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Work Workshop And Puppy Play Time

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a good week so far. Today is day 2 of a workshop that I’m involved in at work. Fingers crossed my attention span can hold through the day! It was definitely short towards the end of yesterday so it’s a toss up with how today will go. I hope you have a great day 🙂


The nice thing about having a workshop at work, was I didn’t have to be as rushed in the morning. I typically get in at 7 but the workshop started at 8 so I didn’t leave my house until after 7 am. Bailey and I took it nice and easy and let Alex sleep in a bit. Once I was ready for work, we took a mini walk and made some breakfast.


The workshop at work went well in the beginning. We got a decent amount covered before breaking for lunch. Some sandwiches got brought in so I grabbed a turkey sandwich, a few potato chips, pickle and some salad. The salad was brought in by a coworker and was his award winning cilantro salad. It had cilantro, romaine lettuce, and cucumbers topped with a little oil and vinegar salad dressing.


Since some people were in from out of town, someone organized a dinner at a chain restaurant near us called Charlie Brown’s. The entrees came with the salad bar which was quite tasty. One of the options was some sort of black bean and corn salsa thing. I don’t know what it was but it was good! For dinner, I got the balsamic chicken with garlic green beans.


After dinner, I called Alex and found out he and Bailey were en route to his parents to run around since a certain somebody had a lot of energy. I met them there and man oh man did Bailey have a ton of energy out of no where! She didn’t stop moving more than 10 seconds the entire hour and a half we were there. While there, Alex and I chatted with his mom and sister while the dogs played.

We said our goodbyes and headed home. It was crazy because we left around 9 and it didn’t even feel that late. Time flies when you’re not paying attention to what’s happening I guess. I still wasn’t feeling 100% from allergies so I cuddled Bailey, got in pjs, typed up this post, then headed to bed.

Question of the day: How’s your week been?

15 thoughts on “Work Workshop And Puppy Play Time”

  1. I love Charlie Brown’s 🙂 We have one super close to us so we go there a lot. We actually just went last week! I love the salad bar!

    It’s funny how this nice weather and the sun not setting until later makes 9 pm feel pretty early. Yesterday we didn’t eat dinner until almost 8 pm and I didn’t even realize it!

    My week is good so far. It’s had it’s ups and downs but it is finally almost the weekend 🙂


    1. I had never been before but it was tasty! The salad bar had so many good options on it.

      Isn’t it funny how the sun being out so late makes you lose track of time?! It’s crazy because I’ll think there’s so much time until dinner but in reality its 6:30 and I better get everything going ASAP.

      Girl I’m so happy it’s almost the weekend! I hope you have something fun on the agenda 🙂


  2. Charlie Brown’s- what a cool name!! I love it when food is provided for meetings!! Or when they give you extra long lunch breaks!!


    1. It was funny because someone randomly just said Charlie Brown’s and I was so confused hahah. I was using the restroom while they talked about dinner so I didn’t realize it was a restaurant.
      Long lunch breaks are AMAZING! So much better than the usual hour.


  3. Ugh I so dislike workshops! I just find it so difficult to sit and listen all day and actually stay focused! Glad the evening was fun for you:)


      1. Oh that would be alright if you got something out of it. I usually leave feeling like it was a complete waste of time:(


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