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Spring Cleaning Day 2

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. Happy Mother’s Day to any mom’s out there. Hopefully you all get to spend the day with people you love and are pampered just like you deserve. Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


When my alarm went off for my run yesterday morning I heard the rain outside. I desperately just wanted to stay in bed but I told myself that I had to run at least one mile. If the weather got worse or I just wasn’t feeling it after a mile I would come home. The rain was awful! By the end of the first mile my shorts were soaking wet. Soaking as in it felt like I peed my pants. I was so glad I threw on a rain coat before leaving to keep my shirt dry-ish. 5 miles for the day and I was very happy to come home to peel off all my wet layers.


Of course when I got home the rain stopped *eye roll*. I wasn’t going to trust that the rain would hold off so I threw on dry clothes and then drove right to the grocery store to get food for the week. Once everything was unloaded and put away, Alex and I headed out for breakfast sandwiches. He asked if I wanted a roll or bagel so I said surprise me. I got a bacon, egg and cheese with ketchup, hot sauce, salt and pepper on a roll. It was such a tasty breakfast for a rainy day.


When we got home it was time to get back to spring cleaning. This time we tackled the kitchen. I got to work on organizing all of the cabinets. I didn’t realize how much stuff got in them over the past year! After empty each cabinet, the counters were absolutely filled with stuff but I went through and got rid fo old food. All of the cabinets look so much nicer now that they’re cleaned out and organized.


For lunch, I made a ham and cheese sandwich and cut up a bunch of celery to have with hummus. The skies were grey but it wasn’t raining so we decided to take Bailey to the tennis courts to run around. She actually got fetch outside which was good! We’ll throe a ball in the apartment and she’ll play fetch but once we’re outside she’s normally way to distracted. Obviously sniffing every blade of grass near her is much more fun than playing fetch ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once we were home from playing outside, we headed back in to tackle the fridge and freezer. It’s crazy what random things you’ll find in the very back of your freezer! We had hot dogs that I honestly forgot that we put in there. Now that it’s cleaned out and organized I think we will be much better at using everything.


Alex met a friend at a driving range to hit some balls so Bailey and I hung out at home for a while. Unfortunately it started to rain so they had to finish early but that just meant I got dinner earlier ๐Ÿ˜‰ As an incentive to clean, we decided that we would get Mexican food from a place that recently opened in Princeton. Tacoria actually started at Rutgers in New Brunswick and has expanded to two other colleges in New Jersey. I always get the chorizo nachos and it’s amazing. The chips are covered in black beans, chorizo, cheese, a drizzle of crema (what they call sour cream), pickled jalepenos, and a little salsa.

After dinner, we decided to whip up some fun drinks. Alex had a pina colada and I had a margarita. We bought mixes at Target and for our first try it was pretty good! Our friend ended up coming over for a while and he was pretty impressed with our margarita skills too. It’s fun catching up with him since he grew up 10 houses away from Alex and now lives in New York City. When he left, we watched an episode of The Office before heading to bed.

Question of the day: Did you finish spring cleaning?

13 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Day 2”

  1. Ketchup on a breakfast sandwich sounds quite interesting! I mean I do salsa so ketchup shouldn’t be too different! Those nachos also look good! I have totally not finished my spring cleaning but I did do the pantry a few weeks ago. My freezer needs to be defrosted super badly.


    1. I’ve never done salsa on eggs even though it sounds delicious! I really should try it out one day soon. Nachos are one of my favorite things for Mexican food so I was so happy we got them.


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