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3 Miles + Stir Fry

Happy Thursday! I hope the day goes by quickly for everyone so that we can get closer to the weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚

After work yesterday I had 3 miles on the schedule. I felt really good during my run! Alex said that I didn’t look as exhausted as normal which makes me think I’m getting stronger. Or that I’m just used to running in the heat again but I prefer to go with the first option. I stayed in my pace range and without trying got slightly faster each mile which was great to see. When I got home, I showered and changed out of the sweaty clothes.

Once I had my pjs on (comfort always wins after workouts), I made my lunch for work. Dinner for the night was chicken stir fry with broccoli, an orange pepper and General Tso sauce plus brown rice. Before cooking the chicken, I seasoned it with sea salt, black pepper and garlic powder.ย I don’t typically like to eat take out Chinese food because it makes me feel bloated. That might be tmi but oh well, we’re all friends here! Since I don’t eat Chinese too much I forget how good it can be. Dinner definitely hit the spot last night.

Does anyone ever feel like your parents have more plans than you? I called my mom to wish her a happy belated birthday because she was flying back from Hawaii on her actual birthday. She told me she couldn’t talk because she was going to see a play with my aunt in Chicago. My plan for the night was to foam roll and read while she’s out on the town haha. Fun fact – one time my mom told me she would call me back and after two weeks, I gave in and called her. It became a running joke with my friends and I will occasionally give her a hard time about it to this day.

I grabbed my book and got all set up on the couch. By that I mean I filled my water bottle and put it next to me. As I was reading, I could feel my calves start to get tight almost so I grabbed the foam roller and gave my legs a good rolling. I’m not quite sure how I got through 4 years of cross country and track without one of these because use it 5-6 days a week now.

Alex was in the mood to watch a movie so we turned on Netflix and watched “Masterminds”. It’s a comedy based on one of the largest bank heists in United States history. This movie stars Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Owen Wilson among others. Sometimes I think comedies can be stupid jokes but not funny which was not the case with this movie. Multiple times Alex and I laughed out loud. If you are in the mood for a comedy, I recommend this one.

Question of the day: What do you like to put in stir fry? I love putting pineapple if I’m using a teriyaki sauce.ย 

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Date Night

Happy Sunday! I’m excited to hang out at home and go to the grocery store. I feel so adult saying I’m excited to go grocery shopping haha. Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚


After getting a little bit of a slow start (which means I was dressed at 9 am not 7 am lol), I headed to Target with Alex to pick up a few things. We wanted to bring some granola bars and Dramamine with us on the boat. Alex had gotten seasick once when he was about 6 or 7 so his whole family was making me nervous he was going to be sick the entire time we were on the boat. I’m probably girlfriend of the year for planning a monthly date that involves a boat if he got sea sick right?!


When we got home it was time for my run! I really need to start figuring out ways to run earlier since it was hot out in the sun. I used to be able to run on an empty stomach but now it makes me feel awful. The run felt good and was my longest run to date with myย coach.ย It felt good and I’m excited to get back into longer runs again.

Once I was showered and ready for date night it was time for lunch. Since the fishing trip was in the middle of dinner time, I knew it would be smart to eat lunch later and slightly bigger than normal. So being the mature 23 and 22 year olds that Alex and I are, we made two boxes of Kraft mac and cheese. Yes I’m talking the blue box from childhood. I haven’t had it in a while (we like to keep a box on hand just in case) and it was good!

I read a little bit before we left. Since I finishedย Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule, I started a young adult book by Daniel Handler calledย Why We Broke Up. I didn’t realize it was a young adult novel until I was looking it up in the library’s catalogue to see if they had it. It’s definitely a different type of novel since there are pictures and short chapters (about 10 pages max) but it’s a quick read which I like for summer books.

Finally it was time to go on our date! We had to drive about an hour to get to the marina where the boat was but it was easy and there wasn’t traffic until we got close to the marina. It was such a fun outing and we both caught fish! I will be sure to share more about our experience tomorrow (we didn’t get home until late and were both tired) so check back again then!

