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A Little Family Walk

It’s Thursday so which is the day before Friday so it’s basically the weekend, right? I’m ready for the weekend and have been exhausted this week you guys. I’ve either fallen asleep on the couch or been asleep in bed before 10 pm every night this week. I would say my half marathon really took it out of me but Alex has been feeling the same way too so we’ll just blame in it on Bailey 😉


I woke up yesterday and slowly made my way out of bed. While Alex showered, I took Bailey out, fed her then we played a bit until I got ready for work. Once I was showered and dressed, I quickly scrambled some eggs for breakfast.


Work was pretty uneventful but I was busy all day so it flew by. I felt like it was 7:30 am and then next thing I know it was time to go for the day. I wasn’t going to complain though. After work, I changed and headed out for a run. I had 4 easy miles on the agenda and felt really good! In all honesty, I probably could have run on Tuesday but decided to give myself an extra day of rest. First run post half was a success!


The weather was actually really nice even though it was only in the 50s. Alex and I decided to take a little family walk to spend time outside in the sun. Bailey was loving it and had a ton of fun running around. We even walked by our complex’s park and she did so good around all the kids and few adults that were there.


We got home, and went onto the patio for a bit to chat about our days. Once we got hungry, we went inside to work on dinner. I chopped up the broccoli to roast while Alex shaped the burgers. When I flipped the broccoli halfway through, I also threw some fries into the oven. We threw everything together and had a good dinner.


Once everything was cleaned up, we got on the couch to finish a comedy special on Netflix. We started Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way on Wednesday night and ended up not finishing it. Personally I think he’s funny but be warned that he does curse so if you don’t like that then I wouldn’t watch him. For dessert, I snacked on a banana chocolate chip muffin.

Question of the day: How do you enjoy nice spring weather?

30 thoughts on “A Little Family Walk”

  1. I have been SUPER exhausted this week as well but I have no clue why! I need to wake up, though, so I can take advantage of this weather. I love to either go for a run or play outside with my nephew when it’s this nice out.


    1. I’m starting to wonder if it has something to do with the weather! That’s the only thing that has really changed for me. Playing outside with your nephew sounds like such a fun way to enjoy nice weather!


  2. it was nice here yesterday too. we went out for a walk after dinner. it was in the 50s and sunny. right now it’s snowing again. I swear this yo-yo weather is what is wearing me out. it’s crazy. hope you have a great Friday Eve


    1. The back and forth with the weather is driving me nuts! I’m just trying to soak up any and all of the good weather that I can right now. Spring has been so weird this year. Thanks, enjoy your day!


  3. I’m glad your first post-half run was a success! Don’t you just love when work days fly by?! I am ready for the weekend! Your dinner and dessert sound and look great! I can’t wait to grill more as it warms up. We did a little family walk on Wednesday night, too! We took the dogs because it was sunny and in the 50s (like for you guys!) and it didn’t feel so frigid for once lol!


    1. Me too! It was slow but I felt good so that’s a positive sign.
      If the work day flies by I’m in a much better mood for whatever reason haha. We can’t have a grill so enjoy grilling! A George foreman is not the same as a real grill. I love that it’s staying above frigid temps finally..at least I hope it’s staying that way.


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