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Weekly Obsessions XII

Happy Friday! It’s going to be 79 degrees today – 79 degrees!! Of course the weather won’t stay this way for long but I’m not going to complain. Sunshine and warm weather is okay with me for a few days. Of course Sunday it’ll cool down (and there is now a 70% chance of rain…) but for a half marathon that I’ve been training for in the winter I’m not going to complain.

Before I try to make it through the work day so I can enjoy the weather, I want to check in and share a few things I’ve been obsessing over this week. Have a great day 🙂

New Running Shoes

Brooke Ravenna 8

My old shoes have a lot of miles on them. A lot could be an understatement. I knew I needed new ones so I decided to order the exact same version of my current shoes. Brooks Ravenna running shoes are the shoes I’ve been running in since high school. Honestly I think I started with version 3 so it’s been while with them. Brooks has released version 9 of the shoe but I stuck with version 8 since it was so close to the half. I ordered a different color and have broken them in so we’re ready to roll now. I just wish they weren’t so clean still haha. Anyone else feel a little silly running hard with bright and clean shoes? It can’t just be me!

Missing Maura Murray Podcast


I stumbled across this podcast that started back in 2015 and downloaded the first few episodes to try out. Yes I know I’m very behind on this podcast 😉 The podcast is narrated by two men who are making a documentary about Maura Murray who went missing in February 2004 after she had a car accident in New Hampshire. Since then there has been no confirmed sighting of her. It’s a really interesting podcast. I’ve flown through the episodes and am now on episode 20. I love listening to it while I’m working since I’m someone who needs a little noise to focus.

Simple Necklace


There’s certain jewelry I wear everyday and this Alex and Ani necklace is becoming a staple in my wardrobe. It was a gift from Alex’s parents for Christmas 2016 and I honestly didn’t wear it that much when I first got it aside from every now and then. In the past two weeks, I’ve worn it at least 5 times. It’s such a simple piece but it adds a little something to a basic sweater or shirt that I love. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like this exact style is made by Alex and Ani anymore but this one is similar. For a cheaper option I found this necklace that looks similar as well.

Nike Tempo Shorts


Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’ve broken the shorts back out for running. The Nike tempo shorts are hands down the best workout shorts I’ve ever run in. I’ve strictly been buying this type since high school. They last so well through what feels like a hundred washes. On me, the shorts don’t ride up during any type of workout. If built in underwear bothers you then you may not like these. Personally I don’t mind that part of them but just try them on if you aren’t a fan. These shorts may change your mind on them. One of the best parts to me is that they basically come in every color imaginable and in a ton of different patterns.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions XI

Happy Friday! It’s been one of those weeks where it feels like I haven’t had a chance to relax so I’m ready for the weekend. I’m in denial that it could snow tomorrow but otherwise I’m ready for the weekend. Before work ends for the week, I wanted to check in and share a few things that I’ve been obsessed with this week. Have a great day 🙂

Open PTO Article

While browsing my homepage on LinkedIn, I came across this article. It goes into the benefits or open paid time off for employees. Open PTO is allowing employees to take off as much time as they want for vacation and sick days. The articles describes the benefits and that it leads to people being more productive since they aren’t overworked. I think companies will very slowly start to adopt this idea. It definitely makes you think about why the United States has some of the lowest vacation time around and there’s actually no guarantee that employees get any paid time off.

Gel Bead Ice Pack


This week, my knee has been feeling weird. Since my half marathon is in 9 days(!) I want to be as preventative as possible with it. Enter my ice pack. This one specifically was in the bag from a fundraising run my parents did. This thing is awesome! It stays cold for a while and since it’s made of gel beads, I can contort it to fit my knee. Once it’s put back in the freezer it gets cold so quickly. I actually brought it to work and left it in the kitchen freezer to use throughout the work day. Since this one was a freebie, I found this 2 pack on Amazon that looks very similar.

Starburst Jellybeans


The Easter bunny killed it this year by bringing these jelly beans to us. Since I was a little kid, I have only liked Starburst jellybeans. Normal jellybeans are just eh but I’m in love with this kind. I have had a small handful a few nights this week after dinner and I’m enjoying each and every bean.


