Women’s Clothing Brands Need To Get It Together

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a good week so far. Today’s post is a little different. While I was at Target on Sunday, I decided to try on some new jeans. My pants have been loose for a while and I’ve just been a little lazy with getting new ones when tightening my belt has been enough. This post is going to have some real talk in it so just keep that in mind.

Now a few weeks ago, I placed an order at Macy’s and grabbed a pair of my beloved Levi’s in one size smaller. When I say I couldn’t even pull them up over my thighs, I’m not kidding. Now I was annoyed because it left me feeling like I was just going to be stuck in between sizes for a while even though I could tell I would need smaller pants soon.

While at Target the other day, I decided to try on jeans again. I figured maybe it was just the style that didn’t work with my body. So I grabbed a size 6 skinny jeans and headed to the dressing room. They were big. Not just a little big but “a belt would help big”, they were “they looked huge on me” big. So I grabbed one size smaller. Still big. I was in disbelief at that point. Yes I’ve lost weight but there was no way I would fit in a size 2. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been a size 2. Yet they fit.

When I got home, I told Alex because it was just ridiculous that a 28 in one brand wouldn’t go over my thighs but a size 2 in another fit perfectly. It got me thinking that maybe it was the same with men’s clothing to. So I asked Alex if his sizing changed based on the brand. He informed me that nope, he’s consistent across all brands. Now I can’t take one male’s experience and apply it to every male everywhere. That’s unrealistic but it seems like that’s the case because I’m pretty sure my brother’s are the same way. Upon checking the sizing guides for multiple brands, men’s clothing is consistent across all brands.

I looked at both of the sizing charts for the brands. The Levi’s that didn’t fit were a size 28 which is equivilant to a size 6 and corresponds to a waist of 25 – 26 inches with hips being 36.25 – 37.25 inches. The brand of jeans I was trying on at Target was called Universal Thread. A size 2 (the size I ended up buying) corresponds to a 26.75 inch waist and a hip size of 36 inches. While I haven’t tried any other brands on recently, a look at a variety of brands sizing charts shows different measurements for different sizing. Why is the size so different for fairly close measurements in the waist and hip?

Women’s clothing brands are so inconsistent with sizing. It’s not okay. Luckily, I’m comfortable enough in my own skin that being a size 2 in one brand and a size 8 in another isn’t that big of a deal. But what if I wasn’t comfortable enough for that? What if I was someone who put their self worth on the size of clothing I wear? If I’m a size 2 then I’m pretty or skinny or whatever the adjective may be that I would chose to call myself. Even if I had a pair of size 0 and thought I was good enough but then in another brand had to go up multiple sizes, that could really hurt someone who is struggling. Women shouldn’t have to go into a store and try on 10 pairs of pants just to find what fits.

A size 4 should be a size 4 across all brands. I get maybe going one size up or down depending on the style. But 3 sizes smaller?ย  That’s not okay.ย  What high up executive decided that a size 2 for Target is the same as a 28 in Levi’s? Apparently someone who doesn’t care about what the constant changing and inconsistent sizing can be taxing on the female brain. How come men’s clothing is the same across the board but women can’t get any consistency? It’s just plain stupid.

Maybe I’m ridiculous in thinking that brands need to all conform to one way of sizing. But in today’s diet culture and the social media comparison trap, clothing companies shouldn’t be playing into that. Clearly this is something that really bothered me the other day haha and hopefully I’m not the only one who has noticed and finds it a little ridiculous.

Question of the day: Do you agree with me on this about female clothing brands and their sizing?

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Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Happy Wednesday y’all! How is your week going? I’ll be honest with you, mine has been long. I’ve been staying late at work all everyday this week. It’s hard to see the minutes tick by when you know that you could be home. It’s rough. So if you’re in that boat this week, know you aren’t alone and that I’m right there with you!

I left work yesterday at 6:30 pm. Yes a whole 2.5 hours later than I normally work. You’re probably rolling your eyes since most people work late but I take pride in the fact that I get all of my work done within a normal workday and that my boss doesn’t make me feel as though I need to stay past the normal 8 hours.

