Sunday In Pictures

Sunday In Pictures Vol. 28

Hello friends! How was your weekend? I have to say I had a pretty good one. Alex and I did some spring cleaning on Saturday and then had a fun day yesterday. All in all I won’t complain. The weather looks like it’s going to stay in normal spring temperature ranges this week so I’m pretty excited about that. In typical Monday fashion, I’m sharing our Sunday through pictures. Have a great day 🙂


We didn’t feel like cooking so Alex made bacon and I grabbed bagels from a local shop. I had a jalepeno bagel and the flavor was only their when I had bits of jalepeno in the bite. Not bad but I kind of expected better.


I went and got a much needed manicure in the morning. The gel color is Sailing & Nail-ing by O.P.I. which doesn’t seem to be available anymore but this one looks pretty similar!


A family date to the park. Bailey loved playing frisbee and you can see a video on my Instagram.


On the way home from the park we grabbed lunch. The place actually messed up my order but quickly delivered a correct wrap which was good.


Bailey got her first bath and she wasn’t a huge fan of it. Shortly after I took this picture she tried to jump out of the tub. Bath time is definitely a two man job for us.


Alex and I sat outside to look into some potential vacation spots.


The weekend ended on a fun note by walking to the bar near us for cocktails.


I tried making Alfredo sauce last night and for a first time it was good and won’t need too many changes. We paired the pasta with some breadsticks.


I read a little more of The Fountainhead. I’ll be honest, this book is taking me forever but I’m already 300+ pages in so I’m determined to (eventually) finish it.

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

36 thoughts on “Sunday In Pictures Vol. 28”

  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! The weather was perfect. Planning a vacation sounds perfect to do on such a nice day!

    I wish I had a bar in walking distance. It would be a nice to be able to walk to on nice nights!

    The highlight of my weekend was witnessing my nephew taking his first few steps! I’m super close with him so I’ve been able to be present for a lot of his milestones and I love it!


    1. It was a great weekend 🙂 Hopefully the vacation works out for when we want but we shall just wait and see!

      The bar we can walk to is definitely more of a dive bar with some interesting clientele… But I can’t complain when we just want a quick drink on a nice day.

      That’s awesome Emily! Sounds like a special event for the weekend!


  2. What a fun weekend! I love the blue color on your nails.
    Makena doesn’t like the bath either. She acts so annoyed. 🙂


  3. I’m happy to see other people browse Airbnb! I LOVE IT – and have found some pretty good home decor inspiration to be honest! haha hope you got to enjoy this amazing weather as much as I did!


    1. Yeah we figured it would be cheaper in the long run than a hotel and we did find some good spots. Just have to figure out a weekend to see what’s available! I definitely soaked in the nice weather. Looks like spring is here to stay for us Sarah!


  4. I am so ready/excited for temperatures to be in the normal spring-like range and stay there this week! YAY!

    What a fun weekend! I love your nails, and I have never heard of a jalapeño flavored bagel, but it sounds good (if they get the flavor right, lol!). Love the picture of Bailey playing frisbee and in the bath. She is just too cute! Our girl Lola hates baths, too! She cries like a human and it’s kind of adorable/pitiful lol.


    1. Girl same! I think spring is here to stay!

      Thanks for much. The color makes me so happy every time I see my nails now. The jalapeno flavor was there but I was expecting a little more hear. I love the picture of Bailey in the bath and am beyond happy I uploaded it since my phone broke this morning. At least it’s saved somewhere. I felt bad that Alex and I were laughing at her but it was just too funny and cute!


  5. Looks like a great weekend. I’ve made Alfredo sauce and it’s much harder than you’d think. It took me about three tries to get it right!


    1. It definitely is harder than it seems! The taste was good it just needs to be thicker next time! I probably just needed to let it simmer but we were getting hungry lol. Next time I’ll start the sauce earlier I think.


  6. That’s so funny to hear about bathing Bailey being a two-man job. That’s exactly what it is for us with Kona! I couldn’t imagine trying to bathe her by myself. If someone isn’t constantly keeping her in the tub, she always tries to climb out–literally, the second you let go. We found that it really helps to get a handheld sprayer shower head, since it helps bath time go much quicker, lol. Oh, puppies. 😉


    1. She didn’t try to get out until we poured water on her haha. It was funny when it clicked in her head what was happening. The handheld shower head was amazing!! I’m so glad we have one and will always need on now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When we first got Kona, we just used cups of water to rinse her coat, and it was the longest, most tedious process, lol. Handheld shower heads for the win!! I think that’s a must for every dog owner haha.


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