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A Sick And Snowy Day

Happy Saturday! What are your plans for the day? I plan on taking it easy and hopefully kicking the little cold I picked up. Have a great day 🙂


When I woke up Friday morning, it was very apparent that walking around New York City Thursday night was not good for my physical health. I really wanted to stay in bed but I had some deadlines for work that I had to meet so I got up and ready. Since my run Wednesday morning didn’t end up happening, I had some overnight oats in the fridge still. Once I put some milk in the container and topped it off with a scoop of peanut butter, I drove to work and ate at the office.


I think my library needs a new copy of this book…

During lunch, I started reading “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie. Considering how much I love crime and thriller novels, it’s probably weird that I have never read one of Agatha Christie’s books. I’m late to the game and definitely jumped on the band wagon once I saw that there’s a movie coming out. The trailer for the film looks really good so I’m hoping the book is too.


The entire day at work was spent sniffling, sneezing and blowing my nose so I immediately put on pjs pants when I got home. I’m usually okay with staying in jeans after work but if I’m sick I want all the comfy clothes. I checked emails on the couch while watching the snow fall outside our window. When Alex got home, we opened up the box of holiday fun from one of my company’s suppliers. They sent 21(!) boxes to my office. In it were some pita looking crackers, a few different types of cheese and little chocolate cookies. How cute is the snowman cheese?! We think the snowman is wax around it but I’ll report back when we open it.

I worked on some blog posts for next week while sitting by the tree with a candle burning. I consider it a win that I could smell the candle even though half of my nose was congested. It’s the little things like that when you’re under the weather my friends! I also read more and took a super quick nap.


For dinner, I heated up leftovers for us. I didn’t have any much as I thought I did from dinner on Thursday night. Luckily there was an extra burger and some leftover roasted potatoes in the fridge that I heated up as well for myself. Topped the burger with a slice of white American cheese and dinner was served!


After dinner, Alex and I watched “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”. I had never seen the full movie before so it was fun to watch! Fun fact – the McCallister house is in Chicago. It recently sold for a few million dollars which is crazy. During the movie, we made some popcorn to enjoy. When it was finished I headed right to bed.

Question of the day: Which do you like more – the original “Home Alone” or “Home Alone 2”?

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Christmas In New York City

Hi friends! It’s finally Friday, woo hoo! This week felt like it flew by for me, anyone else feel that way? Regardless, have a great day 🙂


After sleeping about an hour longer than normal, I woke up feeling a little better but congested this time. A hot shower helped that a bit (tmi?), and I got dressed for work. I took a little extra time with my makeup since I would be going out after work so Alex made breakfast for me. I’m back to scrambled eggs and toast which was delicious.


I finally finished “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” and loved it. It took me a little bit in the beginning to really get into the book, but once the pace picked up I was hooked. This is the story that is told in the present as well as back in time. There’s a few characters to keep track of and the years skip around so at first it was hard to keep everything straight but I got over it fairly easily. Now I want to watch the movie to see how that is. Are you a book or movie first person? To be honest, I didn’t even realize this was a movie until someone told me in the comments.

One thing I love about my company is we get 4 leave early hours every quarter that do not count against our vacation time. I decided to take 2 hours yesterday and headed into New York to meet Alex. While on the train, I snacked on half of a Power Crunch protein bar. The french vanilla creme flavor isn’t my personal favorite but it was tasty to fill me up instead of my typical afternoon yogurt I have.

I walked to Alex’s office then we headed off to our first stop of the night: the Rockefeller Christmas tree! It was less crowded than I thought it would be which was nice. I was expecting it to be worse so not having to really fight for a picture spot was a pleasant surprise.

After that, we walked back to his office to drop the sweater I brought for him off. I met a few of his coworkers then we headed off to dinner. We planned to go to a bar with a really good happy hour deal, New York City prices are no joke, but it was beyond crowded. We ended up going to Stout which was packed as well. The hostess said it would be about 45 minutes for a table but we put our names in anyway. Before we could even get our drink order filled at the bar, they called and said our table was ready. It was perfect timing because I started getting hungry. We started with fried pickles. Ya know, because on our first date, the fried pickles worked out so well…

Alex is pointing out that his meal was still bubbling from the oven.