Guess what I was supposed to do yesterday…run. Did I? Nope! It was way too dark to do that by the time I left the office. I had planned on doing some Youtube video workouts but did I? Heck no! And I don’t even feel bad. The thought of coming home, changing into workout clothes and exercising made me want to burst into tears after a slightly hectic work day. So I didn’t.


Instead, I picked up a pizza for Alex and I. Did I mention I was supposed to go to a work dinner that got moved back a day? That meant I had no dinner idea for us and all of the meat we had was frozen. So Alex called in a pizza while I packed up at work and I picked it on the way home. I ate my two sliced with zero regrets.

I had a list of a few chores I wanted to get done last night. I’m happy to report than none of them got done. Once again, the thought of doing them made me want to cry (keeping it real y’all) so I didn’t. I put on my pjs, poured my second glass of wine and got comfy on the couch.


Could I have been hard on myself and forced a workout to happen? Yep. Could I have forced myself to eat super late and throw together a super quick potentially healthy meal? Definitely. I didn’t though. Doing one or both of those would have been awful and made a long day even worse. Will missing two runs in my week set me back on my training? No it won’t. Will pizza for dinner, two glasses of wine plus a cupcake for dessert make me gain 10 pounds. Nope!

I enjoyed my super unplanned and relaxing night with Alex on the couch in front of a fire while watching Netflix. There’s a chance I could have felt bad about doing that but why? Why push myself to do something I genuinely don’t have the energy for nor sounds appealing at all? It wasn’t laziness last night either. It was pure “I’m tired and don’t have the energy” after looking at a ridiculous number of 80 pound car hoods and packaging options. Oh and that included not eating lunch until 2 pm which didn’t help with how tired I felt.

Packing and repacking an 80 pound hood multiple time will be my workout for the day. I refueled with pizza, wine and a cupcake and I have ZERO regrets. Yesterday was definitely a “I need a mental health break and it doesn’t matter what I should be doing” type of night. Take those days. Don’t kill yourself to clean the kitchen or run 4 miles if the thought brings tears to your eyes. Don’t be hard on yourself if you need a break. We’re all human here and it’s better to take one day off than do something you genuinely don’t want to do.

Question of the day: Tell me anything you want! Or don’t! Up to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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A Non-Scale Victory

Happy Sunday friends! I hope your weekend is going well. Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


Saturday started by sleeping in, so awesome! I slept until almost 8 which is pretty late for me. Since I have a race tomorrow, I didn’t have to get up and run. Alex was feeling a little better but still wanted to make breakfast so he made pancakes. By made pancakes, I mean he took ones we had previously cooked and heated them up since they were frozen.


There were a few errands that I needed to run so I headed out to take care of those. I desperately needed jeans since 3 pairs all frayed within a week of each other. Macy’s had Levi’s on sale so I grabbed two pairs. How cute is the maroon pair? I thought they would be perfect for adding a little something to a simple, neutral sweater.

Due to my curiosity, I grabbed a pair in my current size and one size smaller. I didn’t even try the current pair on since I knew they would fit and just tried the smaller one on instead. It put a smile on my face when they fit, yay! I weighed myself a few weeks ago but personally don’t like to focus on my number too much. I find that how clothes fit and how I feel are a better indication for me on my health. When I tried on a smaller size and they fit, I was thrilled. Thank god for running consistently and pushing myself for harder paces ๐Ÿ™‚


I got home and was starting to get hungry. I looked and saw there was still some leftover chicken that Alex was eating for dinner throughout the week. Paired with some cheese and a tortilla and voila! a quick quesadilla. To make it a little more filling, I also had some pretzels and hummus. Alex and I decided to be lazy and watch some more “Burn Notice” after eating.


While on the plane on Friday, I finishedย “All Things Cease to Appear”ย by Elizabeth Brundage so I was dying for a new book. Alex’s mom lent me her copy ofย “The Nightingale”ย by Kristin Hannah. It’s set in World War II and is the story of two sisters who live in France. While I read, I cut up a golden delicious apple and dipped it in peanut butter for an afternoon snack. I only got about 3 chapters in before my headache got to be a bit much so I opted to nap on the couch for a bit.


