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My Thoughts On Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide

Happy hump day friends! I hope you are having a great week. A few weeks ago, I mentioned how I was loosely following Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide (BBG). Some people were curious on my thoughts and how I’m doing the program so I wanted to put it all together for you in today’s post. Hopefully you find it helpful! Have a great day 🙂

Before we really get into it, I just want to state that everything expressed is just my opinion on the program. A little bit of background on this program. Kayla Itsine’s Instagram popped up on my feed randomly about 2.5 years ago. I scrolled through and saw all of these amazing transformations. I ended up purchasing the program and following the workout portion (there’s also a nutrition guide) exactly for about 8 weeks. Then I got bored, stopped and did my own thing for a while.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2018. I wanted to incorporate some sort of strength/cross training into my running routine. I was (still am technically) building towards a half marathon with higher mileage weeks. For a few weeks, I tried streaming workout videos from Youtube but it took so much time to find the videos, queue them and then get the tv set for Chromecast. I wasn’t motivated since I felt like I was wasting time getting it ready.


Then I remembered I had BBG. I pulled out the binder it was in and decided to try it for a few weeks. I wasn’t going to follow it exactly since I wanted it to work for me. This meant breaking up the days to follow my running schedule. Kayla has it so that each day (legs and cardio, arms and core, full body) involves 2 circuits. Each circuit is followed for 7 minutes before a short break and repeating it once so each circuit is done twice or for a total of 4 circuits. I broke this up. I took one leg circuit and would do it twice after my first speed workout of the week. On recovery days I did one arm and core circuit twice. For me, keeping my hard days hard works which is why I pair legs with speed runs.

My typical week in workouts looks like this:

Monday – speed run and leg circuit
Tuesday – recovery run and arm and core circuit
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday – speed run and leg circuit
Friday – recovery run and leg circuit
Saturday – long run and full body circuit
Sunday – rest day

So far I’m really enjoying how this goes. I’m currently in preweek 4 of the program. I opted to participate in the preweeks since I had not been doing much of any strength training. I’ve noticed a difference in my running now that’s it has been a few weeks of this. During speed workouts, I’m running faster paces and not struggling as much. My coach has actually increased paces for speed workouts and I’m still crushing them. I’m kind of kicking myself for this now but I kind of wish I took some pictures at the beginning of this so I could track my progress. But I didn’t so oh well.

Since there’s a lot of stuff involved with any workout program,  I decided to put together a little pros and cons list. Again, this is all based on my opinion! You should definitely research BBG for yourself to see if it could be right for you.

– Easy to follow and customize to fit your needs (for example, my hip was really sore yesterday so I opted to skip the circuit post run)
– Minimal thought needed after runs. I just open the binder and follow it
– 14 minutes after runs is easy to do and doesn’t take a ton of time
– Can be done anywhere
– You feel it in your muscles for days (yay for a good workout)

– Needs some workout equipment (dumbbells, medicine ball) so I have to use household items (seltzer or wine bottles)
– Not a huge variety in the moves so it can feel repetitive
– You feel it in yours muscles for days (laughing can be painful after a core intense circuit)

Overall I’m really enjoying the program. I like that I can switch things around to work for my schedule and I don’t feel like I’m “failing” at the program if I skip a circuit. The purpose of the program to me is build strength in places running typically doesn’t and to help me work towards my goals. While the name of the guide is bikini body, Kayla herself said it’s not to make anyone a certain size. A lot of her personal training clients would say they wanted a bikini body so the name stuck. If I get a little more toned that’s great but I’m just using it to make myself stronger overall.

Question of the day: Have you ever done BBG?

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First Day Of Spring Brings Hail

Happy hump day! I hope your week is off to a great start. Currently New Jersey is getting hit with another snow storm…yes it’s March 21st and snowing here. Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as they are saying it will be. I hope the weather by you is much nicer! Have a great day 🙂


Due to a project that is happening at work, my hours have been set back a little bit. Which is great because it means an extra hour of sleep in the morning. I’ll never complain about that! Well I won’t complain until it’s 4 o’clock and I realize I have to stay at the office another hour 😉 Before I headed out the door though, I scrambled an egg and grabbed an oatmeal muffin to enjoy.


During lunch, I made a ton of progress on Twelve Years A Slave by Solomon Northup. I saw the movie in theaters when it first came out and really enjoyed it. Well I didn’t enjoy the topic but I thought that was interesting and the film was extremely well made. The book had been on my reading list since then and I finally picked it up. I was a little hesitant since it was written in 1853 but it has been a great read. I knew what the story is but hearing it in Solomon’s own words is something else.

After work, the storm had already started. It was hailing and the sidewalks/parking lot at my apartment were starting to get chunky as the hail was beginning to freeze. I decided going for a run wouldn’t be the safest decision so I opted for a full bikini body guide workout instead. Man oh man, 28 minutes of legs and they were jello!

Broccoli, Sausage Cavatelli

I hopped in the shower then got lunch ready for the next day while catching up with Alex. Once lunch was set, I started a pot of water for dinner. I made a favorite of ours – broccoli and sausage cavatelli. Full disclosure I didn’t use cavatelli pasta because I never see it in stores. I just use a box of whatever I have on hand. Dinner came together in no time and was the perfect late March storm dinner.

