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1 Year Anniversary Dinner

Happy Sunday! I apologize for the slightly later than normal post you guys. I try my best to get everything up at 8am but I was too busy enjoying myself last night to want to break away to type this up, you understand right? Have a wonderful day 🙂


Saturday morning started with an 8 mile run cut down run. I hadn’t done 8 miles in years so I was a little nervous. In order to keep my times straight, I wrote them on my hand in Sharpie. I tried out a new energy source, Honey Stinger energy chews during it. The flavor was totally fine and I don’t think it had a bad reaction with my body but chewing and running is hard! If you prefer chews, more power to you. This just shows how different people react to different energy sources.


I got home to shower and get ready for the day. I probably looked a little ridiculous at the grocery store with my makeup fully done but in comfy clothes. Who cares, am I right?! I got home and made myself a ham sandwich and enjoyed it with chips and salsa on the side. I had to pull a handful of chips onto my plate then put the back away so I didn’t eat the whole thing. Put chips and salsa in front of me and my self control flies out the window.

Since it was Saturday, Alex and I watched a little college football while getting some things done around the apartment. Soon it was time to get dressed up for our dinner. Earlier in the week, we celebrated our one year dating anniversary and we decided to go out to dinner this weekend so we weren’t rushed or tired.


We found a local Italian restaurant called Romeo’s that is split up into a nice restaurant and then a pizzeria on the other side. It was such a nice night so we asked to sit outside. The restaurant is BYOB so we brought along a bottle of Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay and it was delicious! We started our meal with some warm rolls and calamari. I don’t really like seafood but Alex made me promise to try it, so I did. If it was a really small piece with mostly breading and only a little squid then I would eat those. Barely any calamari but it counts right??

For our main meal, I got rigatoni vodka and Alex got the fettuccini Alfredo. Both were delicious! We mentioned how we felt like we ate a ton but our bowls barely reflected that. So we wrapped up all of the leftovers and brought them home.As we were leaving the restaurant, a man came to be seated and told us he was going to smoke and would that bother us. We said no since we were going to be leaving soon anyway but both commented on how kind of that man it was to ask! I have never been in a situation like that. Neither Alex nor I smoke so we thought it was awesome for the man to ask us. Yay for considerate people!

We weren’t sure if we would get dessert out but we were both stuffed so we opted for no dessert before heading home to hang out on the couch before heading to bed.

Question of the day: Are you someone who likes to go out to celebrate a milestone or stay home to celebrate?

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Apple Picking

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all having a great weekend. Enjoy your day 🙂


Saturday started off a little later than normal, aka I woke up at 7 am. Yes 7 is early for a lot of people but I wake up around 6:30 on weekends so 7 is late for me. I got ready to head out on my run. I had a piece of peanut butter toast before I left. 7 miles at a 10:04 pace in nice fall temperatures was exactly what I wanted. At mile 4, I took a powergel in the strawberry banana flavor. Flavorwise, not my favorite but this is the second time I’ve tried the powergel brand and it works well with my body!

When I got home, I showered and got ready for the day. It was the last day of September and luckily the weather cooperated so Alex and I could go on our monthly date. It was my turn to plan it so I took us to a local apple orchard to go apple picking. Terhune Orchards has pick your own for a variety of fruit but their biggest fruit is apples.


The apple trees are on the back side of the block which is so nice since in the fall they have festivals on the weekend so it helps you beat the festival traffic. We got there around 11 and had no problems with parking. You get a bag that you fill with as many or as little apples as you would like and pay at the end. They provide a map with the apples you can pick circled and they are labeled in the rows which is so helpful. We grabbed some red delicious and golden delicious and ate one while we picked. Shockingly we picked 10 pounds. The pick your own apples did not have cider donuts or apple cider so we popped over to the main area to get those. You can’t go apple picking without getting cider and donuts 😉


Since we were in Princeton, Alex really wanted to go to Hoagie Haven and since we were both getting hungry we headed there. Was it the healthiest lunch? No but I ran 7 miles and was hungry so whatever. Life is all about balance! I truly believe that and as long as I’m not eating unhealthy food everyday then I’m happy. We sat outside and aside from an extremely annoying high school volleyball team that was outside (these girls were basically yelling the entire time) lunch was good.

