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Sunday In Pictures Vol. 6

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to the short work week before Thanksgiving. Have a great day 🙂


We wanted to make waffles for breakfast but then realized we were out of mix and somehow it wasn’t on the grocery list so I didn’t buy it. We made bacon and eggs instead.


I started my newest book: “My Notorious Life” by Kate Manning.


A bowl of homemade Kraft mac n cheese for lunch.


After lunch, I picked up our race numbers and shirts for the Turkey Trot on Thursday. I can’t wait to force include Alex in my family’s tradition.


A visit to Alex’s parents to pick up his sister for the afternoon and see the dogs.


Playing three way war before we headed out to dinner.


Dinner was delicious! I had chorizo meatloaf and the portion was HUGE! I have at least one meal of leftovers from it.

Question of the day: What was the highlight of your weekend?

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A Baby Sized Burrito

Happy Sunday loves! How has your weekend been so far? My Saturday was a little lazy but I needed it to be honest.


I had every intention of waking up and heading out for my run a little after 6:30. And at 7:40 I was out the door! After a few late nights earlier this week, I needed to be a little lazy in bed and it was worth it. When I started my run, I still wasn’t feeling it but got in my groove and did 7 miles at a 9:55 average pace. Only 1 mile was over 10 minutes which I was happy to see. I’m slowly working on getting all of my long runs under 10 minute paces.

I showered and enjoyed my tea on the couch while reading “The Little Paris Bookshop”. It started off strong but I lost a little bit of interest around the half point. Luckily it picked back up though and I’m interested to see how it ends.


Alex and I started to get hungry and decided to get something for lunch. We weren’t feeling any of our usual options so we decided to try a Mexican spot near our apartment for the second time. The burrito was huge and about the size of a small baby! I got mine with brown rice, black beans, barbacoa, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and jalepenos. The food was good but both mine and Alex’s burritos started falling apart shortly after we started eating.

After lunch, Alex did some school work and I continued to read. The weather started to get grey and dreary so I took a little power nap on the couch. Alex finished his homework and watched some college football. Honestly, I have no idea who was playing since I was too busy reading.


When it was time for dinner, I prepped potatoes and broccoli to roast in the oven. While those were cooking, Alex turned on Live PD to have in the background as he cooked burgers. Live PD is basically Cops but in real time…not the best show ever but it sucks you in! Dinner was delicious! I haven’t had a burger in so long so it was extra tasty. If you’re a cheeseburger fan try white American cheese, total game changer in my opinion.

Like the party animal I am, I spent the rest of my Saturday on the couch hanging out with Alex and reading so I could finish the book. I can confidently say that I wasn’t a huge fan. It started out by grabbing my attention but once I got halfway through it just kinda got boring to me. I wouldn’t say this is a must read in my opinion. After I finished reading, I headed to bed.

Question of the day: What’s your go to order at a Mexican restaurant?

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Back To My Regular Schedule

Hi everyone! We made it to Friday woo! I hope you have a fantastic day 🙂


Since I stayed up so late Wednesday night, I was not happy when my alarm woke me up. I got up (eventually) and got ready for work. For breakfast, I scrambled an egg and add a slice of pumpkin bread.


Want to know the best part of working in an office that is connected to a 1 million square foot warehouse? When I need a break I can take a giant lap around the warehouse. I was looking at a lot of Excel data today so taking a quick walk around the building really helped my decompress. I barely remember the beginning of “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George so I restarted it at lunch. Per my typical work lunch, I had a peanut butter sandwich, pretzels, carrots and hummus.


After work, I quickly changed before heading out on my run. Aside from someone calling me a “witch” but with a “B” as they drove by, it was a good run! My workout was 6 x 3 minutes hard with 1 minute recovery jog in between. It was tough by the end! 3 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time but by the last one it felt incredibly long.


For whatever reason I was really hungry after my shower so I snacked on some carrots and hummus. While I ate those, I prepped lunches and Alex’s for work the next day. I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Alex got a package delivered yesterday but I was also expecting one so I was about to cut it open when I noticed his name. Whoops! I’m so glad that I noticed the name before I opened his.


Once that was all taken care of, I caught up on some emails while I heated up my leftover ravioli. I added just a sprinkle of fresh parmesan cheese on once I took it out of the oven. It was almost has good as when it was fresh at the restaurant. When leftovers are equally as good, then that’s a sign of a good restaurant to me. And yes I did eat put the hot aluminum pan on a dinner plate so that I didn’t have to wash the dish.


After dinner, I turned on “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life”. I watched the original series over the summer but hadn’t had a chance to get out Netflix’s reboot. While that was on I did this clay face mask. I have fallen out of the habit of doing at least one face mask every week so I’m trying to get back into it.


When I washed the mask off, I looked into potential chocolate desserts to bring for Thanksgiving. If you have any recommendations please let me know! Looking at lots of desserts made me want sugar so I decided to read more instead. I started to get hungry again so I popped a bowl of popcorn. I must not have drank enough water yesterday because the hunger after work was real.

I was glad that there were no surprise outings yesterday. I’m a big fan of routines so after a few days of eating out and what not, I was excited for a normal night at home in my pjs on the couch!

Question of the day: Are you a big routine person?