For dinner, I wanted some pasta to carbo load for my 10 mile race tomorrow. He likes to pair spaghetti with Italian sausage so I pulled the last of ours out of the freezer to add in with the sauce. When I made bread a few weeks ago, the recipe made two loaves so I stuck one in the freezer for a rainy day. Even though yesterday wasn’t rainy, I pulled the bread out to enjoy with dinner. I cut up some slices and made garlic bread for a side. Dinner was tasty, delicious, and full of carbs ๐Ÿ™‚

After dinner, Alex and I watched “An American Haunting”, the story of a family in 1817 who has the only recorded death due to a spirit in American history. Alex didn’t find the movie scary but I found it a little scary. We watched it as a compromise because I hate scary movies but said we could watch one during fall. During the movie my headache came back but I powered through to finish the movie. When it ended, I headed right to bed.

Question of the day: Do you prefer to weigh yourself or go based on how clothes fit and how you feel to determine your health?ย 

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Self Care Sunday

Happy Monday! I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day ๐Ÿ™‚

I typically eat overnight oats or scrambled eggs for breakfast but yesterday started off on a much sweeter note. A container of cinnamon rolls miraculously made it into the grocery cart while shopping Saturday so obviously Alex and I had to buy it ๐Ÿ˜‰ To start our day we put half in the oven and popped the other half in the freezer for a later date. I love cinnamon rolls and think they are such a fun treat. One of my goals is to find a good recipe for homemade ones that doesn’t make a million since I’m only cooking for two. Also how cute is the mug I used for my tea?! I got it as a souvenir when I was in Switzerland in March. I just love the cow and it matches the cow painting I have too.

Once I was ready for the day and laundry was in the washing machine, I sat down to startย “Eat Move Sleep”ย by Thomas Rath. I proceeded to read the entire thing in one day, it was that good! I don’t typically gravitate towards nonfiction but this book caught my eye at the library the other day. The premise of the book is how eating, moving and sleeping are all related and in order to improve our overall health, we need to focus on all three portions of our life. Although nonficiton, the book reads like a conversation instead of someone throwing information at you. He cites studies and talks about his own experiences. The biggest take away I had from the book was that in order to improve all aspects of my life, it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Just doing one small thing a day adds up to being large, positive changes.

Since reading really worked up an appetite, I threw a potato in the oven to bake while I read. When it was almost done cooking, I heated up the rest of the leftover pulled pork from a few days ago. I topped the potato with a little butter, cheese, and the pork for my lunch. The result was a delicious and hot meal. It almost tasted like comfort food a bit which sparked me into making yesterday self care Sunday.

For my self care day, I just did whatever felt like a good idea and like my body needed. I wanted to go to Target to see if they had a plain wooden tray for a diy project I want to do. Sadly, the one they carried wasn’t deep enough for my project. I’m hoping a trip to Michael’s in a week or two will find me exactly what I need. Alex went with me to Target as a break in his work and because we needed bee spray. In the deck on our apartment, we’ve noticed a hole that some bees have been coming in and out of. Hopefully they’ll be gone since we liberally sprayed Raid twice near the area.

Since I was flying through my book, I knew a library trip was in order. I’m trying to be better about only going once a week instead of multiple times a week. I grabbed a four books, some that I have been wanted to read and others that caught my eye while browsing. Once I got home I finished the book and figured I should probably fold the laundry.

While folding, I put on “Gilmore Girls” to make the folding process go faster. Does anyone else put on a show or movie when folding laundry? I swear it makes it seem like less work. When the was done, I grabbed my nail polish to give myself a pedicure. I decided on the shade mint fromย Crabtree & Evelyn. My brother picked this up for me as part of a gift last year and I love the color and formula of this polish.

For dinner, I madeย crispy onion chickenย with roasted broccoli and potatoes. I typically write out what we’re having for dinner on Saturday before I go grocery shopping but that didn’t happen this week. Tonight I will be doing that but I really like how easy it is for me to get ready in the morning without thinking about if I need to take meat out of the freezer to defrost.

