrible thunderstorm last night, but I slept through it. I wouldn’t want to run in that though!


      3. If I’m sleeping I love a good thunderstorm! I don’t mind running in rain, I actually did a fair amount of training runs in the rain but thunder worries me. I don’t want them to cancel it or something.

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      4. I like running in rain as long as I have a hat on as it keeps me cool, but I’m worried of getting hit by lightning!


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