We came home and picked up the apartment while meal planning for the week. I headed out to the grocery store and was kind of surprised at how crowded it was on a Saturday afternoon. When I got home, I plopped on the couch to relax a bit. I read a little of my book and watched some college football with Alex. Personally, I think college sports are sometimes better than professional sports.


While at the orchard, Alex brought up hard cider. Unfortunately Terhune doesn’t make any although they do have wines. We went to the liquor store and I grabbed a hard cider from Samuel Smith’s brewery. I don’t drink hard ciders a ton but I do enjoy them! I want to try some others and see which one I find best. Any recommendations? I sipped on it while eating leftover pasta for dinner.


We watched a little more football and Alex goes to the freezer, pulls out ice cream and goes “I’m the best boyfriend ever”. Haha he knows the way to my heart. I had a little of both chocolate and vanilla in my bowl. P.S Alex wanted me to share this picture with you all. Isn’t he handsome?! 🙂 

A friend of ours came over for a beer then we ended up going to the bars. Sadly I didn’t get a picture but it was fun! Our Uber driver on the way home was so funny and a really good guy. I was so tired and was probably asleep before my body was even fully in bed. 

Question of the day: What’s a good apple recipe besides apple pie?

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Our First (Worst) Date

Hi friends! I have a different post for you guys today that I hope you enjoy. A year ago today is when Alex and I went on our first date. It wasn’t the best date either of us had ever been on. Actually it was probably the worst date, let alone first date, for either of us. We decided to share both sides of it for you today! We hope you find it funny and can laugh at our experience.

P.S We both apologize for how long this post is! Apparently neither of us can shut up 😉

Maureen’s Side

I don’t remember if I’ve ever stated this on the blog before but Alex and I met on Bumble. It’s a dating app that is similar to Tinder. We both “liked” each other’s profile and then the ball was in my court. Honestly, I was kind of over dating at that point and decided I would try one more person and then stop dating for a bit if it didn’t work out. Alex happened to be that last guy (in so many ways). With Bumble, the girl has to message first. I’m pretty sure I started with a lame message along the lines of “Hey! What’s up?” and it could have been exactly that. We talked a bit and I thought he was nice and he ended up asking for my number pretty quickly so I gave it to him.

We were texting and he asks if I wanted to go out that weekend, it was Tuesday at that point. I agreed because by then I would’ve been talking to him more and known if I really wanted to go on a date with him or cancel. Well…someone had other plans. After we agree to that weekend he says that he “forgot” he was going out of town that weekend so could we move the date up. I said sure but I have night classes Thursday so does Friday work. Nope it didn’t because that’s when he was leaving. So it had to be Wednesday. Y’all…not only had I just started talking to him but then I was going on a first date with a guy I barely knew and had started talking to about 24 hours before the date.

I don’t remember what it was but I had something after work that day so was rushed to get ready for the date. My roommate Sarah knew about the date and was helping me decide on my outfit, luckily I did my makeup for the date before work so just had to do minor touch ups. Sarah and I were talking about me potentially changing and then I get a text from Alex saying he was here. Being the good friend she is, Sarah goes and tries to stand at the top of the stairs and stare out the door to see him but without Alex seeing her. I vaguely remember her saying he was cute which was a good sign but I was so nervous!

Now if you haven’t dated in the age of cell phones, it’s a bit different. Boys don’t walk up to the door and ring the doorbell to get you and will opt for just a text saying they are here. I honestly thought that was what he was doing but nope, he came up to the door and got me, which was definitely a plus in my book. I saw his face and thought “He’s cute” then realized he was wearing pink pants. Yes a 22 year old male was wearing pink pants my friends. I found it a little odd but now I know that Alex has a preppy sense of style so colored pants and shorts are the norm. But this was the first date so I didn’t know that at the time. Nervous about pink pants but I put it behind me and we were off. We walked to his car down the street and as he goes to pull out of the spot, I  nicely told him he had a hole in his shirt. I thought he knew but he was clueless! So right there it was off to a good start…