The food was delicious! While the bar and restaurant was crowded, the food was quite speedy. I opted for the grilled chicken sandwich that had bacon, white cheddar and an avocado ranch on ciabatta. Alex had Shepard’s pie that had peas, carrots, onion, ground beef, mashed potatoes and he opted to get it topped with some cheddar cheese. They did not skimp on anything for either dish. It was so tasty and we had leftovers which is always nice.

After we paid, we headed to Bryant Park’s Winter Village. It’s a small market with a variety of vendors. We walked around and looked at a few vendors to see what they had to offer. One vendor was selling ornaments that you could personalize. Naturally I bought one for us to commemorate our first Christmas in our first place together! While this isn’t our first Christmas while dating, this is the first time we’ll spend it together. There was a tree there as well so obviously we had to take a picture.

Once we finished, we made a quick pit stop at his office to pick up Alex’s briefcase before heading to Penn Station for our train. When we got home, the congestion was real so I had some sleepy time tea before crawling into bed after our fun date out.

Question of the day: What’s one Christmas tradition you have?

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Is It 4 PM Yet?

Happy Saturday! I don’t know about you but I am so happy it’s the weekend! New Jersey is supposed to get some snow today which is exciting and perfectly aligns with my desire for a lazy day. Have a great one 🙂


Since I got home at 1:30 am, I opted to sleep in instead of going into work at my normal time. Don’t worry, my boss said it would be okay since I had some crazy hours this week. I woke up at 6:45 and figured why not take advantage of going in late to get my run in. After not running all week, it felt so nice to get outside and move! I did 3 miles that were supposed to be easy but my legs had some energy so they were a little too fast to be considered recovery miles.


When I got home, I stretched and foam rolled. I was hungry so I grabbed a handful of dried baby sweet pineapple from Trader Joe’s. This stuff is delicious! You should pick it up because it’s almost like a healthy fruit snack. The only ingredient is pineapple so while some may say it’s high in sugar, that’s all naturally occurring so I don’t mind at all. I snacked on it while I got ready.

Yes I used my notebook as a plate…please don’t judge me! 

As I have previous said, my coworker brings in donuts every Friday. I don’t usually have one but yesterday I did. I figured why not give yourself a pat on the back for showing up to work right 😉 Since I got there a little over 2 hours late, there weren’t a ton of options but I picked one that was gingerbread and it was pretty tasty.  Even with showing up late, I felt like I spent the whole day counting down until 4 pm when I could finally head out the door. Luckily my boss let me leave early, woohoo!

I recommend not going to the grocery store the night before it’s supposed to snow. My normal Friday grocery routine takes about 30 minutes total but it took over an hour yesterday. It was as if the forecast called for 3-6 feet instead of the 3-6 inches that was forecasted. Although I did meet an old man who started talking to me about Rutgers and Alex which was interesting. When I got home, I was so happy to close the door to our apartment for the night.


Alex and I caught up on the week since getting home at 1:30 am wasn’t exactly optimal chatting time. We hung out on the couch and I started my next book. During work at lunch, I finished “Death at the Door” and would honestly say just skip it. The outcome was really predictable and I wasn’t as grabbed as I thought I would be in the book. I was more than happy to pick the last book from my library pile: “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe” by Fannie Flagg. This book was actually recommended to me by Alex’s grandma! I’ll give a review when I read a little more.


I was in no desire to cook last night so I grabbed a pot and boiled some water. Tortellini and ravioli are two prepared foods that Alex and I try to always have in our freezer. Sometimes we have both while others just one. I grabbed a bag of tortellini and threw it in the boiling water. Once it was done, I drained it then put the pasta back to cover in pesto sauce. Viola! Dinner was complete and delicious! I opted to top it with a little parmesan cheese for a little something extra.

To end the night, we (and by we I mean Alex) got a fire going and we curled up on the couch. We watched “The Polar Express” which is such a cute movie. Plus Tom Hanks is a voice in it and he’s my favorite actor. When the movie ended, we enjoyed the fire a bit longer before heading to bed.

Question of the day: What did you have for dinner last night?