We ended up getting takeout from a local spot close to home for dinner since everywhere near the shore was packed by the time we finished. I was falling asleep on the couch and I think I fell asleep within a minute of crawling into bed. I hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!


Question of the day: What do you eat in the mornings before a run (or any workout) and how long do you let it digest before working out?

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13 Thoughts On A Run

Happy Thursday! On my run yesterday, I had some random thoughts that I thought I would share with you all today. Enjoy!


1. Man it’s hot, maybe I should’ve just run in my sports bra.

2. It smells like salt water…what did the put on the complex’s grass?

3. The people driving by must think I’m crazy to be running in 90ยฐ heat.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 5.35.24 PM.png

4. Are there enough leftovers for dinner tonight?

5. Do chips and salsa as a post run snack complete negate this run?

6. Running the park clockwise instead of counterclockwise #rebel

7. Aw this man is clapping as I run past him!

8. That mile was way to fast for the splits I’m supposed to hit. (Sorry Melissa)

9. Dear mom of these kids, can you please move their bikes from the middle of the path?

10. Look he’s clapping again!

11. If it wasn’t so hot and humid these splits wouldn’t be hard to hit.

12. I’m definitely laying out the ground after stretching for 20 minutes.

13. Just a few chips and salsa can’t hurt…

Question of the day:

What are some thoughts you’ve had during workouts?

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Speed Workout Plus A Simple Salad

Happy Tuesday! I hope you started the week off on a good note yesterday. It’s supposed to storm later so I’m hoping the library hasย “Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix”ย back.


Work started off on a good note. I tend to start my morning by working on a long project that involves looking up packaging for specific products. So between that in the morning and checking tests after lunch, work flew by.

I’m not sure if I am the only one but after sitting at my desk all day I’m ready to go home and move. On days I don’t have runs, I can tell I have a lot of extra energy. For whatever reason, I end up being so restless. Starting Sunday I’m going to attempt to add in some yoga then a few weeks later, I want to add in some circuit training. For Monday’s run I had a solid speed workout in.

I showered and put my pjs on post run. Yes I’m 22 and put my pjs on before 5 pm yesterday. If I’m not going out I don’t see the point in making anymore clothes dirty! I read on the couch for a bit before it was time for dinner.

I mentioned how we planned on having chicken ceasar salad for dinner Sunday night but that didn’t end up happening. Instead we had it last night. I put some garlic powder, pepper, and seasoned salt on the chicken breasts before throwing them on the George Foreman (our apartment doesn’t allow actual grills). Since there’s always a big bowl of salad in the refrigerator, assembling dinner was so easy. I like to use Ken’s Foodsย light ceasar dressing.

After dinner we decided it was a movie night and it was finally time to finishย “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. Naturally we had to make popcorn. Somehow we ended up making his and hers bowls of it. Growing up my family never had microwave popcorn because my parents have an air popper. Since it’s just popcorn kernels with a little butter and salt, air popped popcorn is much healthier.

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Birthday Fun

Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone has something fun on their agenda for the day.


My birthday was yesterday so I was really excited for work to end so I could go home and celebrate with Alex. My office lets people decide if they want a cake or not. Since I knew the Monday before the Fourth of July would be slow, I opted to get one as a pick me up for everyone. I picked out a strawberry shortcake and it was so good!

I had a speed workout on my calendar and quickly changed into running clothes to get it done. It felt good to get a speed workout, I haven’t done one since high school!

We had talked about going out to dinner, but I have a list of recipes I want to try so instead we opted to cook dinner at home together. Crispy onion chicken, Hasselback potatoes, roasted broccoli was the menu and it was tasty! I will share the recipes with you guys on Friday.

I had seen a recipe on Julie’s blog a few months ago for a chocolate icebox cake. It looked tasty so that’s what I made for cake last night. Alex and I agreed that it was good but I need a few adjustments next time. That’s typical for me when I try new recipes so now I just need another excuse for this cake ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once we finished we cuddled up on the couch to watch Moana before bed. It was a low key night but it was just what I wanted.
Have a safe July Fourth!