I told Alex he could pick the restaurant but I didn’t eat seafood. Luckily he picked a restaurant I had been to before so I knew I could find something to eat (picky eater problems). As we walk into the restaurant he put his hand on my back and it creeped me out a bit. I thought “Okay I barely know you why are you touching my back” and it was a negative in my book. We get seated and are chatting over our drinks. He asked if I wanted an appetizer and I wondered if he would share fried pickles with me. I don’t know if he agreed to be nice or because he actually wanted fried pickles but we got them. The appetizer comes and we order our food. We’re still talking over beer and fried pickles and I ask him a very simple question: “How many siblings do you have?” His response was “I want four kids.” I almost spit out my beer onto him. It was a first date, why is he telling me how many kids he wants?!?! I was nervous enough and that made me even more nervous. My personality is much more introverted and his is more extroverted so I kind of went into my shell and kept eating the pickles because I figured if my mouth is full he won’t expect me to talk.

That plan back fired because I started to not feel so good. The entrees came and we kept talking and getting to know each other. Honestly, I was ready to go home and put my pjs on but he suggested we get ice cream. I didn’t want to be mean so I agreed even though I didn’t feel that good. He touched my back another time or two and I kept thinking it was kind of weird since we barely knew each other.

It was a warm September night so the line at the ice cream store was long. While we’re waiting Alex turns to me and goes “I don’t think I answered your question earlier, I’m sorry. I want four kids.” So twice on our first date he told me he wanted four kids! I was starting to think he was crazy. We ordered our ice cream and sat down to talk and eat. Keep in mind I didn’t feel that good so I was struggling to eat the ice cream. I didn’t even finish which if you know me in real life is very rare. Afterwards, he drops me off at the front door and gave me a kiss goodnight.

Of course Sarah wanted to know how it went and I told her a little bit. I don’t think I said it was awful but I don’t remember if I said it was great either. He texted me when he got home and said he told his parents about me. Again, I thought that was kind of weird but I guess it isn’t if you live at home with your parents lol. Can you tell that made it obvious I went to a college 800 miles away from my parents, they didn’t even know I went on a date. Anyways, we kept talking that night. To this day, I don’t know what it is that made me keep talking to him but his charm did something to me that night to make me want to keep talking to someone who told me multiple times (and still tells me) he wants four kids.

This isn’t the first date but the next morning I asked him if he really told me how many kids he wanted because I didn’t believe it really happened. Alex thought I was asking him and said “4” for the third time. And the next day, I literally sent him a text listing 6 or 7 things he did or said that bothered me. Looking back that should’ve made him run but somehow it didn’t. We laugh now but I think we were both a little embarrassed about our first date. At least it’s a good story! I will say that having such a bad first date (and picking his drunk dad up on the second and his twin sister apologizing for “ruining” our third date) really set us up for a strong relationship. I couldn’t love him more and yet everyday I do.

Alex’s Side

Maureen real quick – I have not read Alex’s version of the story! He wouldn’t let me so when this post goes live it will be the first time I see it.

For our one year anniversary of meeting, Maureen has asked me to write my side of our first date. Knowing Maureen, her version is going to resonate quite well with any girl that’s ever been on a bad first date (don’t lie, you’ve all had ‘em), but I didn’t come here to go down without a fight! I’m here to represent the underdog in the dating world; the maltreated, misrepresented, forgotten man in this game of love: men! (e.g. me in this situation) I know there are probably few (if any) men reading this, so I’m at a strategic disadvantage, but I’m asking you ladies to hear me out.

I match with Maureen on Bumble and manage to get a response. That in itself is quite an achievement, trust me. So I start working my magic (i.e. asking her the most basic questions I can think of to keep her talking to me) until I can find an opening to ask her out. I ask her if she’s free that weekend for dinner or drinks; I get a big fat “I don’t know, I have to check my schedule. I’m really busy.” Strike one. I try some other options that week (nope, she has classes apparently), so I try a new tact!

I start asking her what kind of food she likes, which if you know Maureen is essentially nothing. “So you basically don’t eat anything?” I ask after hours of trial and error (mostly error). Her response to my question? “Yeah, I’m actually an alien. I don’t need food to survive.”

What? Are you kidding me!? What am I supposed to say to that? How do you respond to someone, especially someone you’ve never met, that’s avoiding a date with you by telling you they’re a flipping alien? I wasn’t about to become a quitter though, so I persist. (Shooters shoot, am I right?)

