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Sunday In Pictures Vol. 29

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Saturday was absolutely gorgeous weather wise but Sunday was a little cold. Luckily it was still sunny though so we could go outside for a walk. Before the week really kicks off, I want to share my Sunday in pictures. Have a great day 🙂


Sunday started off with some strawberries and Bailey cuddles.


For breakfast we had waffles. I last minute decided I wanted one blueberry waffle and spread some in the maker but they all kind of clumped together, oh well.


I ran some errands and bought a basil plant. Fingers crossed it doesn’t die on me!

Let’s pretend the peppers are actually carrots 😉

For lunch, I had another lettuce wrap with ham, cheese, mustard and a little salami. Plus carrots and pretzels with hummus.


After lunch, I made some decaf tea to sip on. The mug was part of Alex’s Valentine’s Day present and I thought it was pretty cute and funny.


I made a batch of my oatmeal energy bites since I’ve had a raging sweet tooth lately so hopefully these will satisfy it.

Bailey Out For A Walk

A family walk to the park near us. We made the smallest loop possible since there were so many things for Bailey to sniff and get distracted by but she made it.


I made a batch of roasted chickpeas and loosely followed Julie’s recipe. I realized that I didn’t have lime juice and substituted paprika for cumin since I was out.


For dinner we had steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was delicious!

After dinner, we watched A Dog’s Purpose. The dog’s name was Bailey and I cried.

Question of the day: What’s a highlight from your weekend?

30 thoughts on “Sunday In Pictures Vol. 29”

  1. Your Sunday sounded so relaxing! That mug is so funny! that looks like something I would get for my fiance haha.

    The highlight of my weekend was finally having a quiet date night in with my fiance. We made homemade sushi, ate ice cream, and watched Grey’s Anatomy 🙂 Some nights I really just like staying in!


    1. Alex was laughing when he opened the mug which was exactly what I wanted him to do haha. I love funny gifts like that and he loves to use it.

      I’ve never tried homemade sushi before! Is it hard to make?


      1. Homemade sushi isn’t too hard to make! Depending on what you what to put inside, the ingredients are simple. The actual rolling part takes some getting use to but it’s fun!


  2. I love that coffee mug! I haven’t watched Dog’s Purpose yet because I know I would be crying the whole time…it would be like watching Marley and Me!! I just can’t do it!


    1. I bought one carton because it was on sale and now it’s almost gone! I wish I had picked up more. You should definitely pick some up if they’re on sale next time you’re at the store Dawn.


    1. The mug is my favorite I think. I cried during Marley and Me and I didn’t even own a dog. I can’t imagine watching it now. Although with this one I’m convinced it’s because the dog in the movie was also named Bailey so it hit me hard.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What an awesome Sunday! Congrats to Bailey for making it around the park! I also like that mug:)
    Best part of the weekend was perhaps finding a new running buddy on Saturday night:)


    1. Oh she didn’t make it around the park haha. She made it the smallest loop possible and it took her forever because she was sniffing everything. Baby steps though!
      That’s awesome! I hope it works out with the new running buddy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ok that coffee mug is cracking me up! Too funny. Those oatmeal energy bites look super delish! I’ve heard a Dog’s Purpose is really good… I cried like a baby during Marley and Me and the trailer definitely gave me similar vibes. I don’t know if I’m brave enough yet to watch! Haha.


    1. It was a great addition to our mug collection. It makes me laugh every time one of us uses it. I cried during Marley and Me which was before I even had a dog. If I watched it now I don’t think it survive watching and would just sob during it!

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