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We’re Semi Adults

Hello and happy Saturday! Today is supposed to be 60 degrees and I can’t wait to sit outside later to enjoy it. I hope you have a great day 🙂


Friday started out like any other day this week. We woke up, played with Bailey a little and then made scrambled eggs for breakfast. I’m the biggest creature of habit when it comes to breakfast as you can see.

The strangest thing happened at work yesterday when the power completely shut off for about 10ish minutes. There’s back up generators but they didn’t kick back on like they have during some storms. Even the warehouse across the street lost power. So strange! It came back on but it was so weird although I can’t say my coworker and I weren’t hoping it meant we could work from home the second half of the day.


After work, I came home to change and then headed out for my run. I did 4 semi fast easy miles and some 100m strides at the end. I felt so good on all of it. Getting a tiny bit of speed into my legs felt good after the half. When I got home and tried to stretch, a furry friend decided that sitting on top of mom would be much more fun.


We ran out of the training treats we’ve been using with Bailey and needed a few other items so Alex and I headed to PetCo and Target. By the time we left PetCo I told Alex I was getting hungry and he joking said “let’s just go to KFC” since it was right across the street near the Target. After a quick Target run, we actually ended up at KFC. Honestly, I can’t say I hated it because I said earlier in the day that I was in a slump with our meals.

While eating dinner we were talking about a few different movies and said we should watch them soon. One of those was Ice Age and it was on HBO. So being the good adults we are, we got home and watched Ice Age before going to bed. Not only did we get fast food but we watched a 16 year old children’s movie last night. I know – we’re two wild people 😉

Question of the day: What was the last semi adult thing you did?

2 thoughts on “We’re Semi Adults”

    1. Thanks girl! I was happy to feel good on the run too. Sometimes simple nights are the best one. And if those simple nights involve no cooking and a funny movie then I really can’t complain.


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