I eventually convince her to go on a date with me that weekend. Great, we have a plan in place, we’re having dinner on Saturday. Unfortunately God works in mysterious ways and decided to interfere, i.e. by reminding me that I was supposed to drive to Syracuse that weekend. Rats, need to reschedule.

With a fair amount of arm twisting and maneuvering I convince her to move our schedule up and meet me the very next night for dinner (I know, I’m a heck of a salesman). Awesome, we made it! Now the hard part: Where do you take someone, that won’t eat anything, on a dinner date, in a city you know absolutely nothing about? Not an easy feat, I assure you. After hours of searching for the best restaurants I can find in New Brunswick (quite a limited selection) I finally find one that serves something she’ll eat – fried pickles. Alright, I can live with that.

I rush home from work, shower, throw on my favorite clothes, and leave to pick her up, excited and ready to turn my ‘A’ game on for this cute girl I’m trying to woo. How does she start our date off? She gets in the car; we start driving; we make it one God damn block, and she turns to me and says “Um, I’m not sure if anyone’s told you this, but you are aware that you have a hole in your shirt, right?”

I’ve clearly miscalculated my adversary here. This is a huge mistake.

Alright Alex, not a huge deal. You can sell ice to an Eskimo, you can most certainly get around faulty laundry! We make it to the restaurant and it starts out fine. She’s laughing here and there, the drinks are good, the fried pickles actually weren’t that bad (little did I know we’d be buying them any chance we got every single time we went out). So dinner rolls around and we start talking about our families; now we’re in for some real trouble.

I don’t know if it was the beer, the noise, or years of playing in concerts with no ear buds, but one misheard question derailed our entire evening. I swear, this simple question and answer exercise couldn’t have gone more awry if it were on a sitcom. What is this question I’m referring to, you ask? Well, what Maureen actually asked me is “How many siblings do you have?” A fairly standard question for a first date, right? Apparently not, because that’s not even close to the question that I heard!

What did I hear? What I (quite unfortunately) heard was “How many kids do you want to have?”

(How many siblings do you have? How many kids do you want to have? I mean, when you put it in context (re: beer, lots of noise in the restaurant, and slow but steady hearing loss from years of touring), the two can get mixed up quite easily. Anyways, back to the story!)

Well jeez, that’s a lot more intense than I expected this date getting. But like I said, I’m no quitter, shooters shoot! So I tell her exactly what I had planned (like her, I’m a planner). “I don’t know, I think I’d like to have four kids. I feel like that’s the magic number.” Her response? To quite literally eat everything in sight! I’m not kidding, I’m pretty sure she mumbled some inaudible response, and then proceeded to stuff her face with the entrée and fried pickles as if she were a malnourished hitchhiker that just discovered the remnants of the Cheesecake Factory’s unsold Saturday dessert menu.

So I did what any guy failing on a first date would do, press onward! I proceeded to talk about where I want to live, where I see myself in five years, and laid out the twenty year plan. How did that pan out for me? Not too well I’m afraid; the date spiraled downward faster than Lindsey Lohan’s post Mean Girls career.

After another half hour of conversation that went almost nowhere (which was entirely my fault), I suggested dessert. Much to her dismay, we ended up going across town to get ice cream. Little did I know, but she was so full from trying to block out my ‘20 year plan’ rant that she had absolutely no room for dessert. So how did I proceed with this (unbeknownst to me) botched date? By being a perfect gentleman and finishing her ice cream for her of course.

By the time I got her home she couldn’t have run up the front steps fast enough! (Granted, I’d probably run up the steps and deadbolt the door in her shoes, but unfortunately I don’t fit in a size six.) I just narrowly managed to get a goodnight kiss and headed home for the evening. What followed is hardly the making of a blossoming relationship.

Our conversation the next day ended in me pestering her about the date that didn’t go well (which I just couldn’t understand why), and then the cherry on the cake! She sent me a numbered list (no really, numbered 1 through 6) of things she disliked about me and our first date. I’m not kidding! She quite literally wrote out a numbered list of all the things she disliked about me and our first date (while she was at work, mind you) on a notecard and sent me a picture of it the next day. Now if that’s not extra, I don’t know what is! And yet our story continues….

