Allison’s Bacherlorette Party Weekend Recap

Hello friends! As I said yesterday, I’m checking in today with a recap of the bachelorette party I was at this past weekend. Allison is Alex’s brother’s fiance and it was so sweet of her to include me in the weekend.



I went to work per my usual routine on Friday. Well usual minus the bowl of frosting and 2 dozen cupcakes that ended up coming with me to sit in the office fridge all day lol. Once 4 pm rolled around, I grabbed my cupcakes, double checked the address and headed out. Her maid of honor found a house on Airbnb for the weekend that would fit everyone. It’s actually the house the groom, groomsmen and their dates are staying at the night before the wedding in Stockton, New Jersey. The drive was super easy and there was no traffic so I arrived right around 5 pm. A few other girls were there so we hung up some decorations and chatted while everyone arrived.


Since people were all coming at different times and from different places, the agenda for the night was pretty low key. Honestly I was not upset about that at all. We ended up ordering pizza in and hanging out while having some adult beverages, snacks, desserts and chatting. I was absolutely exhausted and ended up heading to bed around 11. Well I went up to bed but tossed and turned until about 2:30 am.



My original plan was to wake up and run but honestly I didn’t sleep well the night before so I just hung out in bed for a while before heading downstairs. The first activity for the day once we were all up and had breakfast was a hike. We went to Baldpate Mountain to hike. The weather was a tad chilly but we all warmed up pretty quick on the hike. I started my watch a little late but ended up hiking around 3 miles. The view at the highest point we made it to was gorgeous.


Since there was so much food we opted to head back to the house to munch of leftover pizza and appetizers while hanging out. I had a few pieces of pepperoni, cheese and crackers before deciding to get my run in. The house was in a pretty rural area which was nice since I didn’t have to worry about cars at all. My schedule called for 4-6 recovery miles and I told myself I just had to get out for at least 15 minutes. Between the hike, not eating my normal foods and low water intake I wasn’t sure what to expect. Minus the fact that it was a pretty hilly area I felt great. When I say hilly, I’m pretty sure I would’ve walked up one part faster than I was running. I had to stop twice on the steepest hill because I actually thought I might die.


After my run, I stretched and foam rolled before hopping in the shower. Once out, I got ready for the night out. With 14 girls, it takes a while to get everyone moving haha. While we were waiting for everyone, we sipped on cocktails and had fun in the little photobooth set up that was there. Once everyone was ready, we piled into cars and headed out.

We had a dinner reservation in New Hope, Pennsylvania at a restaurant called Havana. There was a band playing. One of the girls told security when they came around to tables to wristband everyone who was 21+ that we were celebrating a bachelorette party. The band kept calling Allison’s name to make sure she was dancing and getting everyone else in the place to cheer for her. For dinner, I got black beans, rice and chicken. Honestly it wasn’t that good and I thought it could’ve used a lot more spice to it.

The rest of the night was spent sipping on drinks and dancing the night away. At midnight, the band ended and a dj started playing music. That’s when I realized I’m the least hip 22 year old around because I didn’t even know the songs playing. This one rap kept playing and I may or may not have texted my 17 year old brother about it. While that was happening there was also a middle aged women twerking so the atmosphere between a band and dj is SO different.

Around 1 we headed back to the house. I was tired so I got ready for bed. I think some people stayed up but I can’t be positive since I fell asleep within minutes of crawling under the covers.



I set my alarm early for 6:30 and then a few starting at 7. Mostly because I wanted to be able to shower before everyone else got up and needed to use the bathrooms. It was a great idea because I was able to take my time getting ready before packing up my car and cleaning the house. Allison’s sister made everyone shirts that we all wore to brunch which was cute. We got brunch at Cock N’ Bull in Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania which was such a cute restaurant. The food was amazing too. Honestly I would go back to the brunch for the crumb cake alone.

Once brunch was over, we took a group picture in our shirts before all departing. I was so happy to be home on Sunday to be able to just lounge around and do nothing. It was a great weekend with lots of fun and laughs. Thank you Allison for including me! If the weekend is any indication of how the wedding will go, with all of the fun the girls had it will be a great time.