Bailey On Grass

This probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone. How could you not love your new puppy?

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions X

Happy Friday! Do you guys have today off from Good Friday? I feel like it’s one of those days that some people have off and others don’t. Personally I don’t have to day off but I am leaving early. Even a few hours makes a difference to me! Alex and I are staying put for the holiday this year since neither of us have time off so it just seemed to make sense to stay in New Jersey for the weekend. I hope you all get to spend the weekend with those you love. Happy Easter to those that celebrate! Happy Passover as well to those who observe that holiday too!

Before we crank through the last few hours of work, I want to share a few things I’ve been obsessed with this week. Have a great weekend 🙂

St. Anne Tote form Barrington Gifts


This tote has been on my wishlist for almost a year, maybe even longer. I ended up buying it as a treat yourself gift once all of my student loans were paid off. I’ve been loving it! Everything from the print to the color of the leather is perfect. I’ve used it for a few weeks now and even took it with me for a weekend trip. The size is awesome! In the tote, there’s a big sip pocket on the back and then three smaller pockets on the front. It’s perfect for work and fits my computer, planner, book, wallet, and empty containers from my lunch. The bag is awesome because you can customize the fabric you want and the color of the leather straps and trim. I highly recommend it.

Moisturizing Gloves


Recently my hands have been so dry. I don’t really know why either since I try to use lotion after every time I wash my hands. I remembered that I had these gloves tucked away and pulled them out. They have been amazing! I load up on lotion before bed then throw these gloves on. They help my hands suck up as much moisture as possible. In the mornings, the gloves are still on my hands which I appreciate so I don’t have to hunt under the covers for them. The ones I own were a Christmas gift last year but I believe they are the brand Earth Therapeutics.

Polarized Ray Bans


These are not new sunglasses by any means. I’ve had them almost two years but I love them. With the time change and spring quickly approaching I feel like the sun has been incredibly strong. Having these sunglasses have been a lifesaver on the drive to and from work. I manage to drive into the sun both ways so having the polarized version is especially amazing for the sun rise. Normally I am a silver jewelry or accessory girl but with these I opted for gold frames with brown lenses and LOVE them. I got them in the standardized size (I believe) and they fit my face perfectly. If you’re in the market for new sunglasses I highly recommend this pair.


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 6.53.02 PM

Cooked is a documentary on Netflix that is done by Michael Pollan who wrote a book called Cooked as well. Each episode corresponds to one of the elements: fire, air, earth and water. He talks to experts, goes into the natural progression of food and tries to perfect something based on the element. For example for fire he worked on slow cooking a pig for a barbecue. I find the episodes incredibly interesting. If you enjoy cooking or how different cultures approach food I recommend checking this show out.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?

Weekly Obsessions

Weekly Obsessions IX

Happy Friday! I’m happy that the weekend is finally here. My work schedule was a little off at the beginning of the week which makes me feel like everything is out of whack. Luckily the weekend is almost here so we are cruising right along with that. Before the weekend officially starts, I wanted to share a few things I’ve been obsessing with this week. Have a great day 🙂

Found Tonight

Oh my goodness this song is amazing. Lin Manuel Miranda, the mastermind behind Hamilton, and Ben Platt, the original Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen, teamed up for this month’s Hamildrop. For those that don’t know, Hamildrop is something Lin is doing each month by mashing up certain songs from Hamilton and elsewhere. The past ones have been good but putting together The Story of Tonight from Hamilton and You Will Be Found from Dear Evan Hansen is absolutely beautiful. I’ve listened to this song approximately 300 times since it dropped on Monday. I may or may not already know all of the words and switch off which part I sing in the car…

Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Tea


A pro of renting an Airbnb for Allison’s bachelorette party was being able to buy groceries and save some money on eating out. That also meant having leftovers which was quite literally auctioned off on Sunday morning. Someone called out a food option and then people yelled if they wanted it haha. I ended up taking a few things home and one of these was this cinnamon stick tea. In the mornings, I just drink typical Lipton tea but this has been such a welcome change! It’s a black tea with some cinnamon flavor to it. The flavor isn’t overpowering or spicy so it’s been really nice to sip on at work in the morning.