So you might be wondering, how did I respond? Quite simple really: I asked her on a second date, which (spoiler alert), went totally sideways! (The story involves Alabama football, puppies, drunken family members, Uber’s newest taxi service rival (re: Alex & Maureen), and heavy alcohol consumption in a pool house belonging to a friend from our country club). But that’s a story for another time.

And where are we now? I’m still working on that numbered list of things she was upset with me about, and she’s still grappling with the prospect of raising four kids, so I’d say we’re pretty even. Until next time!



I hope you all enjoyed our sides of the story! Thank you so much for stopping by today. Again, we apologize for such a long post!

Question of the day: Do you have a bad date story? Alex Here: Not a chance in creation that it’s worse than ours.

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Did You Notice The Change + Date Night

Happy Monday! I hope you are checking back in after a fun and relaxing weekend. Have a great day 🙂

Did you notice anything different today? I bought a domain name! I have contemplated buying my own domain name for a while and yesterday I finally did it. I’m really excited about this next step in my blog and hope it’s easier for all of you as well.

In typical Sunday fashion, we started our morning with some carbs i.e waffles. We typically cut the recipe in half but the mix was almost empty so we just used it all which was a little less than the full recipe. What do you do when you don’t have exact measurements of dry ingredients? You just use a little less of the wet ingredients. The waffles turned out well and now I have leftovers for a quick breakfast at some point this week.

Alex had to fix his parent’s fence with his older brother so he headed out the door as I did some laundry. The past few times I’ve done laundry the clothes are soaked after the washing machine finishes. Please give me pointers on how to fix this! I tried setting the batch size as smaller but it didn’t help 😦

I read on the couch for a bit and worked on some blog stuff as well. I’m still reading “All is Vanity” by Christina Schwarz and about halfway through right now. When Alex got home, his mom and sister were with him to deliver nightstands. Well they’re not actually nightstands, size wise they are definitely end tables. But beggars can’t be choosers so we made them work!

For lunch I made a ham sandwich. I added some white American cheese, mustard, and lettuce to finish it off. I haven’t had a sandwich with deli meat in so long and it was pretty tasty. I also don’t think I’ve ever had a ham sandwich so I was a little surprised that having one sounded good.

After lunch, I folded the laundry while watching “Gilmore Girls”. I have two episodes left in the original portion of the series which seems crazy to me! On one hand I feel like I started it recently but on the other I know I’ve been watching the show for months so I shouldn’t be too surprised. When the laundry was done, I colored for a bit. Coloring helps me to unwind and relax a bit while being creative.


I started to go a little stir crazy and since it was such a nice day decided to go for a walk! Alex volunteered to join me which made it that much better. We walked 2 miles and it was a great way to get out and enjoy the day. When we got home, we relaxed for a bit before heading out on our date.

Alex did a great job on playing a fun date night for us. The Middlesex County fair ended yesterday and I’m constantly showing Alex videos and pictures of cute little farm animals. . Luckily for me the fair had some animals so I was happy. The animals were all raised by kids in 4-H clubs. They had a little pen made up where a bunch of small animals were instead of having them in the same area as full grown ones. It was so cute to see them and I even pet the baby cow 🙂

We walked around the fair a bit more and stumbled upon some games. Alex and I tried our hand at the shooting game. The point was to hit the red start out of the paper with 100 rounds. It was hard! I have never shot anything before and it took me a while to figure out where the little pellets were going. As you can guess, I didn’t win anything. Alex was really close though but the man didn’t let us keep the sheet for that round 😦

We walked around a little more and were thirsty so I picked up a lemonade for us to enjoy. The fair had a bunch of different food options as well but nothing really stuck out to us so we decided to grab sandwiches from a local place instead. I had a chicken sandwich that I haven’t had in so long and really enjoyed it!


After dinner, I read some more on the couch before getting ready to settle in and watch “Game of Thrones”. Since Sundays go late, I always take my makeup off and usually do a face mask as well to unwind and reset before the week. The mask I chose was the First Aid Beauty peel off red clay mask. I throw it on right before the episode starts and then once it’s completely dry I peel it off. No spoilers but who watched last nights episode? I feel like I get so sucked in that I can’t believe when the episode ends.

Question of the day: What’s your favorite farm animal? Right now I think mine is a little pig.