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Reading + Pizza

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Have a great day πŸ™‚


Saturday morning, Alex and I got up at 6:30 or so. He was meeting with someone for coffee for work and I wanted to head out on my run while he was gone since we were still at his grandparents. The area they live in is SO hilly! You guys, there was a hill that I honestly felt like I was walking up because it was so steep. I really had to push myself on those miles but I have a feeling I’ll feel stronger soon.


His grandpa made us blueberry pancakes that were delicious! Alex’s aunt and uncle came over for breakfast as well, so the 6 of us chatted for close to two hours. After they left, Alex and I packed up and talked to his grandma so more before leaving. It was really nice to see them since they are leaving next weekend for Florida. We drove by this house and had to stop for a picture. It is gorgeous and now I want to live there ha!


We grabbed some sandwiches near our apartment for lunch since it was after 1. I had a cheesesteak with ketchup and hot sauce. I really need to find a recipe and good bread to make cheesesteaks at home. It seems like they would be simple to make but who knows.


After we ate, Alex had some work to do for both school and his job so I read on the couch. I finished “Play Dirty” by Sandra Brown and enjoyed it. If you are looking for a good thriller, I would check out her novels. Once that was done I started my next book, “All Things Cease to Appear” by Elizabeth Brundage. A husband comes home to find his wife murdered and their three year old daughter alone. He is immediately a suspect (as is typical in that type of situation). Somehow three orphaned boys story is wrapped up into this and I want to know how.


For dinner, I made us a pizza. At the grocery store last week, the premade pizza crusts were on sale so I picked a few up and placed the extras in the freezer.Homemade pizza is seriously so easy and quick to assemble, unless you buy actual dough and don’t have a rolling pin. We topped it with cheese and pepperoni and it was delicious!

Both of us were kind of fried from the day so we had a low key night and just hung out.

Question of the day: What do you put on pizza when you make it at home? 

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Free Friday

Happy Saturday! What’s on your agenda for the day? Whatever you are doing, I hope it’s a great day πŸ™‚


Friday started off bright and early. I tried to wait up for Alex on the couch last night while I read my book, but ended up falling asleep. By the time he got home, woke me up and we both got in bed it was almost 11:45 which is so late for us! Luckily, waking up wasn’t too hard. I got ready and made some breakfast. I scrambled an egg and cut up an apple.


I had the day off of work so I lounged on the couch for a bit because I’m lazy to let traffic die down from rush hour. I figured since I had the day off, why not go grocery shopping for the week. I made my list and head out the door. Normally I just go to the local grocery store that is closest to our apartment but yesterday I made the drive to Trader Joe’s. On the drive, I had some Welch’s fruit snacks so I had a more full stomach. Seriously I could buy everything in the store. It all looks so good!!

I stopped off at our normal grocery store to get a few items that TJ’s doesn’t carry before heading home. Once the groceries were put away, I grabbed my lunch. Thursday night I was on auto pilot because I packed myself a lunch as if I were going to work, oops! I ate it while watching the final episode of “Big Little Lies”. After watching the whole thing, I think I prefer the book more. Just my opinion though πŸ™‚


Alex likes to have trail mix as a snack while working but buying the premade kind is expensive! I grabbed all of the ingredients while shopping and made it myself. I put a pound of unsalted cashews, a pound of salted peanuts, half a package of raisins, and  1 cup of M&M’s into a big mixing bowl. Obviously I had to perform quality control and it passed with flying colors!

I watched some tv before packing an overnight bag for Alex and I. He had a networking event in Philadelphia and we decided to stay the night at his grandparents house before the go to Florida for the winter. While Alex was at the event, I grabbed a skinny chai tea latte and read in Starbucks. I wish I know how to make tea lattes at home. They’re such a creamy way to enjoy tea. 

Alex finished to his event and we drove to his grandparents. His grandma was sweet enough to have dinner ready for us. She made a chicken casserole with some jasmine rice and salad. Then for dessert, she had an apple spice cake. The cake had apples, dried cranberries and some sort of chopped nut in it. We chatted with his grandparents for a few hours before heading to bed. 

Question of the day: What’s your go to Starbucks drink? I either have an unseeetened iced tea (if it’s hot outside) or chai tea latter. 

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A Taste Of Fall

Happy Fri-yay everyone! I hope the workday goes by quickly. Have a great day πŸ™‚


Unfortunately I woke up 2 or 3 times on Wednesday night for some reason. This made getting out of bed a little difficult but I got up and showered. When I got ready for work, I went and scrambled an egg for breakfast. We’re still eating the pumpkin bread from Alex’s mom so I had a piece of that as well.


My office had an environmental inspection so my boss brought in sandwiches for lunch. Just to be safe, I packed my lunch and I was glad I did. There was nothing wrong with the lunch that was brought in but I knew it wouldn’t keep me full since I would have to pull certain items off of it. I opted to stick with my lunch and was happy so that I knew I would be full for the afternoon.


When I left the office, dare I say I felt cold. Is that allowed for fall lol. After a few days of 80 degree weather, a day with temperatures near 65 degrees was quite a difference. I’m not complaining though! It made my 4 mile run so much nicer. It actually felt like fall when I was running which I loved. Felt like fall yes, but there’s still too many green leaves on the trees in my opinion.