Business Wars


I saw someone post in their Instagram story about this podcast a month or so ago and never pulled the trigger on listening until this past week. The show tells the story of businesses that went head to head. Each little series is 6 episodes plus a 7th that interviews someone who knows about it. The first was about Netflix, Blockbuster and HBO which was extremely interesting. Did you realize you would drive to Blockbuster to rent movies just 10 years ago? It seemed way longer to me! Then it tells the story of Adidas and Nike. What I had no idea over was that Adidas used to have the top spot in the US until Michael Jordan and Nike teamed up. It’s really interesting and I learned a bunch of random fun facts throughout. I highly recommend if you find about how businesses went from nothing to the top dog interesting.



Nuun is something I’ve seen for a while now on both Instagram and other blogs. It’s an electrolyte drink that is much healthier than typical sports drinks. I decided to buy a tube to try it out and then I stumbled upon it at Target (for a dollar cheaper than Nuun’s website too). I grabbed a tube of the Wild Berry which has some caffeine in it as well. Once I tried that I was hooked and went back for another tube in the Strawberry Lemonade flavor. You put a tab into 16 ounces of water and then it fizzes to release the flavor and electrolytes. It’s delicious and I highly recommend if you’re a runner. Especially now as it approaches summer I think we could all benefit from it since we’ll be sweating more day to day.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessing with this week?

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Weekly Obsessions VIII

Happy Friday! How was your week? Although I really dislike driving to work in the dark, I have to admit, it’s been nice to have the sun out much later at night. After work today, I’m heading to a bachelorette party for the weekend. Luckily it’s not too far so the drive should be easy. I’ll do my best to check in tomorrow per usual. Below are a few items that I have been loving this week! Have a great day 🙂

Ham & Potato Soup


Ham and potato soup is something that my dad has made for years now. He found a recipe on linked in that has almost 10,000 5 star reviews and it’s the best! I made it on Sunday and had it for leftovers later in the week. The only change I made to the recipe (that my dad told me he does) is to go heavy on potatoes and ham and omit the onion. The recipe doesn’t call for using an immersion blender but my dad started doing that a few years ago. Game changer! It makes the soup thicker and is so good. I don’t have an immersion blender and used my Ninja blender which did the trick.

The Knockoff


Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza wrote such a fun read with The Knockoff. It’s the story of Imogen Tate, the editor in Chief of Glossy magazine, who comes back to work after 6 months away from sick leave. When she returns, the office she left has completely changed. Her beloved magazine has become a website and her former assistant seems to be the boss. Imogen has to try to navigate the world with social media while figuring out where she fits into the new world. As we head into spring and warmer weather (I hope!), this would be the perfect read while sitting outside.

Pomegranate and Lemon Verbana Body Wash


I had been using a Bath & Body Works shower gel for a while and it was empty so while at Target on Sunday I picked this one up from Up & Up. Full transparency I just grabbed this one because it had the cheapest price per unit which is how I shop most of the time. This may be my new go to body wash. The scent is amazing! It’s strong without being in your face. It almost has an awakening feel to it which is nice in the morning. I love the scent and it’s creamy without being thick and suds pretty well on me.

Why Easy Miles Should Actually Be Easy


This is a blog post from Elizabeth Jansen. She is not an expert (i.e not a trained coach or certified in anyway) by any means but she gives her experience in how running easy miles every week has helped her decrease her marathon time significantly. The point of easy runs is to run slow in order to run fast. Yes it sounds silly but it does work! Elizabeth has been running this way for 3 years now and shows how it works. She also links to another article which is more scientific and shows you how to determine your maximum aerobic heart rate. Monitoring it makes you a more efficient runner. I found it interesting and thought some of you would like it too.

I’ve been running 10+ minute paces on recovery runs and long runs for a lot of my training. Granted I haven’t been running for years but I definitely think taking 3 runs a week at a slow pace has helped me become faster.

Question of the day: What’s one thing you’ve been obsessed with this week?