Sunday In Pictures, Weekend

Sunday In Pictures Vol. 23

Happy Monday! I’m sorry to have disappeared over the weekend. I’ll have a recap of the bachelorette party up tomorrow. Yesterday was a pretty lazy day once I got home but it felt so good to relax on the couch with Alex. Have a great day 🙂


I woke up early and got ready. No one else was up so I munched on a muffin and read a bit before people were up to clean.


We went to a buffet brunch and this was my first plate. A ham, green pepper and cheese omelette, bacon, fruit and home fries.


I was still hungry so I headed up for more. A piece of crumb cake and spinach topped with some Caesar salad.

Listened to I’d Be Jealous Too by Dustin Lynch a few too many times on the drive back home.


I did nothing except laundry and grocery shopping with Alex once I was home. Fast forward to dinner with half a slice of buffalo chicken and margherita pizza.


Cuddled up on the couch to watch tv before bed.

Question of the day: What was the highlight from your weekend?

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Weekly Obsessions VIII

Happy Friday! How was your week? Although I really dislike driving to work in the dark, I have to admit, it’s been nice to have the sun out much later at night. After work today, I’m heading to a bachelorette party for the weekend. Luckily it’s not too far so the drive should be easy. I’ll do my best to check in tomorrow per usual. Below are a few items that I have been loving this week! Have a great day 🙂

Ham & Potato Soup


Ham and potato soup is something that my dad has made for years now. He found a recipe on linked in that has almost 10,000 5 star reviews and it’s the best! I made it on Sunday and had it for leftovers later in the week. The only change I made to the recipe (that my dad told me he does) is to go heavy on potatoes and ham and omit the onion. The recipe doesn’t call for using an immersion blender but my dad started doing that a few years ago. Game changer! It makes the soup thicker and is so good. I don’t have an immersion blender and used my Ninja blender which did the trick.

The Knockoff


Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza wrote such a fun read with The Knockoff. It’s the story of Imogen Tate, the editor in Chief of Glossy magazine, who comes back to work after 6 months away from sick leave. When she returns, the office she left has completely changed. Her beloved magazine has become a website and her former assistant seems to be the boss. Imogen has to try to navigate the world with social media while figuring out where she fits into the new world. As we head into spring and warmer weather (I hope!), this would be the perfect read while sitting outside.

Pomegranate and Lemon Verbana Body Wash


I had been using a Bath & Body Works shower gel for a while and it was empty so while at Target on Sunday I picked this one up from Up & Up. Full transparency I just grabbed this one because it had the cheapest price per unit which is how I shop most of the time. This may be my new go to body wash. The scent is amazing! It’s strong without being in your face. It almost has an awakening feel to it which is nice in the morning. I love the scent and it’s creamy without being thick and suds pretty well on me.

Why Easy Miles Should Actually Be Easy


This is a blog post from Elizabeth Jansen. She is not an expert (i.e not a trained coach or certified in anyway) by any means but she gives her experience in how running easy miles every week has helped her decrease her marathon time significantly. The point of easy runs is to run slow in order to run fast. Yes it sounds silly but it does work! Elizabeth has been running this way for 3 years now and shows how it works. She also links to another article which is more scientific and shows you how to determine your maximum aerobic heart rate. Monitoring it makes you a more efficient runner. I found it interesting and thought some of you would like it too.

I’ve been running 10+ minute paces on recovery runs and long runs for a lot of my training. Granted I haven’t been running for years but I definitely think taking 3 runs a week at a slow pace has helped me become faster.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?


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Midweek Baking

Hello and happy Thursday! I feel like the first few days of the week flew by but at the same time I don’t remember doing much to make them go by so quickly. Does anyone else ever have those weeks? Hopefully the trend continues until work is over Friday. Have a great day 🙂


When I woke up Wednesday, I was ready to go which was refreshing. I think my body is finally adjusted to the time change. Even though it’s only an hour it can really mess with you when the sun isn’t rising until close to 7 am. I even had plenty of time to eat my breakfast. Earlier in the week it felt like I was a chicken running around with it’s head caught off.


A big chunk of my day was spent looking into a management class or a certificate as a personal development goal for 2018. If you have any insight on that I’d be so grateful! During lunch, I kept on reading The Knockoff. I’m really enjoying the story and change that it is from my typical thrillers and mystery novels.

After work I had to head back to Target. I managed to get everything on my list this time. Normally I wouldn’t make a midweek trip and just save it for the weekend but I needed liners for cupcakes since I had about 3 left. Major fail last time I went. Having a list and wanting to be in and out helped make the trip go quickly.