While we ate, we watched Billions. I’m on episode 2 in the first season and love the show! It’s a show about the struggle between U.S Attorney General in New York, Chuck Rhodes, who tries to build a case against Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund manager. It revolves around power, wealth and corruption and I love it. When the episode ended, we hung out in front of the fire and read. I ended up finishing the story. Personally I enjoyed it but I don’t know if it would be as enjoyable if you hadn’t seen the movie first.

Question of the day: How was the first official day of spring for you?

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6-5-4-3-2-1 Interval Workout

Happy Tuesday! How is your week so far? I was feeling pretty sluggish yesterday morning after cake and staying up late Sunday night to watch the last of the team figure skating competition. The good news was that I had a speed workout for my run yesterday to kick my butt into gear for the week. It was a really good one that I’ve done a few times and wanted to share!

Right now I am training for a half marathon that’s on April 15th. It was actually supposed to be on the 8th but got push back from some reason. At least it lengthens training by a week instead of shortening it though! One workout that I’ve been doing with training is drop down intervals. I start at 6 minutes with a tempo pace (comfortably hard – find your pace here) then decrease the length of the interval while running 10 seconds faster each time. It doesn’t sound like a lot but the final minute is an all out sprint which is killer!!

6-5-4-3-2-1 Interval Workout

If you don’t run, I think this could easily transition to the bike or elliptical as well. It’s only 21 minutes of hard running but it takes a lot out of you. I always end it exhausted and feel like I really worked my legs while increasing my cardio level. This is definitely a workout you will want to stretch really well after so your muscles can properly cool down.

Question of the day: Do you like adding intervals in your training?

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Workout Videos + Mail

Happy Thursday! I’m checking in with some excitement for the weekend that’s almost here. It’s getting closer guys, we can make it. Yesterday was gross and raining here so I’m hoping for some sunshine today. Partially because the sun is just better and partially because I don’t want to run in rain 😉 Have a great day!


Wednesday just started off on a gross note. I looked outside after waking up and didn’t see any snow on the ground. Silly me thought that meant it wasn’t going to snow… After breakfast, I walked to my car to see a weird snow/hail/sleet/slush concoction falling from the sky. Not how you want to start your day am I right? It unfortunately rained on and off all day but what can you do. I still don’t know if I would rather snow or rain all day.

I typically have a rest day mid week but since it was gross I wanted to get some endorphins flowing. Also one of my goals for this year is to add strength training so it was a win-win situation. I ended up doing three different workout videos from Popsugar Fitness. The arms video was so hard!! When I went to turn my shower on to rinse off, my muscle was shaking…and that was the first video I did! I also did this barre leg workout and a super quick ab workout to round everything off. It took max 25 minutes and it got me sweating.


After a quick rinse off, I got to open my package that had just arrived. Does anyone else love getting packages in the mail? It’s like a present that you know is coming that you bought yourself. With half marathon training, I needed more gels for long run fuel. It was cheaper to buy a 24 pack and I know I’ll use them up so it made sense. Then I did some cleaning and organizing while listening to some podcasts.


For dinner I took out this massive tortilla that’s supposed to be for wraps and made a quesadilla. I put leftover refried beans in it with the cheese for some protein then topped it with salsa and half of an avocado. It was so filling! I honestly thought I would need something else to really fill me up but this did the job. I think adding the healthy fats from the avocado and protein from the beans did the trick.

Once everything was cleaned up, I got set on the couch to read my book. When Alex got home from work, we chatted and caught up on our days. I started to get tired around 9:30 and headed to bed. For whatever reason, I’ve been getting tired earlier and earlier recently. I’m going to chalk it up to long days at work last week and just being really busy in my personal life as well.

Question of the day: Would you prefer rain all day or snow all day?


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Small Change Of Plans

Happy Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate it. Have a fantastic day 🙂


Guys I’m going to shock you with my breakfast. Yes I had scrambled eggs but I didn’t have toast! I know it’s a big change but Alex and I tried the oatmeal muffins I made on Sunday and give them two thumbs up! The only thing I would change would be the amount of blueberries. Somehow mine had two and Alex’s was loaded with them.

My boss and a member of our team are in New Jersey this week from Michigan. Their flight was late getting in so they got to my office late. Unfortunately that meant I ended up staying until almost 5:30. Considering 5:30 is when I typically get home from my runs, that was a super late night at the office for me. It was dark so I couldn’t get a run in. I used the Chromecast we have and streamed three Tone It Up videos onto the tv. First I used this dance one as a quick warm up before doing this booty one and ending with this arms video.


I worked up a decent sweat with them. These videos kept my attention and I’m definitely going to explore more of them. After the workout I cut up a cara cara orange for my snack. Until last Friday, I had never heard about this type of orange. Both Emily and Sarah mentioned it in the comments. They were right about them! It tasted a little tangy but it was delicious! I will definitely be buying them again. Plus the color is awesome!


I quickly showered and got dinner heated up. Leftover chili for the win! It was even spicier today which means I made it correctly. My dad is the king of spicy food so I always judge my food based on his. If chili is hotter as leftovers then I did it right in his book. After eating, Alex and I just hung out on the couch and caught up on our days! It was fairly late by the time we stopped talking so I headed to bed.

Question of the day: What are your favorite online workout videos?