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Jumping Back Into Running Hard

Hi friends! How was your Monday? I hope it was a good one. Mine felt packed which is always good. Have a great day 🙂


When my alarm went off yesterday morning, it was in the perfect stage of sleep since I felt ready to get up and go. That feeling on a Monday is amazing in my opinion. After getting ready for work and hanging out with Bailey, Alex and I made breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and toast with some peanut butter and chia seeds on it. So delicious!


Work was interesting because it felt like the day flew by until about the last hour and then time moved slow. Once I left, I let Bailey out and got ready for my run. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how the run would go. It was a speed workout (12 x 400m) and I wasn’t sure what my body would think about it. It felt amazing to get out and push myself, even thought it was hot, since I didn’t run at all last week except for 4 moderate miles on Saturday morning. I ended with 8 miles total with a 9:29 average pace.


Alex got home from his run shortly after I had finished foam rolling so we hung out with Bailey and chatted about our day before showering. For dinner, I thre my leftover pasta from Saturday night into the oven. The cream part of the pesto cream sauce almost disappeared because it was basically just pesto on the noodles and chicken but I love pesto so I didn’t mind. I topped it with a little parmesean cheese before digging in.

Once I finished dinner, my Nook was finally charged enough to download a new book. I read about 5 pages of The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. The speed workout in the heat seemed to really take it out of me because I fell asleep on the couch around 9. Poor Alex tried to wake me up a few times to get me to move to bed but I kept saying I was too comfortable on the couch. Eventually I did make it into bed though and passed out hard.

Question of the day: What was your workout for yesterday?

24 thoughts on “Jumping Back Into Running Hard”

  1. Love that you’re getting back to speed workouts. They are tough, but I get a runner’s high every time and a good feeling of accomplishment.

    I ran FOUR miles yesterday, for the first time since December. I hope to be cleared from physical therapy by the end of the month and then I can do whatever I want! 🙂


    1. If I just have plain noodles leftover I’ll doctor them up but this was from a restaurant so I didn’t want to add anything to it. Or sometimes I’ll had some veggies I need to use up too! A little cheese was perfect last night since it already had some chicken in it.


  2. What a successful run! I hope I’m able to get in some good runs this week in the heat. I can’t wait for my body to acclimate to it. Do you do you speed workouts on a track or just use your watch to track your splits?


    1. It definitely took some adjusting for a few reps yesterday! It was hot out there once I got going. I’ve done them on a track before but I didn’t like having to deal with rush hour traffic to get there. Now I just lap my watch at the intervals! It’s probably more effort to do the mental math and always look at my watch but it beats traffic 🙂


    1. Yes we will! We have to wait until she’s at least 1 to run though since she’s growing so much so it could hurt her. I plan on starting her next spring since winter training doesn’t seem smart.
      You’re crazy to me for running even though you saw bears! My butt would’ve run back inside 😂

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      1. I thought about it, but couldn’t as I had to do 7km in one run, had already started and had no time to do it later in the day🤣 it was requirement- nothing else that kept me going!


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