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Spring Cleaning Day 1

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. The weather here has been awesome since it’s sunny and 60! Is spring here for good? I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it is. Have a great day 🙂


Saturday started out with a 5 mile run. While running, I thought it was interesting how 3 weeks ago my long run was 14 miles and yesterday it was 5. That’s the funny thing about running. You can go from double digit miles to single digit miles (and vice versa) as a long run in just weeks. Overall it was a solid run and I had a 9:39 average mile pace. I tried to keep it between 9:45 and 10:15 minutes paces but apparently my legs wanted something a little faster and that’s okay.


When I got home, Bailey greeted me with lots of kisses while stretching. I think it’s time I start stretching outside so a puppy isn’t sitting on my lap while I attempt to stretch haha. I showered and got ready before making breakfast. We had a bagel in the freezer so I took half out and did a little open face egg and cheese sandwich. SO GOOD! I will definitely be doing this more since it’s incredibly easy and oh so tasty.


I headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week and then came home to get down and dirty. A few weeks ago, Alex and I said that since we’re staying in our apartment another year then let’s do a deep clean. Spring cleaning day 1 was yesterday. We started with the bedroom and worked together to tick everything off of the list. When I say deep clean, I mean it. We scrubbed the inside of the medicine cabinets. I’m not sure about you guys but that is an area that gets neglected when I clean the bathroom. Bailey was super helpful for us and took a little nap on some curtains that were waiting to be cleaned.


Once the bathroom was done, we started on the bedroom. Even though we were getting hungry we powered through to finish. Alex vacuumed and I made sandwiches for us. I put white American cheese, salami, ham, mustard and lettuce on mine then paired it with some carrots, celery and pretzels in hummus. The perfect lunch to enjoy in between cleaning.


Since the weather was so nice, we decided to clean out the outdoor storage closet since we were on a roll. AKA the place where we out everything we don’t really know what to do with it. Alex took everything out while I consolidated containers and got rid of things we don’t need anymore. We even created space for to store our new patio furniture which was awesome. Afterwards, we sat outside and enjoyed a beer while we relaxed from a full day of cleaning.


When the sun set we headed inside to get dinner going. I roasted brussel sprouts and made mashed potatoes while Alex grilled the chicken. I used a buffalo marinade on it and the chicken was seriously so juicy and tender. Delish! We ate and watched Billions before turning it off to chat for the night.

Question of the day: Did you do any spring cleaning?

18 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Day 1”

  1. looks like a productive day of spring cleaning. The fabric that Bailey is laying on is the same fabric on Blake and Colby’s shower curtain. I tried making brussel sprouts for dinner tonight, but messed them up some how and they were mussy and yucky. Hope you had a great Sunday


    1. It was a pretty productive day and we got half of our list done which is nice. It was our shower curtain she was laying on! To me it doesn’t seem comfortable but I guess it was to her. How did you cook the Brussels sprouts?


      1. I cooked them at 425 for 30 min they were coated in EVOO with just S&P and then I tossed them in honey and balsamic. it was wrong…. so wrong. I’m going to keep looking for a recipe I like, my friend suggested cooking it with bacon and another said cook them with sweet potato


      2. That’s weird they didn’t work the way you cooked them! That’s how I made them. Did you toss them at 15 minutes while they roasted? Maybe you put on too much honey and balsamic?
        My mom started cooking brussl sprouts with bacon when she found them on the stalk and bought them on a whim. So good! She cuts the bacon into smaller pieces, cooks it then removes to cook the sprouts before adding them back in. It’s quite a tasty meal.


      1. It definitely does! I’m also not a huge cleaner so I needed him to be on board with it haha. I mean I’ll clean the counters in the kitchen but I don’t do more than one or two things at a time since I get cranky then.

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      2. Lol yup I know that feeling! I always have to plan something fun to do after my cleaning time so that I’ll get it done!


    1. I’ll be completely honest and say if Alex and I didn’t do it together then I don’t think I would have even done the entire bathroom! Cleaning like that is not for me by myself. Now we just have to tackle the kitchen and living room…


  2. Open faced sandwiches are so good! Like why?! They’re just open-faced, but feel so different! I know what you mean about stretching with a puppy on your lap! Every time I try to do yoga, I have to lock myself in a room away from our pets because they push into me and knock me over, lol.

    Yay for spring cleaning! Your dinner looks SO delish!


    1. I think it’s because there’s less bread so you taste the filling more. At least that’s my thought from this weekend and this morning when I had it haha. Bailey is so bad at it! She immediately thinks it’s cuddle time when someone is on the floor.

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