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Bacon Makes Monday Better

Hi friends! I hope your week is off to a great start. Have a great day πŸ™‚


Waking up to a grey sky on Monday morning after going to bed late was rough. Rough as in, I didn’t even get out of bed until 5:40/5:45. Not every morning is a good one and I was slow moving for a while. Alex started breakfast and I walked out to the kitchen to see bacon going into a pan. Bacon and eggs on a Monday morning is a motivator to start the day off on a good note.


At work, I started to get really hungry and was so glad I last minute threw an oatmeal muffin into my bag to have with my fruit as a midmorning snack. The fresh strawberries and muffin were perfect to hold me over until lunch. Luckily the day went by pretty quickly so I could get home.

After work, I said hello to Bailey and quickly changed to head out to run.Β  Right when I started I saw Alex finishing up his run ahead of me. Naturally I decided to try to scare him since he had no clue I was behind him. Let’s just say he was not thrilled at me…don’t worry though he loves me anyways πŸ˜‰ An easy 3 miles and then a little family walk for the day. Not too bad at all! On the walk, we brought a ton of treats along and trained Bailey outside. In our apartment, she’s great at commands but outside is way to distracting. She did a pretty good job once the smell of treats hit her.


When we got home, I got on the couch to read. I decided to stick it out with Ten Thousand Saints since the story is interesting. Plus it’s different from my typical thriller or super easy beach read so I thought it deserved a shot. The story is about two boys, Jude and Teddy, who live in Vermont. Teddy dies of a drug overdose on the last day of 1987 and Jude is left to deal with the aftermath. His relationship with drugs and his parents are sent to extremes. It’s interesting but I can’t decide if it’ll be a book I recommend once I finish. Does that make sense?


For dinner, we had chicken breasts marinating for about 24 hours and threw them on the grill. I branched out when I was at the grocery store over the weekend and bought cauliflower. Cauliflower is a vegetable I enjoy but never go out of my way to purchase. I ended up roasting in the same manner I roast broccoli. Both Alex and I enjoyed it a lot and I think I’ll be picking more up. We also had roasted potatoes to round out the meal.

Once dinner was finished and everything was cleaned up, we settled in on the couch to finish Dunkirk. We started it Saturday night but then someone stopped by so we paused it for another night. Man it got me going this movie! It’s based on actual events in World War II and I know exactly what happens in the end. Christopher Nolan did a phenomenal job writing, directing, and producing the film. I highly recommend if you enjoy historical movies!

When the movie ended, I read a bit before heading to bed. Alex suggested watching an episode of The Office which felt like a great way to round out the night.

Question of the day: What’s one thing that made your Monday better?

34 thoughts on “Bacon Makes Monday Better”

  1. Dunkirk is such a good movie! Have you seen Hacksaw Ridge? It’s a war movie based on a true story- and in this instance, it’s actually true to the main character. You gotta watched that whole ‘based on’ thing with movies, but this one is pretty legit.
    My day was made yesterday morning with my run. I felt as if I could have gone WAY longer and I would have actually gone longer if I wasn’t pressed for time. But the run set the tone for the day.


      1. Ah that makes me excited to watch it! Too bad we won’t have time for approximately 19753681 days hahah. Why do your schedules all of a sudden get crazy busy once warm weather hits?!
        For real! I can’t wait until my body finishes adjusting to warm weather. Hopefully you’ve adjusted already πŸ™‚

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      2. My energy level has finally caught up with the rest of me. It take a little while when the weather starts changing and the days get longer, but I am there.


  2. sounds like you needed more than bacon to fuel that morning motivation. Monday was pretty good for me, it’s typically my plow through and get everything cleaned day. Richard ended up getting off work early enough to go pick up Dixie and meet up with me where the boys are taking their mountain biking class so we walked together.


    1. I’m typically pretty good at waking up but yesterday was close to impossible. Good thing I have to be at work at a certain time to force me out of bed haha. A walk sounds like a great way to get a little husband and wife time while the boys were busy!


  3. Yesterday was rough for me too! I had a stressful meeting on my schedule, and I honestly didn’t start decompressing until I took some time to run a few miles near the pond after work. I wish I’d had some bacon!!


    1. It was such a good movie! Although I did have some anxiety in some of the scenes lol. Which is crazy because I know how it ends!
      Me too! It took me a bit to get into it but it’s pretty good.


  4. Sounds like an awesome day (especially for a Monday!). I’ll have to watch Dunkirk… I don’t know much about it upfront, but sounds super informative & like a great watch! Hmm one thing that made my Monday better was deep cleaning my patio to get ready for summer relaxin’ out there. So excited to use it!


    1. It was such a good movie!! It’s based on the Battle of Dunkirk in WWII when the Germans surrounded British and French troops in the town and kept bombing all the ships coming to rescue the troops. I don’t want to spoil it although you can Google it for a bit of background on it. It’s crazy how dirty outdoor patios can get. Glad it’s nice and clean so you can use it Mackenzie!!

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  5. Hi Maureen! You had such a productive energy! I am amazed at all you accomplished after work: going for a run, training Bailey, making dinner…pulling a prank on your bf πŸ˜‰
    I felt like I was dragging at the office yesterday. But, then I taught a yoga class, took a pilates class…came home and cooked a delicious dinner (roasted kale, salmon, and avocado) and passed out before 10pm. I really enjoyed ending the night by taking care of myself πŸ™‚


    1. Hey there! I don’t realize how much I did after work until you pointed it all out haha. No wonder I’m tired by 9:30 πŸ˜‰ Although making dinner last night seems a little generous, I just chopped up and seasoned some veggies.
      The fact that you taught a yoga class then went to take a pilates class is mind boggling to me! Damn that’s awesome! I’ve heard both workouts are intense in different ways so you’re awesome for doing all that PLUS making a super healthy dinner. Self care is just what we need sometimes πŸ™‚


  6. Shay enjoyed Dunkirk. He loves any war movie. Keep us updated on the book once you finish!

    I had a rough time getting around yesterday morning too- but time with the puppies always makes me feel better!

    All that sounds too familiar when training Shelbie- she would get so distracted so we tried first in the house, then in the backyard on a leash, and then in settings outside with less environmental stimuli. We tried to limit her training sessions to 10 minutes or so at a time because her attention was so short. And when she was especially hyperactive, that wasn’t always the best time πŸ˜› Good luck!


    1. I’m a big historical fiction fan for books so I tend to like that genre of movies as well. I will definitely share my thoughts when I finish the story!

      Puppies have a way of making everything better is something I’ve learned since bringing Bailey home!

      I’m glad short training sessions worked for you while training Shelbie! We did that with Bailey for inside the apartment and tried short again yesterday. It’ll just take some time I think…well I hope πŸ˜‰


  7. That sounds like a movie we’d both love- thanks for the suggestion.
    You’ve got to try my curry roasted cauliflower– it’s like crack!


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