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The Never Ending Work Trip

Happy Friday friends! I don’t know about you guys but I am beyond ready for the weekend. I was on a work trip this week that involved following trucks through the night (Monday – Tuesday I was up for 34 hours…). I hope you had a great week filled with normal sleep and have a wonderful day 🙂


Like the past few days, my alarm woke me up at 3 am Thursday morning. The only good thing was that it was the last 3 am wake up call I see in my future for a longggg time. I got up, showered and finished packing before meeting my coworker in the hotel lobby. The truck driver texted him to say that the roads were icy and he was going to be late. This gave us some time to grab a quick hotel breakfast (thank you desk manager for setting it up earlier unintentionally!) before we headed out. It was FREEZING y’all. I was drastically under prepared for the cold Colorado mornings.


The purpose of my trip was to follow the truck from Fort Worth, Texas to Colorado Springs, Colorado (a lovely 13 hour drive overnight) and then the smaller routes to drop repair parts off at dealerships. Once the truck we were following was ready, we followed it to 4 dealers. One good thing about being in Colorado and up very early is the sunrise through the mountains! Even thought I was exhausted, I was really appreciative to see such a beautiful view 3 days in a row.


My colleague and I realized we would miss our flights if we followed the truck to the final two dealers so we said goodbye and headed to the airport. In the rental car shuttle to the terminal, I snacked on half of a Quest bar. Thank goodness I travel as though I have a young child so I always have multiple snacks on me. It hit the spot after a small breakfast of a muffin and some sausage.


I got on the airports wifi and checked my email for about the second time this week. I caught up on some things and flagged a bunch of stuff for when I gt back in the office. I started to get hungry and got Chick-fil-A for lunch. Is that the healthiest option? No but I figured I was up since 3 am and I never eat it so go ahead and grab it. Plus I knew that my layover didn’t have one so it was just an incentive to go for it.


For whatever reason, going from Denver to New Jersey means a layover. My first flight of the day got delayed, so I caught up on work from the week while waiting. Shout out to the Denver airport for free wifi, otherwise I would’ve needed to find a bookstore or two. Once we got on the flight, I pulled out a new book to read. Last time I was at the library, I picked up “Death at the Door” by Carolyn Hart. It’s not the best book ever but I read so much that I’m just going to finish.


Since my first flight was delayed, I missed my connection in Chicago 😦 The only plus to that was my mom came up and met me for dinner near the airport! We kinda had to rush but it was really nice to see her. I had a burger and fries for dinner. When we paid, I headed back to the airport and onto my final flight of the day. By the time I got home it was 1:30 am and I collapsed into bed.

Question of the day: What book are you currently reading?

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A Nice Surprise

Happy Saturday! What’s on your agenda for the day? I have a mini girls day planned than absolutely nothing to do. I hope you have a fantastic day 🙂


Guys I’m the biggest creature of habit with breakfast. Are you all bored of me telling you that I ate scrambled eggs and toast? It’s just the perfect way for me to start my day since it’s filling but doesn’t leave me feeling heavy. In all seriousness, if you have never put cream cheese on toast I recommend it. Alex thinks I’m a little weird for it but whatever!


I started a new book at lunch called “They Both Die at the End” by Adam Silvera. The title intrigued me so I picked it up from the library last weekend. It’s about a society where people receive a phone call on the day they are going to die to tell them. It follows two teenage boys (17 and 18) who become last friends on their final day. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I finish! Right after lunch, I hit a total wall at work since I only got about 4 hours of sleep Thursday night. I made myself some tea to perk up and get through the afternoon.


I went to the grocery store after work and came home to see this guy sitting at the table! You guys, he never gets home before me anymore! It was the perfect way to start my weekend and he had unloaded the dish washer and cleaned up from breakfast so I didn’t have to. We chatted while putting the groceries away and caught up on our days.


When we started get hungry, I got brown rice cooking and took everything out for burrito bowls. We opted to not have meat so I used refried beans (I was black bean-ed out after having it for 3 meals this week), brown rice, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and salsa to make burrito bowls. For anyone keeping track, Friday was my third day in a row eating vegetarian. Who am I?! I told Alex that I didn’t even choose to not eat meat so I could potentially survive on a vegetarian diet but could never go vegan.

I promise it was much prettier when I first made it!

Since it’s December and we leave for my parents house on the 20th, it’s crunch time for our Christmas movie list. We decided to watch “Elf” so we got cozy on the couch before turning it on. There was still leftover birthday cake from Alex and his sister’s birthday a month ago in our freezer. We took it out to defrost and enjoyed the last little bit for dessert during the movie. Once the movie ended, we hung out a little longer before heading to bed.

Question of the day: What did you have for dinner last night?