When I got home, I put on my apron and got to work. Well first I made a smoothie so I wasn’t starving but then I got to work. I followed this recipe for vanilla cupcakes. Since they are for a bacherlorette party this weekend, I didn’t taste the finished product. But the little bit of batter that I tried was so tasty.


Once the cupcakes were done, it was time for dinner. I heated up leftover soup from Sunday night and cut up the remaining bread as well. We ate and watching the last episode of The Crown. Since the third season will have a new cast in order to move forward in time, it was a little bittersweet watching the last episode. I ended up still being hungry so I grabbed a slice of bread and dipped it in olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar. We ended the night with an episode of The Office before heading to bed.

Question of the day: What’s the last thing you baked?



Women’s Clothing Brands Need To Get It Together

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a good week so far. Today’s post is a little different. While I was at Target on Sunday, I decided to try on some new jeans. My pants have been loose for a while and I’ve just been a little lazy with getting new ones when tightening my belt has been enough. This post is going to have some real talk in it so just keep that in mind.

Now a few weeks ago, I placed an order at Macy’s and grabbed a pair of my beloved Levi’s in one size smaller. When I say I couldn’t even pull them up over my thighs, I’m not kidding. Now I was annoyed because it left me feeling like I was just going to be stuck in between sizes for a while even though I could tell I would need smaller pants soon.

While at Target the other day, I decided to try on jeans again. I figured maybe it was just the style that didn’t work with my body. So I grabbed a size 6 skinny jeans and headed to the dressing room. They were big. Not just a little big but “a belt would help big”, they were “they looked huge on me” big. So I grabbed one size smaller. Still big. I was in disbelief at that point. Yes I’ve lost weight but there was no way I would fit in a size 2. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been a size 2. Yet they fit.

When I got home, I told Alex because it was just ridiculous that a 28 in one brand wouldn’t go over my thighs but a size 2 in another fit perfectly. It got me thinking that maybe it was the same with men’s clothing to. So I asked Alex if his sizing changed based on the brand. He informed me that nope, he’s consistent across all brands. Now I can’t take one male’s experience and apply it to every male everywhere. That’s unrealistic but it seems like that’s the case because I’m pretty sure my brother’s are the same way. Upon checking the sizing guides for multiple brands, men’s clothing is consistent across all brands.

I looked at both of the sizing charts for the brands. The Levi’s that didn’t fit were a size 28 which is equivilant to a size 6 and corresponds to a waist of 25 – 26 inches with hips being 36.25 – 37.25 inches. The brand of jeans I was trying on at Target was called Universal Thread. A size 2 (the size I ended up buying) corresponds to a 26.75 inch waist and a hip size of 36 inches. While I haven’t tried any other brands on recently, a look at a variety of brands sizing charts shows different measurements for different sizing. Why is the size so different for fairly close measurements in the waist and hip?

Women’s clothing brands are so inconsistent with sizing. It’s not okay. Luckily, I’m comfortable enough in my own skin that being a size 2 in one brand and a size 8 in another isn’t that big of a deal. But what if I wasn’t comfortable enough for that? What if I was someone who put their self worth on the size of clothing I wear? If I’m a size 2 then I’m pretty or skinny or whatever the adjective may be that I would chose to call myself. Even if I had a pair of size 0 and thought I was good enough but then in another brand had to go up multiple sizes, that could really hurt someone who is struggling. Women shouldn’t have to go into a store and try on 10 pairs of pants just to find what fits.

A size 4 should be a size 4 across all brands. I get maybe going one size up or down depending on the style. But 3 sizes smaller?  That’s not okay.  What high up executive decided that a size 2 for Target is the same as a 28 in Levi’s? Apparently someone who doesn’t care about what the constant changing and inconsistent sizing can be taxing on the female brain. How come men’s clothing is the same across the board but women can’t get any consistency? It’s just plain stupid.

Maybe I’m ridiculous in thinking that brands need to all conform to one way of sizing. But in today’s diet culture and the social media comparison trap, clothing companies shouldn’t be playing into that. Clearly this is something that really bothered me the other day haha and hopefully I’m not the only one who has noticed and finds it a little ridiculous.

Question of the day: Do you agree with me on this about female clothing brands and their sizing?