After my shower, I made lunches for work the next day and picked up around the apartment. Alex had a work event in the city so it was just me for most of the night.Β I put a potato in the oven to bake and turned on the sixth episode of “Big Little Lies”. When the potato was done, I topped it with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, a tiny bit of butter, cheese and leftover barbecue chicken from earlier in the week. So good! I love taken leftover shredded meat and adding it to a baked potato. It’s a nice way to use up leftovers without repeating the exact same meal.


Once I had cleaned up from dinner, I pulled out myΒ clay maskΒ to use.Β I clearly live an exciting life and had a wild Thirsty Thursday πŸ˜‰Β Please don’t judge me for that reference, I still have the college lingo down. I bought the tub back in June and have been neglecting it for some reason. I’m glad I pulled it out because it makes my skin feel so good. As it dries, I feel it tighten on my face. While it dried I pulled out my book to read on the couch.

Question of the day: Tell me something about your Thursday!

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That Was A Fail

Hello and happy Thursday! I hope you are all having a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. Have a great day πŸ™‚


I woke up to Alex’s alarm and felt so well rested. No idea why but I’ll take it. I got ready for work and went to get breakfast. Remember how I made a big thing of baked oatmeal on Sunday and left it on the counter for days? Apparently I was supposed to refrigerate it to keep it as leftovers. I discovered this because it tasted funky after I heated it up. Oops! Lesson learned. I quickly scrambled an egg and had it with a piece of pumpkin bread for breakfast.


I started my newest book while eating my lunch at work. Sandra Brown is one of my go to thriller writers. Whenever I want a book I know I’ll enjoy I will grab one by her or Harlan Coben.Β “Play Dirty”Β is about Griff Burkett who spent the last five years in prison. He has no job outlooks but before his release, gets an invitation from the owner and CEO of an airline, Foster Speakman. Foster and his wife, Laura, want Griff to impregnate Laura in the natural way and not go the typical donor route. I’m so excited to see where this story goes because I was taken about when I found out about the job offer.


After work, I ran an errand before heading home. I tend to leave all of the breakfast dishes for the afternoon so I cleaned those up. Alex had an early night last night so instead of getting home after 7:30, he was home before 5:30! It’s the little things like that which make my day πŸ™‚ He poured us some wine and we hung out on our porch since it wasn’t hot or humid finally.


With Alex working in the city and having a few hours of commuting every day, I’ve picked up some more of the household chores. It totally comes with the category of living with your boyfriend so I don’t mind. Instead of having me heat up leftovers, he decided to let me have a break from cooking and ordered us takeout as a treat. I thought it was super sweet of him and I definitely enjoyed the break. I had a cheesesteak and some cheese fries.

After dinner, we started an episode of “Burn Notice” but turned it off about halfway through so we could just hang out and chat. We headed to bed pretty early (9:15 lol) but we were both so tired. I think our 5:15 wakeup is catching up to us and our bodies are finally tired earlier.

Question of the day: Do you have any kitchen fails you can tell me about so I feel better about mine?

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True Life: I Love Carbs

It’s hump day! Half way through the week, woohoo! Have a great day friends πŸ™‚


Tuesday started off like most and I got ready for work. I heated up another piece of my baked oatmeal. Pairing it with a glass of milk is the perfect breakfast for me. So good and filling!


During lunch, I finishedΒ “Sanctum”. I can’t wait to see if my library has the third on in the series! It’s the perfectly slightly creepy book for this time of year. Also, did you know that if you fold the closure part of a plastic bag over then it stands up and stays open?! I forget where I saw this but I’ve been doing it ever since and it’s such a simple hack and I love it. Since I’m not sure if I’m late to the game on this or if no one else knows about it and wanted to share πŸ™‚


After work, I went for a 3 mile run. The felt like temperature was 81 degrees when I finished around 5:15. How?! It’s October and supposed to be in the mid-60s. What is going on with the weather right now. Luckily the humidity wasn’t too high but it made this easy one feel hard.


I showered once I got home and foam rolled then grabbed a post run snack. I sliced a small piece of bread and put some olive oil, parmesan cheese, and pepper into a dish. It was the perfect meal with some carbs and healthy fats to hold me over until dinner when Alex got home.


Alex texted me that his train was about to get in and I started cooking the tacos for dinner. I cooked ground beef, heated up rice, black beans and corn, cut up some lettuce and pulled out all of our toppings. I had two tacos with some rice and they filled me up.


We cleaned up from dinner and cuddled on the couch to hang out for a bit. I lit this apple strudel candle fromΒ Milkbottle Candle Co. to try and pretend that it’s fall. The scent is amazing! I will say it’s now extremely hard to light due to the shape of the bottle. I absolutely love it though and will spend the extra time lighting it. The candle has lasted forever too! I bought this last year and used it a ton and still have so a lot left.

While we were hanging out, I cut a piece of pumpkin bread and ate half of it. Apparently I was all about the carbs yesterday and hopefully won’t eat as many today! But carbs and bread is just so good!! I blame it on the fact that there’s homemade bread and pumpkin bread on the counter so I see it a lot.

Question of the day: What was a high from your Tuesday?