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A Very Monday Like Monday

Hi friends! I’m gonna be honest right now, I’m ready for the weekend! I know it’s only Tuesday but man oh man yesterday was a day. It started out pretty good and just went down hill. I have my fingers crossed today will be better though!


Monday started out on a good note. We went through out typical morning routine with switching off on Bailey duty while getting ready for work. Since we still had a bunch of bagels, I decided to make another open face egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

Work was something ha! I was doing my normal routine and looking at a part in the warehouse as I do regularly for work. When I went to take a picture, my phone slipped out of my hands and made a sound that just screamed “Something’s going to be wrong!”. The screen was black you guys. Straight up black. I emailed Alex and told him to text me and the phone didn’t even ring. My work computer still recognized it at least.

Since Alex was working in the city, I went home at lunch to let Bailey out. I plugged my phone into my Mac and it still recognized it which was a good sign. The screen still wasn’t working so I couldn’t even back it up since you need to enter your passcode in. Why though Apple? Just recognize the dang phone in iTunes!!

After work, I was finally able to make an appointment at the Apple store. While I was waiting to leave, Bailey and I went on a walk. Somehow this girl found an animal bone under the bushes. It was so gross! It was big and I didn’t even want to touch it so I couldn’t take it and throw it. Basically I got her to drop the bone, scooped Bailey up and ran to a different spot. It was a sight to see I’m sure.

Alex got home while we were out so we walked her a bit before heading home. I grabbed all my devices and headed to the Apple store. The guy helping me was so nice and super chill. He said since my last name is Feeney and he’s a Boy Meets World fan that he didn’t want to charge me a ton haha. The good news was that it was just the screen that needed to be fixed but the bad news was that it would cost $129 plus tax to fix it on a phone that’s already 3 years old. Not worth it to me.


I left the store feeling defeated and drove home. When I got home I was ready to relax for sure. Alex had a glass of wine waiting for me because he is a saint! We hung out and I filled him in on everything while dinner heated up. Thank goodness we had leftover pasta from Sunday otherwise it would’ve been pizza for dinner.

This was one of those days where you just have to power through and realize tomorrow will be better. It happens and that’s okay. Normally I start my week off with a solid speed run but that didn’t happen yesterday. I essentially got home from the mall, hung out on the couch with Alex and Bailey and folded laundry (because I needed socks). That was my night. Fingers crossed you all had a better Monday!


Also if you know how to get pictures off an iPhone with a dead screen PLEASE let me know!! I have some pictures that were taken after the last time I backed it up. I’ll bake cookies of your choice and mail them to you if your method works. That’s how much I want the pictures.

28 thoughts on “A Very Monday Like Monday”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your phone! Are you going to let them fix it or just wait? I hate how much Apple charges for fixing your phone. My iPhone has been super wonky lately but I don’t want to go to them. I know I just need a new one but nobody’s got money for that haha.

    It sounds like the rest of your night was nice! I hope the rest of your week goes well, Maureen! 🙂


    1. I’m going to get a new phone! It just doesn’t seem like a smart way to spend about $150 on a phone that’s old and could have another problem soon. You can now do financing on your phone through Apple and some carriers. At least I know Verizon does that so it’s an option for you! That’s probably what I’ll do although I’m definitely considering going to a 3rd party place to get the screen fixed (if it’s cheap) solely to get the pictures I want. I’m desperate for them lol.

      Thanks Emily 🙂 I hope you have a great day gilr!


      1. I definitely don’t blame you for wanting your pictures! My laptop crashed a couple years ago and all I worried about was getting my photos off of it. Luckily I found a guy who was able to retrieve the photos despite the computer being done with. I’m sure you’ll find someone who can help out!


      2. That’s definitely a fear of mine with techonology! I back my computer up fairly regularly which is good but man the phone was another story. Alex has a bunch of pictures too which is good but not all of them. I’m charging my phone now and hoping I can somehow download the pictures. Otherwise I’m going to have to try and find someone who can retrieve stuff with a broken screen!


  2. sorry about your Monday being a Monday. I hate the hoops we have to jump through for phone issues. I can’t help you since we don’t have anything apple in our house except the fruit. I have all my photos go to Dropbox so I never lose anything even when my phone went kaplut a few weeks ago. Oh and if you luck is like ours then Alex’s phone will be next. Richard’s died 2 weeks after mine did. technology got to love it, except when you hate it!


    1. It’s crazy how dependent we are on technology. Even just to tell my dad I may need a new phone was hard and sucked. Luckily I can text other Apple users on my Mac but still. I couldn’t even call and talk to him and make it much easier. Now I’m considering getting an actual camera so that I don’t have to rely on my phone camera for pictures. Oh man I really hope Alex’s phone doesn’t break soon!

      I hope you have a good day 🙂


  3. Yesterday was the worst. And I totally relate to how emotionally jarring a smashed iphone can be. I smashed mine both at my first marathon and at my last half marathon and both times it was so, so annoying!!


  4. Sorry about your phone! You need to look into getting one of those hardcore screen protectors. They’re a little pricey but so worth it for someone like me who is really clumsy!


    1. I have a good screen protector on it! I think part of the issue was that it fell onto a concrete warehouse floor so it just was over. The screen itself isn’t even cracked which sucks so it’s something internally with the display!


  5. Ugh I’m sorry about your phone! If you get a new phone, I would try putting the new battery in the new phone to see if the pictures made it over. Hopefully you are able to retrieve them somehow!!


  6. BAHHH!!! So I totally completely crushed my screen yesterday too. My phone is also 3 1/2 years old and I was in the market to get a new one anyway… but I guess I’m going today now. At least I can still kind of use it… although I’m afraid I’m going to get glass in my hand. ugh. I feel ya girl!!


    1. Oh no!! The screen is actually still in one piece so it’s some sort of internal issue with it which sucks. Luckily you can be extra careful and still have a phone. I’m living off the grid it feels like lol!! I told my parents they have to text/call Alex if it’s a real emergency. Hopefully you don’t get any glass in your hand girl!


  7. Oh that’s too bad about the phone. I’ve had two phones die unexpectedly now so this last time when it started doing glitchy things I sent all my photos to Costco immediately. I’m sorry I can’t help you:( Did you get a new phone?


      1. I consider myself fairly good with technology to be honest. But I was convinced I lost the pictures that I was so upset (legit almost cried at one point) that my excitement was unreal hahaha. Even Alex didn’t think we’d get them back so I was over the moon.

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