Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XIV

Happy Friday! Sorry for no post yesterday you guys. I ended up getting a new phone Wednesday so my day was pretty boring since my night was mostly spent get my phone set up. Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions of getting my pictures off the broken one! I ended up accidentally finding them in the “Memories” section of the photos app and was beyond excited when I stumbled upon them. If you asked Alex he may say I said “I can’t believe I got them!” approximately 38963 times. Just like that you’re caught up on my oh so exciting life 😉

In true Friday fashion, I’m sharing some things I’ve been obsessed with this week with you all.

Fried Eggs


This will probably surprise you all but I have not had scrambled eggs in a week. I’ve been having fried eggs and loving them. Personally I don’t like the taste of egg whites and runny yolks freak me out so I break the yolk and try to spread it around the egg. Alex and I have been making fried eggs for breakfast all week. I like topping mine with salt, pepper and hot sauce.

Social Media Detox

The downside to my phone breaking this week was that I couldn’t communicate with anyone unless I was carrying my laptop around the apartment. Don’t get me wrong, I did it and was grateful that iMessage is on Macbooks but I felt a little ridiculous. The benefit of not having a phone was getting a little bit of a social media detox. When I couldn’t go onto any social media and just mindless scroll, I realized how if I’m bored then that’s what I’ll do. Not having the ability to do that made me feel good and I’m going to try to keep the streak going where I don’t just sit on the couch and mindlessly scroll.

Sitting On The Balcony


The apartment Alex and I live in is on the second floor so we have a little balcony to sit on. Last year we never got patio furniture for it and whenever I wanted to sit outside I would carry out a chair from our dining room table. Then if Alex and I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine we would awkwardly stand out there and anyone at the park could see us haha. Last Friday, we went to Target and ended up buying two chairs and a little table. I’m pretty sure we’ve sat outside every night that Alex has been home early from work. The weather is perfect for it now and it’s so nice to be able to unwind at the end of the day.

Generation X Not Millenials Article

If you read the news at all, then you’ve probably seen countless articles about how millenials are technology obsessed, changing the way we work and ruining the world. This article summarizes a study that was done to show how it’s actually Generation X (those born between 1965 – 1981) are changing the nature of work. Gen X, which is considered the forgotten middle child according to the author, is in more leadership roles now in the work force and how they are leveraging technology to change the nature of work. It’s pretty interesting since I thought that it would have been millenials doing these things.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?


28 thoughts on “Weekly Obsessions XIV”

  1. So happy you were able to get your pictures off your phone! And a brand new one to boot – so exciting!
    I’ve been loving fried eggs lately too, especially with bacon!


    1. Girl me too! I was about to download some sketchy looking program to try to get the pictures off my phone. Thank you technology!!
      Ooo fried eggs and bacon sounds amazing. I will definitely have to try that out soon!


  2. glad you managed to save your photos, make sure you find some way to back them up and back up the new ones on your new phone so you don’t have that heart failure again. I can’t say I’m shocked about the Gen X thing… it makes since that it is the generation making the decisions right now. But, I think that knowing Gen X (since I fit in that generation) the way I do, many of these decisions are based on what the managers think the Millennials want/need to be most productive. Gen X tends to embrace change, but only if it suits the needs of the masses/productivity etc… just my thoughts


    1. I backed my photos up right away! I realized I need to do that more. Lesson definitely learned!
      I can’t say I was surprised by the entire article but I was surprised on the part about technology. I would’ve thought millenials would’ve been leveraging technology more since we really grew up with it. But Gen X definitely learned to adapt and grow with technology based on this. I see what you mean about Gen X and embracing change.


  3. Joshua & I still need to get patio furniture as well, so I totally understand the struggle. Those chairs and that table are all super cute! We will have to look at Target now that I see yours! 🙂 We really haven’t spent anytime outside yet and it makes me sad now that the weather is getting warmer, lol.


    1. Target had a good amount and they were pretty good price wise! I definitely recommend checking there 🙂 You should definitely bring some chairs outside from your kitchen table or something just to enjoy the weather. I would do that last year haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m the same way about eggs. It has to be dry- totally dry when scrambled. I love your table! What a deal!!!! I’ve been obsessed with red pepper flavored hummus!


  5. Glad you were able to get your pictures! It must be so nice to have somewhere to sit outside. I love enjoying a glass of wine on my deck when its warm out!


  6. Love that outdoor table. Sitting on the balcony is one of my favorite things to do! So glad you were able to get your pictures!! Have a great weekend.


  7. I love how you always ask what your reader is obsessed with this week on your Friday posts as it really makes me think about my week! Glad you got patio furniture! I can’t wait to be able to sit outside:).
    Hmmm I’m obsessed with my new swell bottle full of water mixed with a tiny bit of Mango juice to liven it up:)


      1. I was getting tired of lemon water which is my usual and my mom suggested it. It doesn’t take much to give it flavor:)


      2. I drink Nuun but it’s so expensive that I didn’t want to use it when I just need water. My water has to sit while I deal with students so I find a flavor helps!


  8. I’ve been considering doing a hard core social media detox lately, and after this I think I’ll commit! I love the chair y’all found and I can’t wait to read the article. Going to read now.. that sociological stuff fascinates me! Especially in a day so ruled by technology and change. Thanks for sharing, Maureen!


    1. I enjoyed the detox but wish it hadn’t been forced on me. It’s definitely worth doing I think! The article was so interesting to me because I was convinced it was millenials spearheading a bunch of the changes when it’s actually Gen X.

      Liked by 1 person

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