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So Many Food Babies

Happy Thursday! How has your week been so far? Mine has been very social between dinner with coworkers on Tuesday and dinner with my friend Sarah last night. Have a great day 🙂


I did not want to get out of bed yesterday morning. Staying snuggled under the covers seemed like a much better idea. Alas work was calling so I got up and ready. Luckily I didn’t have to wash my hair so even though I stayed in bed for a while I wasn’t going to be late. Alex scrambled some eggs while I cut us some pumpkin bread. Alex may have said he liked his mom’s better and I may have asked to break up 😉 I take my cooking and baking very seriously and consider him my toughest critic.


At work, a bunch of coworkers were going out to lunch. Sometimes people go together, sometimes they don’t. Since I was asked to go and it was the first time, I figured I should go so that I get invited in the future. I put my lunch from home in the fridge before we left. We went to a Jamaican restaurant called Morgan’s Island Grill. I hadn’t had Jamaican food until yesterday and it was SO good! I got the BBQ jerk chicken with fries combo and it was delicious. I went with the fries combo because baby steps into new cuisine is the best way to do it for me.

After work, I stopped at Target to kill a little bit of time before meeting my friend Sarah for dinner. I looked at the clothes but nothing really jumped out at me which is probably a good thing so I could save a few bucks lol. It was a success in that I got some Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags! I figured I might as well get it while the selection is nice and big. Sarah texted me that she was out of work so I paid for my stuff and started to drive to dinner.


Sarah is one of my best friends and was one of my roommates during our senior year at Rutgers. We wanted to get together for dinner to catch up which was so nice! We went to “Stage House Tavern” which is about halfway between where we live and work so it was a great location. The inside of the restaurant was really cute and peaceful. We caught up and chatted before our meals came. I opted for house made cheese ravioli with vodka sauce. It was so good! I ate half and took the other half home.


I was having such a great time catching up so when Sarah suggested dessert I was all about splitting it. The entire dessert menu looked delicious. We ordered the brownie and it was giant! I would save it was minimum 2 inches thick. It was served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It was so good and I had no problem eating my fair share of it. After we ate, we said our goodbyes and drove home.


When I got home, I changed into pjs (grandma status) before working on this blog post. Once it was mostly done, I got comfy on the couch to finish “Leaving Time”. The ending was so surprising to me in a good way! I wasn’t expecting it at all but enjoyed it a lot. If you want a good book for the travel filled holiday season, I recommend picking this one up. My goal for the night was to stay awake until Alex got home from his work events at around 11 so I took a quick 12 minute power nap on the couch. When I woke up, I grabbed my next book “The Little Paris Bookshop” by Nina George. I read a bit on the couch before Alex got home and we went to bed.

Question of the day: What’s the last thing you ate that gave you a food baby?

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A Speed Workout + Chicken Fingers

Happy Tuesday! How was your Monday? Mine was pretty good. Have a great day 🙂


Monday started out nice and early with the usual 5:15am alarm. I’ll admit that I was much more inclined to lay in bed then to get up but I eventually got my booty out of bed. I showered and got ready for work. Alex kept out a cinnamon raisin bagel to eat with his eggs so I took half of it to eat with my egg. When we were buying the bagels, I thought they were plain cinnamon and didn’t realize it had raisins in it. The raisins were good and added a nice sweetness to it!

Work went by fast. I had some pictures to upload and sort through as well as travel to book so the morning flew by for me! It was quite rainy yesterday in the morning so I was obsessively checking the weather online to see if it would be raining during my run. Luckily it stopped around lunch so I was antsy during the afternoon just in case it started raining again.


Once work was over, I quickly headed home so that I could get my run in before dark. My workout was 6 x 600m with a 200m recovery after them. Overall the workout went great! Until the last two repeats. A woman at the park had on WAY too much perfume, I could smell her well before I would run by her. Yes I did wear shorts again but I had on calf socks and a long sleeve so I wasn’t that crazy!


When I got home, I stretched and foam rolled. My legs needed it. For some reason, my calves have been pretty tight the past few days even though I’ve been stretching them. I’m hoping the feeling goes away soon. To refuel me, I cut a big piece of pumpkin bread to enjoy (recipe will be up tomorrow morning).

Alex got home shortly after I showered so we chatted for a bit while getting our lunches ready for work. I totally forgot that Alex will be home tomorrow since he has a work event in Philadelphia at night and made him a sandwich. Oops! Now his lunch his already made. When that was cleaned up and lunches were put away, I started on dinner.


For dinner, I tried making baked chicken fingers. It worked out well! I used Italian bread crumbs and added a few spices to it kick the flavor up a bit. While the chicken baked in the oven, I made rice pilaf. I meant to make broccoli as well but forgot until I was putting dinner on plates. My bran was so off last night between that and the sandwich. Even without the broccoli, dinner was delicious. I put some barbecue sauce and hot sauce on my plate to dip the chicken into.


After dinner, I got comfy on the couch to write this blog post as well as the bread recipe. Once that was done, I read more of my book. I’m a over halfway through “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult. Once I’m done I will give final thoughts but I’m enjoying the story so far. I made some sleepytime tea to enjoy while I read. Does anyone else think this puts them to sleep? Maybe I don’t understand the point of it but it just kind of relaxes me instead of making my sleepy.

Question of the day: Did you workout yesterday? If so, let me know what it was!