To keep up with my self care day, I took my makeup off after dinner and put on my pjs. Since I finished my book, I had to start my second one for the day. I pickedย “The Opposite of Love”, mostly because it was on the end of my makeshift bookshelf. I’m a few chapters in and like the main character a lot! It follows a litigator named Emily who breaks up with her boyfriend once he hints that he will propose. She gets put on a case to defend something that goes against her moral compass. That’s about all I got so far but I will let you know what I think when I finish!


Before “Game of Thrones” started, I put on a peel off mask fromย First Aid Beauty. I picked this one from my cabinet specifically because it’s a peel off so I don’t have to pause the episode to wipe it off my face. Just need a paper towel to put the mask on once it’s done. Alex made a little popcorn for us to enjoy during the episode and I also foam rolled. It’s probably safe to say, I’m slowly starting to love rolling. I really think it helps my legs not feel sore after runs. No spoilers here but wow that episode! I was happy about certain things and shocked at others.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you do on a self care day?

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The Importance of Listening to Your Body

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. I just want to give a quick shout out to Alex. He woke up at 4:30am, drove 3 hours down to Delaware to see my parents and younger brother, then drove in the pouring rain for almost 5 hours. He deserves a giant cookie…except he doesn’t like sweets very much. I’m taking suggestions of a non-sweet version of a giant cookie ๐Ÿ˜‰


While at the tournament yesterday it was HOT. The feels like was over 100 degrees. It was hot just standing on the sidelines in a tank top and shorts so I can’t imagine how hot it felt for the players. If you’ve never seen a lacrosse player, they look like the person below (courtesy of Google). That is the gear they wear plus an undershirt (to prevent chaffing) and a jersey. During the last game, a player collapsed on the field. Thankfully he was okay and just overheated. But it was scary because when I ran over with water seconds after it happened, the boy was unresponsive before coming to.


Seeing this happen got me thinking about how important it is to listen to your body. It can be hard to tell someone whether it’s a friend, parent, coach, etc. that you need a break from whatever you are doing. Your body is constantly telling you how it feels and it’s out job to listen.

For example, a few years ago my family was in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at a local parade. Even though I was just sitting in the sun watching, I started to overheat. At the time I was young so I thought that telling my parents I was hot would mean that I had to miss the parade which was not fun. So I stayed silent and started to feel worse. There was a group of girls next to us either late high school or college age that were doing each others hair. I asked my mom if she could get a ponytail holder from them since I didn’t have any and neither did she. Just simply putting my hair in a high bun on top of my head made me feel much better.

As a 22 year old, I’ve learned the signals that my body is telling me. If I start to feel hungry, I drink some water to see if I’m actually just thirsty. When the water doesn’t help the feeling then I eat a snack (or a meal if it’s a meal time). If I’m hot and outside, I put my hair in a bun on top of my head and drink some cold water.

Listening to your body doesn’t just have to deal with food and drink though. It has to deal with working out as well. If it’s hot and you’re on a run, it’s more important to realize that you can’t hit paces and slow it down so that you don’t collapse. Your health is so much more important. As my high school cross country coach told the team on multiple occasions, you are your best self advocate.

I don’t care who you feel responsible to whether its a teammate, coach, boyfriend, girlfriend anyone. They would rather you go slower than the paces scheduled or cut a run/workout short or not workout at all. It’s so much more important to be healthy and safe than to push yourself to the point of collapsing or injury.

Now I’m not saying this and having you all think that I do this. I need to take this advice myself sometimes. I guess seeing someone else, a 16 year old boy none the less, push themselves to that point and seeing how scary it was puts it into perspective. While I don’t want any of you to see someone get to that point, it’s important to take the necessary precautions so that you stay safe in the heat and humidity (or the cold!)

Going forward, I’ll be sure to assess any signals my body is telling me. It’s important to be sure that I’m not trying to ignore a bad signal telling me to stop or slow down. I would much rather run 4 miles instead of 6, a 9 minute pace instead of 7:45, or whatever my workout may be than push myself to needing time off or, god forbid, medical attention.